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Tamed by the Beast

By:Grace Goodwin

Chapter One

Tiffani Wilson, Interstellar Bride Processing Center, Earth

He lifted me and my full breasts pressed into the smooth, cold surface of the wall as his cock entered me from behind. I could feel his chest looming over my back, which was a shock to my system. I was tall, just over six foot, and not one lover I’d ever had, even when I was thin, had ever been able to dominate me, manhandle me, make me feel… small. Never. Not like this.

He was massive, his presence behind me like a giant. I glanced at the huge arm that held my wrists trapped to the wall above my head. The biceps on that arm were easily the size of my thigh, and rock hard. Just like the cock stretching me open, filling me up to the brink of pain.

“Mine.” The word was a barely recognizable growl but it made my pussy clamp down around him in answer. There was no doubt in his claim, only raw need, lust.

Lust? No one ever lusted for me; I was too tall, too big, too much for a man to handle. But this? Him?

He pushed up with a fast stroke of his hips, his hard body slamming into my mine like a conqueror. Again and again. My whole body shook with the impact, my fingers trying to gain purchase on the wall, but failing. Only his hands on my wrists, his cock deep inside me, held me up. And I loved every minute, my mind in a haze of pleasure and need, of surrender. I would give over to him. He would not relent until I did so.

Yes. I was his. I knew it somehow, knew he was mine. I had yet to see what he looked like, and I didn’t care, not with his hands on my body and his hard length between my legs.

“Stay.” The order was a deep rumble of sound and I looked up as he released his hold on my wrists. How had I missed him placing strange metallic bands about each of them? They were about four inches wide and carved in a beautiful pattern of gold, silver and platinum I could not focus on. His cock was clearing all thought from my mind.

With each thrust of his hips, I gasped, as if his hard length actually forced the air from my lungs.

I tried to lift my wrists, to adjust my position, but they held tight, secured by a ring embedded in the wall. Aware that it was fruitless, I tugged again and the knowledge that I couldn’t move made me hotter. A sound I did not recognize as my own escaped my lips. My mate seemed to like the evidence of my submission for he growled in response and lowered his lips to the back of my neck and shoulder as he continued to pump in and out of me just fast enough to drive me wild but deny me release.

“Please.” Was that me begging? God, it was, and I wanted to chant the word until he gave me what I craved.

In response, the man at my back, my mate, wrapped his hands around my thighs and spread me open wider, lifting me until I braced my forehead against the wall as he fucked me with a hard, pounding rhythm that drove me higher and higher, closer and closer to the edge.

The wet sound of fucking, of flesh hitting flesh filled my ears as his ragged struggle for air came from behind me.

I’d never been held like this, my legs forced apart, my pussy open and on display and completely at his mercy. The knowledge that I could do nothing but submit, nothing but accept what he gave me made me hot, so fucking hot, I’d begged him. To touch me. Bite me. Anything. Anything to push me over, to let me come.

I did not know where I was or who he truly was, but I didn’t care. He was mine. My body knew that fact, accepted it, and as he lifted a hand to knead my full breast, I couldn’t argue. Didn’t want to.

“More.” I-she-this body begged him to go harder and faster. What I really wanted, truly needed, was a hint of more, of pain, of intensity to break me and make me come all over his cock. It was a dark desire, one I had not yet shared aloud with anyone, but somehow he knew.

“No.” His deep voice sounded more animal than man and if I knew, if I turned to look, I would not see a human behind me, but something else, something… more. The thought made me shiver with heat as I made fists and tried to use the wall as leverage to push down onto his cock, to force him to fuck me even harder. I wanted more. I wanted it all.

“More. Please.” I didn’t recognize my voice, but I didn’t care. I sounded desperate and needy, exactly the way I felt.

He thrust hard and deep then, striking my womb and a hint of pain shot through me. With a shudder, I threw my head back onto his shoulder and wrapped my lower legs around his thighs the best I could to hold him deep, where I needed him.

With my legs around his, he let go of my thighs to lift my breasts. With each move of his hips he shifted a nearly imperceptible amount, but the slight change of angle made his cock hit me deep over and over. He forced me to hold still, to ride him as he pinched and pulled on my nipples, tugging them to hard points until I whimpered. My pussy clenched and released his thick length and I tried to wiggle, to make him move faster.