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The Husband Beside Me(93)


“I don’t know anymore,” I said, unsettled with my feelings and sense of betrayal I felt.

“Then go,” he murmured.

“What happened to the Daimon who said I couldn’t leave your side?” Why was a part of me hurting so much when he let me go without hesitation? This is what I wanted, right?

“I tried, Addie, and I fucked it up. I tried my way and I destroyed us. No point in holding onto you. You are a dream I wanted so badly and I couldn’t even be honest with you.” He turned his head slightly and looked my way. Daimon was silently crying.

“Go now, now that I can let you go, because I don’t think I’ll have the strength later.” He turned away from me, stifling his cry. The instant his beautiful sky blue eyes veered away from me, my heart stilled and my soul ached. Now what?