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Pulling Her Trigger(7)

By:Alexa Riley

“I told you to enjoy the ride, Mackenzie. You going to give my face a workout or not?”

I look up and see her eyes close at the sound of my dirty words. I’m turning her on and she loves it. I put my mouth back on her clit, and she starts to work her hips against me. She pushes against my face and rides it hard while I finger her holes. I want her to feel me everywhere. It doesn’t take long before she’s clenching both her pussy and ass and hitting her third, then fourth orgasm.

As her breathing returns to normal, I can feel her body start to lose its strength. I lift her legs and help her steady herself, before I move to tuck my cock back in my pants. I see her watch me and she raises an eyebrow in question.

“Mind the mess on the floor as you exit,” I joke, and she looks down to see my puddle of cum under her boots. I came as she was hitting her second orgasm, but I didn’t pay my cock any attention. All my focus was on Mackenzie, so getting her off got me off. Not a bad trade off. I don’t care if I came like a randy teenager. How could I be embarrassed that my woman is so fucking hot that she makes me cum just by tasting her sweet pussy.

I help her get her underwear and jeans back in place, and then she looks at me expectantly. I feel my chest almost puff out at the look I’ve put on her face. Fuck, I wasn’t even this proud when I became an agent. That alone lets me know what she means to me.

She still hasn’t taken her arms down, and the fact that she’s still waiting on my permission it does something wonderful inside my chest.

“Good girl,” I whisper, and reach up, removing my belt and helping her take her hands down. She doesn’t respond to my comment, but I can see the blush on her cheeks again.

After I put my belt on, I can see her looking anywhere but at me. I don’t want her to regret agreeing to go to my place, but it’s going to happen.

I push her up against the door again with my body, and hold her face with both hands.

“Tell you what. You come back to my place tonight, and let me make you cum some more. We don’t have to fuck, but I want you in my bed. You can call and tell whoever you want where you are, so they know you’re safe, but I swear on my honor, I won’t hurt you.”



I’ve had men look at me with lust in their eyes before, but something about the way Vincent looks at me is different. His gray eyes are soft around the edges and look almost pleading. This from a man who just made me tell him he could have me, it seems almost laughable. I told him for tonight, but I’ve got a feeling he’s not going to be satisfied with only that. This should have me running for the door, but there’s just something about this man. How could a man’s eyes look pleading, but also like a predator watching his prey?

His thumb strokes my cheek, while his eyes watch mine. This is going further than I want it to. I just want a quick fuck, but something is telling me that once Vincent gets his hooks in me, I won’t be able to get loose. He’s making me feel things I shouldn't. It’s all too soon and too fast. I’m better at a distance in all things, but he hasn’t let me have any since the moment he got a hold of me.

All my senses are still on high alert from the powerful orgasms that just rocked my world. I hear his deep breaths, and I can feel the wetness that’s causing my panties to stick to my pussy.

I need a second to collect my thoughts.

“Tonight?” I ask, stalling for time. Vincent shifts, rubbing his cock against me. His highly impressive cock that, only moments ago, came from just eating my pussy. Well, maybe he was stroking himself too. Each orgasm seemed to happen so fast and close together that I lost track of everything but my clit in his warm mouth. Shifting against him, I become uncomfortably aware that it’s been over six months since I had a cock inside me. I think about his cock and the size of it, and it makes my pussy clench.

His mouth twists into a half smile showing off his perfect white teeth. “Am I scaring you?”

“A little,” I whisper, letting the words fall out of my mouth before I can grab them back. That seems to keep happening with him, and it’s another reason I need to get away from him.

“That’s too bad, Mackenzie, because I’m not backing off you now. I said I would own you if I made you cum, and I did. Multiple times in fact.”

His eyes narrow on me, making it hard to breathe. Never in my life have I reacted to a man this way. A muscle jumps in his jaw, and I notice for the first time the stubble that peppers it. I may not have noticed it, but the slight burn on the inside of my thighs lets me know it had been there the whole time. I bet he’s one of those men who has to shave twice before lunchtime.