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The Italian's Christmas Child(30)

By:Lynne Graham

Her redecoration schemes at the castello had led to an approach from an exclusive interiors magazine, which had taken a whole host of photos. The glossy photo spread and the accompanying article had ensured that within days of the magazine going on sale, Holly was inundated with exciting offers of design work.

This, however, was their first family Christmas and she was revelling in every detail because Vito had really thrown himself into the spirit of the holidays and she didn’t think it was solely because he had become a father. She reckoned he had put his sour childhood memories of Christmas behind him. His mother, recently divorced, was joining their festivities and hugely excited about the second grandchild on the way.

‘Please tell me turkey isn’t on the menu again tonight,’ Vito murmured.

‘No, we’re having steak. I told Franc I fancied steak,’ she admitted.

‘When are our guests arriving?’ Vito prompted.

‘Well, they were supposed to be here for dinner but Apollo’s social secretary rang to say they would be late. Why does he need a social secretary?’

‘He’s always got hundreds of invitations and he’s never at home.’ Vito paused. ‘I appreciate you being willing to give him another chance.’

Holly gave him a soothing smile that concealed her tension. It was past time to forgive and forget—she knew that. After all, Apollo was Vito’s closest friend, but Holly had only seen him twice since their wedding. And when she had made the mistake of voicing her opinion on what he considered to be his private business it had been awkward as hell. But she was madly curious to see who he was bringing with him as a guest. Another leggy underwear model? Or his wife?

That, Holly supposed, would be another story...