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By:Lynda Chance

Damn. It was probably true; he was the Neanderthal that Lauren always accused him of being. He'd been a happy freakin' man since she'd given up that damn job six years ago.

He stood to his feet, gently lifting their now sleeping daughter. He walked over to her crib, and as carefully as he could, laid her down. He pulled the tiny blanket up and covered her legs with it, and then leaned down and kissed her chubby hand before glancing at his son to make sure that he was sleeping soundly as well.

Seeing that both babies were well and truly settled, Logan walked with a silent tread to where Lauren stood and waited with full lips and bright eyes.

Reaching down, he encapsulated her wrist between his fingers in a steely, determined grip. He glanced down when he heard the soft gasp that escaped her lips. And he couldn't deny he loved the way she still, to this day, reacted to him.

But he lifted his finger to her lips and held it there while her silken skin went to his head. "Shh," he admonished, before pulling her from the room and leading her to the master bedroom.

The monitor was already on and ready to amplify any sound the babies might make, and he was more than ready. His guts clenched, and his shaft pulsed and throbbed from being so close to his goal.

"Your clothes need to come off, Mrs. Crenshaw," he said, advancing on her.

She smiled wickedly and began pulling them off, one by one. He watched her as he did the same. Their eyes clashed and held as she moved backwards to the bed, and he followed her down, coming on top of her on all fours. "We can't risk the time for too much foreplay right now, little birthday girl. Will that be okay with you?" His hand landed on the coveted prize between her thighs and electric need flared between them as he found her wet and ready for him. "Ahh, I can feel that it is," he continued to tease in a low, determined voice.

He leaned down to kiss her, and as Lauren slid her arms around his neck and opened her body to him, he pulled back his hips and thrust inside of her, attaining his ultimate goal.

He nipped her lips and then leaned his forehead against hers as peace inundated his soul.

Thank you, God.

His life was perfect.

The End