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Taking What's Ours(4)

By:Alexa Riley

Hudson wipes the blood from his mouth, “She fucking bit me,” he growls out but I don’t think it got the responses the Doc wanted, because it seems to have only turned him on more.

“Told you she’d bite,” I tell him, reminding him of our earlier conversation.

“You want it rough, Doc? Because I’m more than happy to oblige,” Hudson says, looking down at her. If one thing's for sure, Hudson would make true on that promise. He likes his sex rough and dirty. I like it dirty, but I favor a sweeter touch. I want to make her beg.

She screams out, and he grabs her by the throat. I place my thumb on her clit and start to roll it.

“Doc,” Hudson growls, his hand still around her throat. “You scream again, it better be mine or Ridge’s name coming from those lips.”

She stops fighting, but I feel her hips jerk as I play with her clit. I’m sure her brain is going haywire, between Hudson’s firm hand around her throat and my soft touch giving her pleasure. She closes her eyes tightly, hiding her big brown eyes from me. After a few seconds, a moan escapes her lips, so sweet and breathy, I feel my chest tighten at the sound. Nothing has ever sounded so fucking good. Six months in this hellhole, and that one little moan makes it worth every minute.

“Fuck, Ridge, do that again. I want to hear her beg for us.”

“Please,” she whispers, and I’m not sure if she wants more, or is begging us to stop. It doesn’t matter, because there’s no stopping us. We want her and she’ll be ours, whether she likes it or not. Hudson and I always get what we want and she’s no exception.

“Make her cum, Ridge,” Hudson grits out, his words filled with need and desire. “Make that pussy pop for us. I want her to know she came while two men held her down and used her body like a whore.”

“Please, no, just do whatever you’re going to do to me, but don’t make me cum. Don’t make me like this. I’m begging you. I won’t fight. You can fuck me, just don’t make me cum.”

I press down on her clit, circling harder as her body jerks and her eyes fly open. “It’s too late, Doc. Your pussy is already begging for it.” There’s no way I‘m leaving this room without making her cum for us. She needs to know that we own her body, whether she wants us to our not. We’ll make her crave us like we’ve been craving her. It’s only fair.

Leaning back a little, I move my thumb faster and I watch her pussy clench in response. “You’re begging us to stop, but your pussy is begging to be filled,” I say, taking some of the pressure off her clit. Her hips rise, looking for the firm touch to return, and I smile. I haven’t felt like this since I entered this hellhole. The only thing that has kept me going lately was planning for today. Getting the Doc underneath me and filling her with both our cocks has kept me focused.

“God, she wants it bad, man,” Hudson says, his hand still around her throat. His other hand holds her wrists over her head, but she’s not fighting against them anymore. “Since we’re biting, it’s my turn.” He releases her neck and starts stroking his cock, then swoops down and locks his mouth around one of her nipples.

I take that moment to grab her thighs with both of my hands, spreading her wide. I lean down, getting my face level with her pussy. Right in front of me is her wet cunt and her little asshole. The sight of her has me out of control, and I bury my face between her thighs, her juices splashing onto me. Her legs lock around my face like she is trying to close them, but nothing could move me from her. Her thighs rub against the stubble of my beard that I haven’t shaved in almost a week, the beard that I grew just for this moment.

There’s nothing more I love than eating pussy, and I knew I’d be getting my fill of sweet Doc Charlotte. Fuck, if my cock and Hudson would let me, I’d do just this the whole goddamn hour. I want to leave my beard marks all over the insides of her thighs so that every time she looks between her legs, she’ll remember me eating her pussy. I want her to remember me pulling the orgasm from her.

I lick all the way from her asshole back up to her clit. Both Hudson’s and Doc’s moans fill my head, and between moans she begs for us to stop. But it only turns me on.

My licks and nibbles become more frantic, and I can’t seem to get enough of her taste in my mouth. I need more. I want everything.

Hudson pops off her tit and looks down at her. “That’s it, Charlotte, cum for Ridge. Make that pussy nice and soft for us. Make it so easy to slide our cocks into you. I bet your little pussy will beg for us to fill you with our cum until it’s overflowing. She’s so fucking greedy, isn’t she? That slutty cunt of yours is going to get you stuffed full of cock. I hope you’re happy, Doc. You’ll be leaking cum for a month after we bury our seed so deep inside you.” Hudson gives her a wicked smile and looks at her mouth. “That sassy mouth of yours needs to be taught a lesson too. I think we need to dump some cum in there so you know what it’s good for.”