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The Alpha's Temporary Mate (Fated Match)(15)

By:Victoria Davies

“You know as well as I do Abbey was a one in a million case,” Vivian said. “Who could have predicted the strongest vamp in the city would fall for our little human?”

“I know,” Chloe said. “I’m not expecting anything of the sort to happen here. I don’t want it to. I was just making the argument.”

“Abbey was Lucian’s mate,” the siren continued. “Bonds like that mean far more than blood or station. But wolves rarely take mates outside of their species.”

Just like vampires never fall for humans. She bit back the reply before she could voice it. The last thing she wanted was for Vivian to think she’d let her emotions get entangled with Kieran’s plan.

After all, lust didn’t really count. Right?

She curled her hands around her black pencil skirt to numb the tactile memory of her palms sliding over his chest. Even through the dark sweater he’d worn, the heat of his body had enveloped her hands. She’d run them over the rock hard muscles, wondering what he would taste like if she ran her tongue along those same contours.

“Will you be able to carry on your regular duties during this time or shall I pass some of your clients over to Tasha?”

“I can’t see why it would be a problem,” Chloe replied. “Kieran works much the same hours I do. There’d be no point in me sitting in his apartment twiddling my thumbs.”

“Excellent. I’ve booked you off for the week of the mating moon, of course,” Vivian said. “Should anything arise unexpectedly, just call me directly. This enterprise takes priority. If you can’t make it in for a day here or there, I’ll take over your duties.”

Chloe arched a brow. Vivian was always busy, which made the offer unexpectedly generous.

“I appreciate it,” she replied. “Though as I said, I don’t foresee it being a problem.”

Vivian slid over a black debit card. “I’ve had an expense account set up for you,” she said. “Funds are available through that card.”

Chloe blinked. “I have money.”

“Not like the women dating Kieran usually do. I’m not saying you have to use it, but just in case you need an appropriate wardrobe update or something, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This ruse needs to be perfect.”

Chloe turned the card over between her fingers. “Will Kieran end up getting the bill for whatever is missing from this account by the end of the contract?”

A cool smile twisted the siren’s lips. “I run a business, Chloe,” she replied.

Which meant yes.

Chloe tossed the card she’d never use into her purse. “Anything else?”

The smile slipped from Vivian’s face as her icy blue eyes grew serious. “A word of warning,” she replied. “I know how tempting power can be. It’s easy to lose yourself in a fantasy.”

Chloe blinked. Vivian never shared personal details about herself.

“Don’t let this month go to your head,” the siren advised. “Enjoy yourself. Hell, enjoy your wolf if you want to. But protect your heart at all costs.”

“I know how this story ends,” Chloe said.

A sad smile graced Vivian’s face. “Thousands of women have said those words and ended up heartbroken all the same.”

Like you? It was the first time she’d ever considered Vivian’s life before Fated Match. What had the siren experienced before dedicating her life to finding mates for supernaturals?

“I’ll be fine, Vivian.”

“Of course you will be,” she replied. “Now, I have a troll coming in for an intake interview in ten minutes. You can show yourself out.”

Chloe gave her a mock salute before pushing to her feet. That was the boss she knew—brusque, single-minded, and utterly focused on the job.

Leaving the silver wonderland of Vivian’s office behind her, Chloe ducked into the washroom next door. She made a beeline for the sink and turned the cold water on.

“Get a hold of yourself,” she told her reflection as she splashed some water on her face. She was at work. She needed to focus.

And not to think about how Kieran had threaded his fingers through her hair, unraveling her bun. How he’d twisted the locks and used them to pull her face up to his.

She closed her eyes, her fingers touching her lips.

His mouth had been hot, demanding. A dominant wolf ready to take advantage of any opportunity she offered.

Her fingertips brushed against her lower lip as she remembered how he’d caught it between his teeth, nibbling gently. His tongue had invaded her mouth, taking utter control as one hand on her lower back had forced her close.

There’d been no escape, no hiding. She couldn’t pretend he didn’t want her, not when she’d felt his rock hard erection pressing against her body.