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Riding Red(13)

By:Alexa Riley

“Was what Gwen said true? You keeping the pack from meeting your mate?” Stone asks, raising an eyebrow at my odd behavior.

“I haven’t scented her or marked her. She doesn’t know what we are.”

“Why the fuck not? If I found my mate—”

“I know. You’d storm off with her. I’ve been hearing it from everybody.” The defeat is clear in my voice. I’m fucking up here. “I’m just worried. My wolf went a little nuts like he’d never done before when I saw her. She’s human, and I was barely holding my skin. I feel like if I touch her I’ll fuck her, and you know what will happen then. She’ll go into heat, and I hear that can be painful. When I first met her it was still almost three weeks until the next full moon, and I couldn’t do that to her; I’d put her through three weeks of pain. So I thought it was best I suffer on my own.” My cock can’t find release, not until it enters her for the first time. No matter how many times I try, the orgasm never comes.

If I would’ve taken her that first day, she would’ve been in heat for three fucking weeks. I tried to stay clear of her and allow the full moon to get closer, but I can’t stay away. My wolf doesn’t want anyone else near her if I can’t have her, so we’ve been parking our asses outside her bakery day and night. Now I’m seeing she has interpreted my behavior as being assholish. This is all so fucked.

I run my hand over my face, trying to lessen the tension I feel building.

“Looks like we’ve both had a rough few weeks.”

I nod my head in agreement. “The toughest and best three weeks of my life.” I might be miserable at the moment, but it will be worth it. Soon I’ll have my mate, and she’ll be all mine, for the rest of our lives. As for tonight, it looks like I’ll be sleeping on the stairs. Again.



I flip the lock on the door and turn the sign to ‘Closed’. It’s Friday night, and we’ve had a great day. There were a lot of people stopping by the bakery on the way out of town. Something must be in the air, because it feels like everyone is clearing out. Halloween is tomorrow night so maybe people have plans. There aren’t many places to stay that are close to the national park, so anyone visiting for the day would have to leave in the early evening in order to make it to the next town at a decent hour.

Gwen and I made lots of goodies all morning, and almost everything sold. I wanted to take Gwen up on her offer to go get a drink tonight, and I’m even more excited because it’s been a day to celebrate. There still weren’t any locals, but I’m trying not to dwell on it or let it get me down. Gwen keeps telling me to be patient.

I take one last look out the window before reaching up to pull the shade. I see Dominic talking to someone across the street. Almost as if he senses my stare, he turns, meeting my eyes. From this distance I can barely make him out, but suddenly I see his eyes brighten. It’s almost like they’re glowing. They’re doing that weird thing they did last night. I swear, the sunsets in this place cause people’s eyes to go funny.

The more I stare at him, the stronger the pull is to him. I don’t understand what is wrong with my body. All day it has felt as if my skin has been charged with electricity. I’m so sensitive and tingly all over. I kept rubbing my arms, feeling the hairs on them rise up like I was chilly, but I didn’t feel cold. I’m having the same feeling now. Something inside me wants to open the door and bolt into Dominic’s arms.

I shake off the idea and pull the shade fast, shielding me from his view. I turn around and smile at Gwen behind the counter. Maybe she knows what’s going on.

“Does it feel to you like everyone is getting out of town?”

She makes a non-committal humming sound and goes back to wiping down the counters.

“Seriously. It feels like something’s in the air. Didn’t you notice how all the tourists just bolted this afternoon? It’s almost like something is pushing them out.”

She looks up from the counter and shrugs her shoulders. “I think people are just trying to get out before the weekend. I’m planning on getting out of here first thing in the morning.”

“Really? Why? You didn’t say anything earlier.”

“Oh, no big reason. Just going to visit a friend in Bryson Peak. And it’s that time of the month.” She mumbles the last part under her breath and turns to head to the back.

God, her periods must be bad if she’s got to go stay with a friend when she gets it. Oh well, not my business.

I walk to the back with her and help clean up the kitchen. Once we’re finished, we close the register, lock up the back, and go upstairs to my apartment to get ready.