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By:Jana Aston

I glance at my nails, considering it. Meredith and I spent the afternoon at a spa getting ready. Hair, makeup and nails. Getting ready for the event was fun and Meredith assured me I looked perfect.

Luke tried to initiate a quickie as I was getting dressed and I shot him down for, I think, the first time ever. No way was he messing me up before we left. He laughed at me when I shrieked, "No way," then smacked my ass and promised me, "Later."

The guy really is obsessed with slapping my behind.

Luke hands our coats over at the coat check while I stand holding the tiny clutch that matches the dress. As Luke is returning to my side he's stopped by a couple about his age, the woman obviously pregnant. I'm not that familiar with pregnant women, but I'd estimate her to be a little bit farther along than Meredith, who I know is four months.

The woman is positively glowing. At Luke. Her companion shakes Luke's hand before Luke introduces them as Dr. Davis and his wife, Sarah.

"When is your due date?" Luke asks them.

"June first," Sarah replies, beaming. "We can't thank you enough. I still can't believe I'm finally pregnant," she says, patting her little bump.

"I'm happy for you both," Luke says, placing a hand on my waist and pulling me closer to him.

He's her doctor, I realize. I know what Luke does for a living but I've never considered coming face to face with one of his patients. Is it weird? Or am I thinking like a sixteen-year-old girl?

Luke leads me into the cocktail portion of the evening. There are waiters walking the room offering champagne and appetizers. The perimeter of the room is lined with tables for the silent auction. The entire room screams wealth, from the chandeliers overhead to the expensive footwear adorning the attendees' feet.

Luke accepts a glass of champagne from a passing waiter and hands it to me.

"None for you?" I ask, taking a sip.

"I'm on call," he replies and guides me to one of the tables. "Let's find something fun to bid on."

"We can bid on porn?" I ask sweetly and take another sip. I swear I see his hand twitch. He wants to swat my behind for that comment so bad, but he can't during a charity event in a room full of his peers.

When I think I can look at him without laughing I glance his way. He leans in and pulls me closer with a hand to the small of my back.

"I hope you don't have anything important happening at school on Monday, because I'm going to spend the remainder of this weekend fucking you until you can't walk comfortably." He steps back with a smug smile, content in the knowledge that he knows exactly what to do to my body to keep me in bed all weekend, willingly.

I spy Meredith and Alexander approaching, so I plaster the most innocent expression I can muster on my face and smile.

"I hope we're not interrupting," Meredith says, giving each of us a hug.

"Not at all," I reply. "I was just telling Luke how much I'm looking forward to Monday."

Luke coughs and Meredith looks confused. "Monday?"

"Yes, it's Martin Luther King Day, so classes are cancelled. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in and a long soak in the tub." I smile at Luke and his eyes narrow just enough for me to catch it.

"The dress looks even better on you than I'd imagined," Meredith says, eyeing me. "You'll have to keep it. I can't wear it again now that I've seen how much better it looks on you."

"Thank you for the loan, but I'm returning everything to you next week. This is much too fancy to wear to class," I joke.

We part ways with Meredith and Alexander after a few minutes of chatting and walk the room, Luke dropping little slips of paper into the bid boxes for several auction items. He pauses in front of a display for a week at the Ritz Carlton Waikiki, staring at it with more thought than a trip to Hawaii really requires.

The doors open to the main event space a few minutes later and we make our way in and find our assigned table. I realize quickly that we are sitting with Luke's family. It's almost an exact repeat of Thanksgiving, minus Bella and the Holletts. His mom and dad are already seated, with his aunt and uncle to their right. Place cards indicate that I am sitting between Luke and his father, just like Thanksgiving.

We take our seats as Meredith and Alexander arrive to complete our table of eight. Meredith is seated on the other side of Luke so I can't even see her. Why did Luke bring me to this?

Waiters arrive and fill wine glasses moments before more waiters arrive with a soup course. I'm so nervous. This is worse than Thanksgiving. This time I know his parents are awful and I'm out of my element wearing couture in front of a place setting with way too much silverware. Plus, soup? I'm wearing a three-thousand-dollar white dress. I use the soup spoon to stir the contents of the bowl I have no intention of consuming, while around me the room is buzzing with chatter and the clinking of silverware.