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My Champion

By:Alanea Alder

Declan sat up in bed and immediately swung his feet over the side to stand. He couldn't catch his breath. Clutching at his chest, he staggered to the bathroom. He splashed water on his face and took deep breaths.

Eva didn't die. Eva didn't die. He repeated this to himself over and over again like a mantra. Adriel hadn't lost his mate, neither would he. Closing his eyes he saw his mate's mouth open and screaming, yet he couldn't hear her from the other side of the locked door.

Fate, I would accept an eternity alone to save her any suffering.

And even though his heart and soul protested the thought, he knew he would rather never meet her than for her to suffer the terror of dying in a fire.

Keep her far, far away from here, he pleaded to any god that would listen.


Kari Delaney looked up when she heard raised voices from the other side of her door. Seconds later, Marcus Recher stormed into her office, an expression of fury on his face. Her personal assistant, Avery, was trying in vain to keep him from entering the office. He had a hold of Marcus' arm in an attempt to stop him, but Marcus dragged him along.

Kari raised an eyebrow "So, to what do I owe this honor?"

"Why wasn't I given the Jepson account?"

"That is because Jepson himself told me he did not want you. He said you were an ill fit for his organization." Kari fought the urge to roll her eyes. Jepson actually called Marcus an ingratiating asshole and flat out refused the man as a personal assistant. Unfortunately, Kari couldn't help but agree. The only reason he was still in her training class was because he had come so highly recommended by one of her trainers.

"I had that account nailed!" Marcus yelled angrily.

"Maybe not as 'nailed' as you believed," Kari retorted.

By this time, Marcus was right in front of her desk. He turned and shoved Avery away, causing the smaller man to fall. Kari's patience snapped.

"You have got two seconds to leave here before I have you escorted out."

"I want that account! I worked hard for it!" Marcus demanded.

Kari stood and crossed her arms over her chest. "You are not going to get anything. In fact, as of right now, you are fired." Not waiting for response, Kari pressed the button on the intercom system to her left.

"Yes, Ms. Delaney?" Tom responded. Tom Adison was an older wolf shifter who was in charge of the security side of her company and he took his job seriously.

"Tom, I need you to escort Marcus out of the building."

Tom chuckled. "You've got a visitor coming up; I'm pretty sure he'll be able take care of it for you."

"Tom, what do you mean?" Kari asked.

"You'll see." Seconds later, the door swung open, and Kari grinned wickedly.

"Hello, Law."

"Hello, Kari. I heard some yelling as I was coming off the elevator. Is there a problem here?" he asked.

It took everything in her not to laugh. Law literally filled the doorway. Taller than most shifters and virtually all witches, he topped seven feet and was so broad in the shoulders he nearly had to turn sideways to get through the door.

Law was one of the very few people in the world she trusted implicitly. He had taken her in when she was lost and floundering in the human world. For all intents and purposes she considered him a brother. When it came time to put down roots and start her business, she couldn't think of a better place to be than the small town where she had first met Law.

"No problem here, Marcus was just leaving." Marcus eyed Law. Kari could almost see him weighing the decision. Would it be worth going against the larger man? Probably not. In a fit of anger, Marcus swept everything off the top of her desk on to the floor.

Law took a step forward, but Kari held up a hand. Marcus stormed across the room and out the door.

Kari glanced down where Avery was watching everything from his place on the floor beside her desk, his bright blue eyes wide.

"Are you okay?" She leaned down, offered him a hand, and pulled him to his feet.

"I'm fine. I just knew you wouldn't want talk to him right now; he's such a jerk!" Avery rubbed his bottom.

Law's jaw clenched. He babied Avery to no end. If he had been in the room when Marcus knocked Avery down, they would be scrapping bits of Marcus off the ceiling.

Kari's heart melted just a bit. Avery had a way with words. Somehow he always made her smile. "Avery, why don't you run down to the library? It is almost time for your study session," Kari suggested.

Avery nodded. "Yeah, I just didn't want to leave with him coming through the door, you know?" He and Law exchanged masculine nods, as if she couldn't take care of herself.

"I appreciate that," she said, gently nudging him toward the door. "Have fun. I am sure there are some dusty, musty tomes waiting for you to read."