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By:Jana Aston

"You like my finger in your ass, don't you?"

"You're so dirty." He's making me crazy with his filthy mouth.

"You love it."

"I love you," I reply. I love the look in his eyes when I say it.

"I love you all trussed up like this. I can do whatever I want to you." He palms my breast with his other hand and then rolls the nipple between his finger and thumb then twists as he slides another finger inside of me. "You look obscene. Your sweet little backside is stretched around my fingers. Your pussy is so wet it's dripping. I'm almost sad I'm not fucking your cunt, but I can't wait any longer to see your ass stretched around my dick."

My hands twitch on the headboard. I want to touch him so badly. I want him to shove it in and lean over me so I can run my hands up and down his chest. I don't know where he finds the time to keep himself in the shape he does, but I can't get enough of his body.

He withdraws his fingers and, leaning forward, places a hand on the headboard above me to brace himself. "Hold out your hand," he says as he flips the cap on the lube.

I drop one of my hands from the headboard and hold it out, palm up. He pours a generous amount of lube into my waiting hand. "Lube my dick, Sophie."

I grasp him with my slick hand, running the lube up and down the length of him, then slide my palm across the tip.

"Better do a good job. I'm not stopping this time until my dick is buried in your ass."

My pussy clenches and I examine the penis in my hand. It's way bigger than two of his fingers. "More lube, please." I hold up my palm.

Luke smirks as he flips the lid again. I coat him liberally and place my hand back on the headboard as he places himself against me. I hold my breath and clench involuntarily.

"Relax, babe. Breathe." Luke places his thumb on my clit. "You're so beautiful. I love seeing you like this, spread out below me, filled with me." He's rubbing firmly with his thumb as he pops the head of his penis past my resistance point. I moan—I can't not as I briefly close my eyes against the burn. It hurts, but I want to watch him.

"Look at you," he breathes, eyes fixed on our joined bodies. "You look so perfect stretched around my cock, you filthy girl. Next weekend I'm going to dress you up in couture and parade you in front of my colleagues, but I'll be thinking about my cock buried in your ass the entire time. I'll be thinking about how graceful and lovely you are in public and what a dirty hussy you are in private." He slides in further. The burn feels good now that he's past the initial push. It feels so wrong, but right at the same time. The pressure is crazy intense and I feel so kinky. I clench again and Luke stops thumbing my clit to rim my pussy with his fingertip. "You dirty gorgeous girl, you're loving my cock in your ass so much your pussy is leaking."

"Luke, my clit. Please, please, please," I beg.

He laughs. "You do it. Go ahead, you can move your hands to touch yourself."

I'm only too happy with those instructions and I move my hand down and rub myself with the tips of my first two fingers. I'm shaking it feels so different.

He slides in farther and leans over me, propping his weight on his arms. "You're so fucking hot and tight around my cock. It's killing me not to blow my load in you right now." He slides in and out. "How does it feel?"

"I like it, Luke. It's so wrong that it feels so good."

"It's never wrong when I'm inside you. Never." He kisses me then, briefly, before locking his elbows above me and increasing the pace slightly. "It's different between us, Sophie. You have no idea."

I don't want to know what any of this is like with anyone else, but I don't say it. This is so intense, having him inside of me like this. It's always intense between us—sex will always be personal for me—but this is something else altogether. He's inside of me in a way that's not quite natural, but so intimate. The sensations are different.

"It's good? You're okay?" Luke asks above me, his eyes searching mine. "Tell me how it feels for you."

"It's so tight, I feel everything." It's hard to talk, I'm so worked up. "It feels sensitive, but I’m okay," I offer. "I feel full, really full and it feels incredible when you slide back in."

He groans. "I'm going to come so hard in your ass. You're going to feel me all night." He slides his hand past mine and slips a finger inside me. "Should I take you out for dinner tonight? With my come dripping out of your bottom?"

"Luke, I'm close. I'm so close."

"I know." He moves his finger inside of me while continuing to thrust in my ass. I come then, my body tightening around his cock so hard it hurts. "Fuck, Sophie." He stills above me for a moment then jerks his hips as his orgasm erupts.