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Stepbrother Master(10)

By:Ava Jackson

I crossed the room in two strides and had her chin between my fingers, forcing her gaze up to mine. I wasn’t even sure when I decided to move.

“Unless I tell you I want your eyes on the ground, I want them on me when I’m speaking to you.”

Her blue eyes went wide with surprise. Apparently my new sweet stepsister-to-be didn’t have much experience being manhandled or ordered around. The confirmation of what I’d suspected had me jumping into my next question. The imperative one.

“Did you tell anyone what you saw?”

She swallowed, and her surprise faded away as she decided to try for courage.

“Not yet, but you better believe I will. Where is she? Is she still tied up? Did you hurt her?”

Her questions were like a slap to the face. For any woman to think a Dom would abandon a bound playmate was abhorrent. I stemmed my rising anger by reminding myself that she clearly had no fucking clue what she’d just seen.

“Do you have any idea what you walked in on?” I asked. I couldn’t help the need to educate her. I told myself it was just because I didn’t want her running off and spreading the word that I was a sick fuck who liked to tie up women and spank them. Even though that wouldn’t be a completely untrue statement.

Her eyebrows knitted together, hardening her expression. “I know I saw something that wasn’t right.” She spat the words and I felt like I was watching a kitten learn how to swipe with its claws for the first time.

Oh, kitten… Don’t judge what you don’t understand.

My grip on her chin relaxed, and I glanced around the room. I saw what I was looking for on the nightstand.

An e-reader.

I took a calculated risk.

“You look like the kind of girl who’d spend some quality time curled up with a book.”

Her chin jerked down, and I took the nod as a ‘yes.’

“You ever read anything about BDSM? Dom/sub relationships? Power exchange?”

“That’s fiction. It’s not something normal people do.” Her words, while judgmental, didn’t carry a harsh tone. They were softer, more questioning.

I couldn’t help but skim my thumb back and forth beneath her chin. She stiffened at the contact.

“Are you sure it’s only fiction, pet? Because if it were, that would make it pretty fucking hard to believe that there’s a Dom standing in front of you right now.”

I released my hold on her chin and slid my hand down the arc of her throat. I felt the shiver run through her body against my calloused fingers.

“I …. I don’t know what you want me to say. I don’t understand what you’re—”

“You don’t have to say anything, pet. And all you need to understand is that some men have … particular needs. More strict expectations. And I happened to be one of them.”

Her pulse, already thudding against my touch, kicked up to a gallop. I wasn’t sure how she did it, but the shy, submissive vibe I was getting from her morphed into something completely different.

Her eyes flashed, and she stood straighter, sidestepping and knocking my hand away.

“Particular needs and strict expectations? And what exactly does that entail? The need to gag a woman and tie her up before you fuck her? How about you tell me exactly what those needs and expectations are? I might as well learn something while I’m here this summer.”

Something about those pretty pink lips saying the word ‘fuck’ made me want to do exactly that to her mouth. My cock pulsed against my zipper, hard as a fucking rock. I sidestepped to meet her movement and leaned closer. Her chest rose and fell with each breath, and I felt a flare of victory when she unconsciously leaned toward me.

She wants to learn something this summer? She’s come to the right place. I froze as soon as the thoughts solidified in my brain. She’s going to be your stepsister in a handful of days. And what’s more? She’s a tight ass, stuck up bitch who just missed getting her M.R.S. in college.

“I don’t think an uppity little princess like you could even begin to understand what a man like me needs. Let alone have a chance in hell of delivering it.”

Her flashing blue eyes taunted me. “Try me.”

The answer shocked the shit out of me. I wrapped my hand around her shoulder and crowded her until she was forced to back up a step. And then another—until her back hit the wall and I was blocking her escape.

“You think you could handle this, sweetheart?”

She opened her mouth to reply, but I didn’t wait. I’d had enough fucking waiting tonight. I lowered my lips to hers and devoured. My hands tangled in her hair, and I angled her head so I could deepen the kiss. Her hot little tongue darted out, and I took it as the green light to take this a step further. I shifted my left leg, sliding it between her thighs. It caught on her skirt, so I dropped one hand to the hem and shoved it higher. Gripping the back of her thigh, I slid my hand up… and up... until I hit the soft smooth skin of her bare ass. I groaned into her mouth at the discovery, deepening the kiss. Her ass, which I’d openly admired from day one, was soft and full, and I fought the urge to give it a little swat, just to make sure she knew who was now in charge. Her hands skimmed up my chest, and I pressed into her, wanting to feel her against me. I swallowed the little whimpers she made as I took my time caressing every inch of her luscious, curvy little body