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Tamed by the Beast(57)

By:Grace Goodwin

He had fucked me before. He’d fucked me dozens of times since my arrival.

But this? This was deeper. I felt like he was worshipping my body, loving me with more than words.

He kissed me with his cock buried deep, connecting us. He didn’t rush, didn’t demand, simply let me know that he loved me, that I was safe in his arms, sheltered beneath him, and always would be.

I tore my lips from his and stared up into the greenest eyes I’d ever seen.

“I love you, Deek.”

“I love you, too, mate. Never, ever doubt that again.”

I nodded and lifted my lips to his, kissing him with as much tender devotion as he’d shown me. He growled in response, and I felt his cock grow impossibly bigger inside me right before he filled me with his seed, his life, his promise of forever.