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Riding Red(16)

By:Alexa Riley

Wanting to keep rubbing against him, I run my hands through his hair, constantly petting him. Something in my lust haze tells me to do that to him, tells my body to pet him and show him I want him to keep going.

I feel his hot mouth on my panties as he leans in and presses his nose there. When he inhales, my eyes close, and my mouth falls open, moaning. Something about him taking my scent into his body turns me on even more. I know that having my scent on him and inside him makes him mine. It sounds completely crazy, but at this moment, it feels so right. Like this is the way we’re supposed to be.

When he pulls away from my heat, I start to protest, but then I feel his finger hook in my panties and pull them to the side. Before I can beg, his hot, rough tongue is on my pussy, licking in long laps, sucking up my wetness.

“Dominic,” I moan, pulling his hair, drawing him closer to me. I spread my legs wide, and he lets out a loud growl.

“Fuck, Ruby. I can taste your virginity. I don’t know how I know that, but my wolf can taste it. He knows you’re untouched.”

I start to ask how the hell he knows that, but suddenly, he’s standing up with his mouth still on my pussy. He pins me to the wall while he eats me out, growling and pounding his fist against the wall.

The fog of pleasure takes over as his mouth sucks my pussy. I grind against his face, begging for more, and he reaches up to grip my ass. I don’t know how long he eats me for; time and space do not exist outside this moment.

I’m on the edge of orgasm, but I’m terrified to go over. I feel like if I cum like this, I’ll shatter into a million pieces.

“Give me your cum, sweets. It’s all we can have right now. Please.”

I feel his sharp teeth against my clit, and the sensation sends me over the edge. He holds me tightly as I cum on him, deep and long, screaming out my orgasm. It goes on forever, and I don’t want it to end. As my body comes down from the high, having Dominic against my skin feels euphoric.

Slowly, he slides me down his hard muscled body, helping steady my legs when I can hardly stand. I still can’t see anything other than his glowing eyes in the dark, but I feel so safe and protected.

His hard cock presses against me, and I move my hand to touch it. Just before I make contact, he grabs my wrist.

“Tomorrow, sweet.”

I don’t know what to say to that, so I just keep quiet. Feeling completely exhausted, I lean against Dominic.

“Let’s get you home.”

I nod against him, and I feel his strong arms pick me up and carry me. I’m so overwhelmed by sensations and sleep that I don’t protest.

When I feel cool sheets against my skin, I barely open my eyes, seeing Dominic above me. His eyes are still glowing, but I find comfort in them. My mate.

As I drift off to sleep, I wonder where the hell that thought came from.



I stare down at her limp body sprawled out in her bed. It took everything in me to unwrap my mate from me. She clung to me, even in her sleep. Human mates aren’t uncommon, but they also aren’t the norm. The only one in our town had been my great-aunt. I didn’t realize how much her body would start to crave mine without me having even touched her yet.

I thought if I put a little distance between us she’d be okay. But I knew when I sat down next to her at the bar tonight that her body came alive just being next to mine. My wolf rolled over on its back for her when he realized it too. He probably would’ve given her his throat if he thought it’d please her.

She looks so beautiful with her red hair spread out against her white sheets, her dress riding up around her hips, revealing her wet panties and the small patch of red hair over her pussy, something I couldn’t see in the dark room at the back of the bar.

I can’t bring myself to regret that my first time eating her sweet pussy was in the back of a bar. No, not with the taste of her still coating my throat. I’d lost it for a minute, something I’ve grown accustomed to since she walked into my life. I sat in the bar and watched a few men go up to her, and though they quickly walked away once they found out who she was, it still didn’t help cool my temper. They should’ve been able to tell she was mine from twenty feet away. If only I had scented her.

There was no stopping me after seeing that. She wasn’t going anywhere ever again without the smell of me all over her. I can’t wait until I get to sink my teeth into her tomorrow night, binding her to me forever, our scents becoming one. For the rest of our lives, we would always smell like one another. But just for tonight, I had to rub myself against her, leaving something of myself on her skin.

When I got her to the back room and smelt how thick her desire for me was, I had to taste it. Before I knew what I was doing, I had my face pressed against her cunt, breathing her scent deep into my lungs. Every part of me wanted her.