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Riding Red(47)

By:Alexa Riley

“That woman, Delilah, she and I went on one date together five years ago. Five years ago. I was traveling a lot with the team then, but even still I knew she was trouble and ended it after that one dinner. She went crazy, Megan. She went to the press, said we were engaged, said she was pregnant with my baby…I never even touched her.”

Megan crosses her arms defensively, still looking at me in disbelief.

“I swear to God, Megan. It’s the truth. It’s probably still online somewhere. I had to get a restraining order, and I sued her. We settled out of court and she swore never to bother me again.”

“Oh God, Delilah is back?” I hear Janet say behind me. Janet and Phil were my rocks back then, helping get me through that mess. I felt like such a dick taking her to court, but they both kept reminding me that she needed serious help.

“I called the cops and they took her to the hospital. From what they said, she’d been under her sister's care, but had a recent relapse when her boyfriend broke up with her. Guess she was just making the rounds.”

Megan looks back and forth between her parents, and I can see hope in her eyes. “Dad, is this true?”

“Yes. She was really unstable, and I was able to get a psychologist friend of mine to look over the case,” he says, confirming everything I said.

“Honey, if I had known that was the problem, I could have told you the whole story. My God, you and Chris? When did this happen?” Janet sounds utterly shocked.

Megan blushes profusely, and looks at me through her lashes.

“Come on, Janet, let’s give them a chance to talk.”

Phil pulls her from the room as she keeps asking questions. “How did you…” I hear her saying over her shoulder as they walk out.

“So you didn’t want babies with her?” she asks, looking down at her feet. I hate that she thought I wanted with someone else what I only want with her.


Megan takes a tentative step towards me, and I stand my ground, not wanting to scare her off. I’m sure I look crazy. I felt crazy when she left me today. The thought of her running from me was like a hot blade to my heart. She’s it for me. If she doesn't want me, I'll live out a miserable existence. Or I'll have to buy a secluded island, kidnap her, and keep her there.

“And you never wanted to marry her?” she asks, looking up at me through her eyelashes.

“No,” I fire back instantly.

“You didn’t love her?”

She takes another small step forward, and I can feel my heart beating out of my chest.

“I’ve loved one woman in my life, and that’s you, Megan. I love you.”

She rushes the rest of the way and I catch her, wrapping my arms around her.

“I love you too, Chris.”

“Let’s go home, baby.”

I feel her nod against my neck, and I close my eyes. Finally my world is whole again.



Ten years later…

“Hafy Bifby.”

“What was that?”

Chris moves his mouth away from my pussy, licking his lips. “I said ‘happy birthday.’” I giggle as he dives back between my legs, licking and sucking his way to my orgasm.

I stretch my arms over my head, spreading my legs wider. This isn’t a bad way to start my twenty-eighth year. I grip his hair in my hands, grinding against his face, never getting tired of the way he feels on my body.

We’ve been through so much, and getting to this moment was hard fought, but goddamn, was it worth it.

Surprisingly, my parents were thrilled that Chris and I were together, and we didn’t realize it at the time, but having that support meant all the difference. I opted out of my last year of high school and graduated early. Chris and I didn’t go public until it was official, but the backlash was awful. He coached the high school to a state championship with an undefeated season and still they wanted him out. The school board created a new contract for him to sign that was just bullshit to push him out of the door. He didn’t need the money or the attention, so he just went quietly, not making a scene. My heart broke for him, because all he ever wanted to do was to be involved in football, even if it was coaching.

After a year of sulking about it, I suggested he get involved in a local ‘big brother’ football camp. Ever since then, he’s found his purpose again. He’s been there eight years, and loves seeing the boys grow and develop.

I was pretty much treated the same way I was before senior year of high school, like the awkward girl no one knew what to do with. But I was used to it, so it was no skin off my nose. I got pregnant the minute Chris got inside me, giving birth to our son, Chris Junior, nine months later. After that, we had our daughter Fae, and then our other daughter Mara. My pregnancy with Mara was difficult, so after that, we decided it was time to close the baby chapter. Our family is happy and healthy, and that’s all I ever wanted.