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Stepbrother Master(43)

By:Ava Jackson

I carried her to the door. Her eyes widened. “What are you—”

“I’m covered in dirt and grime, and I just dirtied you up too. I think it’s time we strip down and clean up.”

Her eyes dropped to the gray smudge on her shirt, and when she lifted them back to mine, they were sparkling. “You know how much I liked shower sex last time, right?”

It was that spark, that fire, that inner glow that drew me to her from the beginning, and she just continued to burn so damn bright. Emma reached for the door handle, pushing it open. We stepped into the hallway, and I expected her to freeze up, head darting from side to side, looking for someone who might see us, as soon as my feet touched the wood floor. But she didn’t. Her eyes never left mine. My heart swelled a little. It was just as I’d taught her. I was in control of everything; all she had to do was let go.

The conviction reflected in her eyes hurried my steps toward the bathroom. Fuck, I needed her naked and wet, with my dick buried inside that sweet pussy.

Emma flipped on the light switch as soon as I shouldered the bathroom door shut, but I didn’t lower her to her feet until we stood in front of the shower. I let her slide down my body, uncaring now that she was getting my grime on her. I’d get her clean and then I’d dirty her back up again with everything I was going to do to her. The feel of her curves pressing against me had my hard-on raging in my jeans.

“You need to be naked in five seconds, or I’ll be stripping those clothes off you soaking wet.” I crushed my lips to hers. Instead of following my orders, Emma’s fingers tangled in the hem of my T-shirt and dragged it up my body. I pulled back, letting her yank it up and over my head.

“In a hurry?”

“I haven’t seen you naked in way too long. So yeah, you could say I’m in a hurry. For the record, your body is insane.”

I couldn’t help the smile radiating from my lips down to my toes. “As is yours, sweetheart. My cock aches just thinking about you.”

I pushed open the glass door, reaching inside the shower enclosure. My chuckle echoed off the glass as I flipped the faucet on hot. I stared down at her as steam began to waft out the open door. “Now shirt off. I think you know I’m just as excited to see you naked, sweetheart.”

Her fingers dropped to the bottom of her shirt and tugged it upward, exposing inch after inch of perfect, creamy skin. My chuckle quieted into a groan as it slipped over the swells of her tits.

Jesus, I’d missed those. I covered her hands with mine and pulled the T-shirt up and over her head the rest of the way myself.

“Guess you are excited.”

“You have no idea.”

I grabbed a condom out of my pocket before dropping my hands to the button of my jeans. Emma was right there with me, stripping hers off just as quick. Our remaining clothes were gone in seconds, and then we both stood naked, staring at each other.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” I said, my voice low and husky.

“And you have to know you’re pretty much every woman’s fantasy, right?”

I shook my head. “Don’t care about any other woman but you. Now get in the shower, sweetheart. We’ve got lost time to make up for.”

I loved the shiver that rippled through her, and my cock jumped when she turned and flashed that gorgeous ass at me as she stepped in the shower. Fuck, that ass. Ideas began to form as I followed her inside.

Emma was already under the spray, turned sideways, water soaking her hair, and running down her body in rivulets. She turned to me, and primal, gut-wrenching need ripped through me. As a Dom, I prided myself on control, but right now, I just wanted my woman. Rough, hot, and hard. Against the wall of the fucking shower.

I ripped the condom package open with my teeth and slid it on as she turned to face me. In two steps, I had her up against the wall, her legs wrapped around my waist, and the water dripping down my face and sluicing off my back. It was as though everything that had stood between us—the labels, the harsh words—all washed away.

My mouth found hers, and I feasted. I relearned every corner of her mouth with my tongue. Every curve of her body with my hands. Just like I was going to relearn every slick inch of her pussy with my cock. By the time I lifted my head, Emma was bucking against me, and the wetness on the ridge of my abs had nothing to do with the water falling around us.

“Please. I want—”

“And you’re gonna get everything you want, sweetheart. This is going to be hard and fast. You’ve got your safe word if you need it.”

Emma’s nails scored the muscles of my shoulders. “No. I want that. Hard and fast. Right now. Don’t hold back, Ford. Give me everything you’ve got.”