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Riding Red(15)

By:Alexa Riley

“I own the bakery, so go ahead and go.”

“I’m well aware, and I’m not going anywhere.”

At the sound of Dominic’s voice, my body goes soft. It’s like his presence melts everything away, and I’m just a puddle of need. What is going on with me? Every time I’ve thought about him today, I’ve gotten these crazy hot flashes and an ache between my legs. I swear to God, it’s like I’ve been close to cumming all day.

I turn on my bar stool, and when I do he moves as well so my legs are between his, and we are facing one another. He leans in close and squeezes his legs so they’re pushing mine together. I feel some of the ache between my legs lessen. It helps my need slow down, but it also makes it deeper, as if my desire is growing stronger.

This is the first time he’s touched me, and I feel his heat work its way up my legs, into my stomach and to my chest. My whole body is warming from his touch, and I close my eyes, thinking maybe I’ve been drugged.

“Just relax, sweets. I just need to rub on you a little.”

“What?” I ask, shaking my head. I’m foggy, and it feels like I’m floating, but my mind is clear. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever felt. Like pure pleasure is being rubbed across my skin. I close my eyes again and feel a moan slip past my lips when his hands touch my arms. Feeling his strong arms pull me to him, I come down from the bar stool and stand up with him.

“Come with me, sweets. I need you.”

I open my eyes as he pulls me to the back of the bar. I feel the tingle where our hands are connected, and it’s as if I’m floating behind him. If just his slight touch feels this good, I’ll do anything the man says. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch Gwen smiling at me, but I don’t have the ability or the inclination to stop and explain anything to her. I’m too happy to care about anything other than Dominic.

He pulls me through a door. It closes behind us, and I see we are in a dark room. I can’t tell where we are or see much of anything. It’s pitch black and I can’t see my hand in front of my face. Suddenly, I see the silver glow of Dominic's eyes, and while I should be terrified, it calms me. I feel Dominic press me against the wall, and my arms instantly go around his neck. I don’t tell my body to do any of this, it just does it on its own.

“I’ve had enough of watching men talk to you. I have to do something to keep people away from what’s mine.”

“Am I yours?” The fog I’m in is wonderful, and it makes me want Dominic to claim me as his. I feel myself wanting to rub against him and have him rub against me. It’s like everything inside me has taken over, and any objection I’ve ever had has evaporated.

“Yes.” The word comes out rough, but it goes straight to my nipples and clit, making the most sensitive parts of my body come to life. Suddenly, I’m aching more than before, and I let out a moan.

“Fuck. Not yet, sweets. Just a taste tonight.”

“Please,” I moan, and I don’t know what I’m begging for. I don’t have any control over my body or my words.

Closing my eyes, I lean my head back against the wall, exposing my neck where my dress dips down. I don’t know why, but I feel like showing him this should make him do something. I have the sudden urge to have his mouth on me, biting me.

“No.” His teeth are clenched, and he’s fighting against my want.

He presses his big heavy body against me, and feeling his weight there calms some of my need. He moves up and down, rubbing against me, making the sweater dress material rub roughly against my nipples. They harden, and I rub back, wrapping my arms around him, trying to bring his body even closer to mine. I pull my leg up and hook it around his hip, pulling the heat of his cock against me. I’m breathing hard, and the heat of the room and our bodies rubbing together has a drop of sweat rolling down my neck.

“Just a taste,” he whispers and leans down, licking the drop up.

His tongue is hot and rough like a cat’s. The coarse texture feels so good against my sensitive skin that I moan even louder, wanting more. “More.” I don’t realize I said the word out loud until he starts to lick lower, moving down between my breasts.

He inhales deeply there, smelling my skin and licking my cleavage. “So sweet.”

Suddenly, I feel his fingers on my thighs at the hem of my dress. I push against his lower body and beg for him to raise it up. As he slowly pulls my dress up and over my ass, he pulls away and moves down my body. I can’t see anything in the room, but I don’t need to. I feel Dominic kneel in front of my pussy and push my dress up the rest of the way.