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The Alpha's Temporary Mate (Fated Match)(85)

By:Victoria Davies

Kieran stepped farther into the room, conscious that he was in a very precarious position. His wolf leaped with excitement to see his lover again. The man, however, knew the dangers of a woman scorned.

“She shouldn’t have contacted you.”

Chloe shrugged, still not turning. “I might loathe her, but at least she had the decency to give me a heads up.”

He rounded the sofa, prowling closer. “You left.”

“I did. Breach of contract, right? Want your money back?”

“I don’t give a damn about that.” And he didn’t. He’d double the agency’s fee if she asked him to.

“Vivian will be relieved.”

“Chloe, we need to talk.”

She turned then to face him. Even with only the glow from the cityscape behind her he could see the steely look in her eyes. Gone was his fun-loving witch who saw the good in everyone. He’d done that. His need for her had erased the joy in her eyes. Regret stabbed him like a knife. Did he even have the right to fight for her if all he brought her was hurt?

“Leaving without a word? That was me not wanting to talk. You seemed to have missed that memo.”

“I wanted to explain.”

“Explain that you used me until a better offer came along? Got it. Thanks. Have a safe drive back to the camp.”

“It wasn’t like that at all.”

She arched an aristocratic brow. “Seemed pretty clear when you kissed her.”

“I didn’t kiss her.” He denied the accusation. “She kissed me.”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Really? That’s the best excuse you can come up with. The two of you just sort of tripped and accidentally fell into a make-out session.”

He ran a hand down his face, wishing he’d had time to rehearsal this bloody train wreck. “I pushed her away, Chloe. She wasn’t the woman I wanted.”

For a brief moment she paused, as if caught off guard by his words before shaking her head once more. “Not the woman you wanted? We both know that’s not true. She’s the love of your life. A wolf that can put you back together and you’ll ride off into the sunset together. I know how this story goes.”

“Lisette doesn’t know how to heal,” he said, taking a cautious step forward. “Though she’s excellent at destruction, case in point this lovely conversation we’re having.”

“Don’t blame this on her,” Chloe snapped. “You’re the one who made promises you didn’t keep.” She turned away from him, tunneling a hand through her curls. “I can’t give you absolution,” she said. “If you’ve come for forgiveness you’re out of luck.”

“I do want forgiveness,” he replied, “but not for Lisette. I didn’t touch her other than to push her away. What I want you to forgive me for is driving you back here. Letting you think for hours that you were second best.”

A cold laugh escaped her mouth, one he’d never heard coming from her before. “Second best is getting to be a really familiar feeling.”

“That’s not what you are to me.”

There was no hiding from the mockery in her eyes. “I’m the beard you bought for a month. Maybe at one time I deluded myself into thinking it was more but we both know the truth.”

“The truth that you smashed through all my carefully crafted barriers? That you pulled me out of my monotonous, isolated world and brought me back to life?” He reached for her and she spun out of his grasp.

“Do not touch me,” she said, her voice flat. “You do not have the right.”

“Then tell me. What do I have to do to earn the right? Name it and it’s yours.”

She shook her head, backing away from him. “I won’t let you do this to me again. You’re not drawing me into another fairytale that will smash at my feet. Go away, Kieran. Go back to your pack and make your peace with Lisette. I’m done being everyone’s consolation prize.”

“I didn’t choose her,” he argued. “I didn’t want her.”

“For the love of God, man. You got the love of your life back. Go figure out how to make it work and leave me alone.”

He growled aloud at the thought. “Lisette and I had a tempestuous relationship, it’s true. But she’s not the love of my life.”

“Then who is?”

And then he knew. He knew exactly what he needed to say to win her back. Three little words, and his generous witch would forgive his transgressions. All he needed to do was be what she needed.

Except the words stuck in his throat.

His wolf whined, knowing they were headed for a cliff.

“Who, Kieran?”