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Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves #1)

By:Quinn Loftis
Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves #1)
The Grey Wolves series
Chapter 1
Jacque Pierce sat in the window seat in her bedroom, watching her neighbors' house across the street. I'm not really being nosy, she thought to herself. Just curious.
“Yeah,” she snorted. Only if you call curious having your eyes glued to your neighbors' house like a hound on the hunt. Oh, well. I can call a spade 'a spade' tomorrow morning, she told her conscience.
The Henrys were having a foreign exchange student stay with them this year. They didn’t have any children of their own and Jacque didn’t know if that was by choice or because they weren’t able to have children. Either way, Jacque was here to get the nitty-gritty on the situation and report to her best friends afterward.
So here she sat, scoping out the neighbors house with her lights turned off and blinds cracked just enough to see. To top off her James Bond experience, she even had binoculars! Now if she only had the nifty background music to go along her shenanigans.
She'd been sitting in her window for an hour and was just about to give up when a black stretch limo pulled to the curb. Now isn’t this strange? she thought. A foreign exchange student arriving in a limo? She put the binoculars to her face and adjusted them to get a better look, settling them over the passenger door to see who would emerge. She knew this was a little much, but honestly, in a town of 700 there just wasn’t a whole lot of excitement and Jacque would take it where she could get it.
The driver got out of the limo to open the back door, but it was already opening, and the boy who stepped out of that limo had to be the most beautiful guy she'd ever seen. And that was only his profile. Wow, I mean wow, was all Jacque could think. Jacque couldn’t even imagine what his entire face must have looked like. He was tall, probably six foot one or so, and his hair was jet black. It was longer on top and she could tell that he had bangs that fell across his face. They swept to the left, partially covering that eye. He had broad shoulders and, from what she could see of his profile, high cheek bones, a straight nose, and full lips. She realized her mouth had dropped open and she was all but drooling over this guy. She shut it and watched as he and his driver conversed. It all seemed very formal until the driver hugged the boy with obvious deep affection. He must be more than just his driver, Jacque thought.
Suddenly, the boy turned as if he had heard what she was thinking and looked straight at her window, straight at her. Jacque froze, unable to look away from the mesmerizing blue eyes that held her. All her thoughts seemed to fade into the distance and she thought she heard the words: “At last, my Jacquelyn.” 
Jacque shook her head, trying to clear the haze that had filled it. After she came to her senses from the intense stare, she recapped in her mind what his face had looked like. She was right about the cheekbones, nose, and lips. What she wasn’t prepared for was that his crystal blue eyes now seemed to glow in the moon light; the hair that fell across his forehead and over his eye only added to his mysteriousness. Overall he had a very masculine, very beautiful face.
The shirt he was wearing was black and, thanks to her handy dandy binoculars, she was able to see that it fit tightly and showed off a muscular chest and flat stomach. He had a black leather biker jacket on, but past that she couldn’t see because the car was in the way. She imagined his legs were every bit as nice as the rest of him.
When she looked back at the street, the mysterious guy was walking into the Henrys' house. As she saw the door close she heard the voice again.
Jacque sat there for a few minutes, trying to get her brain to work again. Everything seemed so hazy. After blinking what felt like a thousand times, she pulled herself together, picked up the phone, and dialed Jen’s number.
Three rings later Jen answered. “What’s the word?”
Jacque took a slow breath and said “I think you better come over.”
“I’m there, chick. See ya in 5,” Jen answered and hung up.
Jacque grinned to herself. It was great to have a friend you could always depend on to be there when you needed her.
Jacque picked up the phone again and called Sally, who answered after only one ring. She had obviously been diligently manning the phone, waiting for Jacque to call with details on the latest small town drama.
“Jen is on her way over,” Jacque said. “I need you to come too. We need to talk.”
“Okay,” Sally simply said and hung up.
Fifteen minutes later, the three friends were gathered on Jacque’s bedroom floor, hot chocolate in hand, because how can you have a girl powwow without hot chocolate?
“So fill it and spill it,” Jen said.
“Okay,” Jacque said, taking a deep breath. “So I’m sitting in my window seat, shades cracked, lights off, binoculars in hand…”
“Binoculars? Really, you honestly were using binoculars?” Sally interrupted.
“Well, you said you wanted details, so I was giving you details,” Jacque defended.
“Oooh, did you have the Mission Impossible sound track playing in the background? Cuz that would have been spy-tastic,” Jen said enthusiastically.
“Actually,” Jacque said distractedly, “I was thinking more James Bond-ish. You know, with the whole stakeout thing…”
“No, huh-uh. That would be more like Dog the Bounty Hunter type stuff. But you couldn’t be Beth, ‘cause you’re not stacked enough on top. You would have to be baby Lisa…” Jen rattled on.
“You are so, so not comparing me to Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter right now. And why are we talking about this anyway, because it is sooooo NOT the point!” Jacque growled in frustration.
“Spy analogies aside, I was sitting there about an hour and then a black stretch limo pulled up in front of the Henrys' house.”
“A limo? What foreign exchange student shows up in a limo?” Jen asked.
“I know, right? That’s what I was thinking,” Jacque stated. “I assure you the limo was of no consequence once the person inside stepped out. Ladies, I saw the most gorgeous guy to ever grace my line of sight.”
“When you say gorgeous,” Jen started, “are we talking Brad Pitt boyish good looks, or Johnny Depp make ya want to slap somebody?”“No, we’re talking Brad and Johnny need to bow down and recognize,” Jacque answered. “But, aside from him being dropped off in a limo and aside from the fact that he was a walking Calvin Klein ad, it began to get strange at this point in our story, boys and girls,” Jacque said in a spooky voice.
“Like it wasn’t strange already?” Sally asked.
“Well...okay, strange-er. Just as he was about to walk up the path, he suddenly turned and looked straight at me, as if he could sense I was watching him! Like, he looked right in my eyes. I literally couldn’t move. It was like I was mesmerized by him or something. And then we entered the world of 'what the hell.' As he was staring at me, I heard a voice in my head and it said 'at last, my Jacquelyn.' Then, as he turned to go in the house, I heard the voice again. It said, 'soon'.”
Jacque stared expectantly at her two best friends, waiting for them to tell her she’d finally jumped off the deep end. But they just sat there, staring back at her.
“Well?” Jacque asked.
Finally, Jen stirred. Taking a deep breath in, she looked down at her empty hot chocolate mug and said, “We’re gonna need more hot chocolate.”
“Agreed,” Sally and Jacque replied at the same time.
Once Jen had returned with three fresh mugs of hot chocolate and Oreo cookies, she said, “So, let me see if I’m catching what you’re throwing. Hottie exchange student drives up in a limo, steps out, rocks your world, looks into your eyes, and speaks to you in your head? Am I getting the gist of it here?”
Jacque nodded her head, sheepishly looking at the floor. “I mean, I guess it was his voice in my head. It could've been a long lost dead relative who decided to speak to me the moment that hottie looked into my eyes.”
Jen and Sally both gave Jacque their “get a larger spoon if your going to shovel it in that big” look.
“What?” Jacque asked. “I’m just saying,” she said, throwing her hands up in the air in frustration. Flopping back onto the floor, she groaned loudly and covered her eyes with the back of her hand. “Am I going crazy, ya’ll?”
“No, sweetie. You've been gone a long time now, we just didn’t want you to know that we knew,” Sally said with humor.
“Seriously, I know it sounds crazy. But I promise I heard a voice – a beautiful, deep, masculine voice in my head, and it knew my name! That is crazy, jacked up, 'put her in a straight jacket', totally insane!” Jacque looked at them both with fear in her eyes. She truly did wonder if she had finally cracked.
There was after all, people in her family of questionable sanity, her mother being one of them. Jacque loved her mom and they had a good relationship, but she wasn’t always in touch with reality. Jacque’s father wasn’t in the picture and never had been. He had bailed as soon as he found out her mom was pregnant. Thankfully, she had two best friends who kept her feet firmly on the ground, which was why she was so fervently seeking their thoughts on this matter. 
Sally finally spoke up. “I don’t think you're crazy, Jac. Really, you’re not. There has to be some sort of explanation. We’ll figure it out, we always do.”