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The Husband Beside Me(6)


“Your family?” I asked, taking a step back.

“They might not show.” He smiled, still looking at me intently.

“And Clara?”

“She might be there tomorrow,” he said nonchalantly as he took a step closer to me.

“What? Why?” I asked surprised.

“Because I invited her.”

“Why would you do that?” I hissed as I backed away.

“Because I want her to see me marrying you,” he said seriously.

“I swear, Daimon, if she causes a scene—”

“Then we’ll handle it together.” He moved closer to me and lowered his face so he could be at eye-level. I pulled back a little, not knowing what he was doing. “Night, my Addie, my sweet Addie. I’ll see you tomorrow at the altar.”

Daimon walked back to his car and drove off, leaving me as confused as ever. Him and his mood swings.

“WAKE UP!” I barely heard Elissa as she shook me at six in the morning.

“What?” I said groggily.

“Oh, for God’s sake! Let’s go, girl. You’re getting married today! You need to take a shower so we can head out to get your makeup and hair done,” she continued to shout. Each word she said only made me feel more exhausted. It was going to be a long fucking day.

After taking my shower, I stood in front of my mirror and wiped off the excess steam covering it. Once I saw my reflection, I took a good look at myself. Stupid, Addie, you went and sold yourself to the devil and now what? You want pity? You want someone to feel sorry for you? Too fucking bad!

“Addie? Come on. We have to get going,” Elissa prompted as she knocked on the door.

“Coming.” I wiped away a few stray tears.

The morning was kind of exciting, much to my confusion. I was being primped and prettied up at the venue. When Jessica brought me here, I knew this was the place I wanted. It was The Foundry. It looked gorgeous, plus they had the space available. The wedding was going to be held in the Greenhouse area, while the reception would be held in the main space. It looked like a converted factory from the 19th century. It was stunning with its red brick walls and high ceilings, which had windows that let in the light of the day. Iron railings held up a mezzanine area, which added to the whole effect. It was a glorious space. I had rented the whole place. Jessica wanted each space they had available for drinks and cocktails for our guests.

I was in one of the rooms that was designated for the bride, when Sofia finally made it. I watched as she entered and looked at me through the mirror. She was fully dressed in a deep-red halter dress; she looked so grown up, just what I wanted for her. My hairdresser had just finished putting on my veil, which was held snugly behind my low bun.

“You look amazing,” Sofia said, as she inched closer to me.

“Thanks,” I responded nervously, swallowing the lies that were eating me up.

“I can’t wait to see your dress,” Sofia smiled at me through the mirror.

“It’s a fucking stunner,” Elissa told her, startling my sister. “Hi, I’m Elissa, your sister’s friend.” She held out her hand and waiting for Sofia to take it.

“Hi, I’m Sofia.”

“I know. Your sister talks about you all the time. She’s pretty proud of you.” Elissa winked and smiled.

“Thanks,” Sofia said shyly.

“So, I’m thinking it’s about time to put on that dress,” Elissa suggested as she moved around and unzipped the bag that held it.

“Wait!” I shouted as I held up my hand. I began to hyperventilate; the room feeling smaller, the air too thin to breathe in.

“I know you’re freaking out, but Daimon is out there, somewhere, waiting to see his bride. You wanted this too, so don’t get cold feet now,” Elissa took charge and spoke to me directly, making me focus on her.

“I’m not getting cold feet. I’m just… I’m just…scared,” I finally admitted.

“You? Scared? Since when?” Sofia asked, surprised at my mini meltdown.

“Since now!” I shouted.

I was sitting and wishing this was all happening with the one I loved. I could rely on him right now. He’d know how afraid I was and talk to me through the door, telling me he was waiting for me and that it was him and I together forever. But no, I had Daimon. The one who was probably out there getting drunk or angry at me for something I didn’t do right.

“I’ll get you a drink,” Elissa said, leaving the room.

“Addie? Are you okay? I mean, you look like you’re about to do something you don’t want to.” Sofia, stop trying to pry. I'm begging you. I tried to project my thoughts at her as she rested her hand on my shoulder.