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Taking What's Ours(7)

By:Alexa Riley

I feel her cum at my dirty words, unable to stop her body’s reaction. Both of us assaulting her with pleasure triggers my own release. I push deep inside her cunt and give her all of me, as far as I can go, not letting a drop slip out.

“Oh, fuck,” I breathe, trying to get air into my lungs. My cock continues to pulse inside her when I hear Ridge pop up with excitement.

“Okay, my turn again,” he says, as I slide my cock from her pussy and walk on shaky legs to switch positions again.

“Goddamn, man. Give me a second to catch my breath.”

Ridge rubs his dick and looks at the clock. “I’m dying to fuck her again, and we’re running out of time.”

“Please, please no more,” Charlotte begs.

“I’ll tell you what, baby. You get us each off one more time and we’ll let you go. Even before the hour is up.”

She looks at us, and I know she’s thinking about it.

“I’ll flip her over this time so she can suck you off at the same time,” Ridge says.

“What do you think, Doc? You wanna get it over quick, right?” She nods her head, and it’s all the confirmation I need. Ridge and I flip her over. I pull her towards the edge, so her mouth is near my cock. I grab her chin and make her look at me, “You suck my cock and get me off, and we won’t have a problem. You bite me, or do anything else, and it’s gonna be bad. You got me?”

She nods her head again but I want the words. “Say it.”

“I understand. I just want this over with. Please don’t hurt me.”

I give Ridge a chin lift, and he moves on the table behind her and immediately pushes his cock inside her cunt, not wasting another second. “Fuck, she feels so good. God, I can’t get enough of this tight pussy.”

“Open up, baby. Suck me off good.”

She closes her eyes and slowly opens her mouth. I push the tip of my cock against her lips and her tongue comes out to taste it.

“Oh fuck,” I moan. “You taste that, baby? You taste your pussy and my cum on me? You like that, don’t you?”

Her head bobs, but I don’t know if it’s in agreement or because Ridge is fucking her so hard. Her ass is high in the air and her chest is to the table. Her cunt drips with both Ridge’s and my cum and her mouth is wide open, begging to suck another load from me. I look up and see Ridge has his thumb in her asshole, working the tight ring hard while he pounds into her pussy. I watch that thumb go in and out and wish it was my dick.

I grab her hair and push her head all the way down on my cock, feeling it hit the back of her throat in one thrust. She doesn’t gag, but instead just swallows, and I feel my eyes roll back.

“Goddamn, baby. Do that again and I’ll nut in three seconds.”

I push in again, and I fell her swallow the head of my dick. It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had.

“Don’t forget my balls, baby. Lick your juices off of them from when you came all over me.” Releasing my cock, she sucks one of my balls into her mouth, then the other.

“Fuck!” I hear Ridge shout, and I know he’s close. Using the tight hold I have on her hair, I put her mouth back onto my cock and start pumping into her mouth like it’s her cunt.

I look up and we lock eyes. “Together, brother.”

He nods his agreement, and we both thrust into her at the same time. All at once, I’m cumming down her throat, hearing her sounds of pleasure as Ridge empties inside her pussy again, somehow triggering her own release.

The three of us cum at the same time. It’s perfect.

“Take every last drop of us,” I growl.

After she’s swallowed all of me, I pull out and look over to see Ridge has partially collapsed on top of her body. Both of us are spent from our orgasms.

I lean down, kissing her cheek softly as she’s too tired to pull away from me. “You did so good, baby.”



My body lies limp against the bed, boneless from the multiple orgasms forced from my body. Even in the large room I can smell the sex permeating the air. Every part of me is on fire and alive. I can’t remember the last time I came so hard, and all of it was caught on camera for anyone to see. I was used by two men and got off on it; my face warms at the reminder.

Glancing up at both the men, they stare down at me, their cocks straining for attention. Their faces both hard and predatory. Like the want to consume me. They said if I got them off one more time they’d be done with me, but the look in their eyes tells me that wasn’t true. My eyes shoot to the camera, wondering how long until someone comes bursting into the room to save me.

The one named Hudson follows my line of sight, and I see his fists clench.