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By:Jaimie Roberts

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I can taste and smell the bourbon on his breath as he lazily spreads kisses to my lips, along my jawline, and down towards my neck. I can feel the slight buzz of my own alcohol coursing through my veins as I lie here with him on top of me, digging something alien and never before felt between my legs. I feel lightheaded. I’m not drunk; I just feel the nice, tipsy effects of the two shots I had at the bar tonight.

With a heady moan coming from above me, I try to blank out all sounds and feelings. I don’t want to be here with this stranger, but circumstances have forced me here.

He forced me here.

My virtue and free will have both been promised to one man. I don’t even want to think about this man, but I can’t stop myself from reaching out to him whenever he beckons. I have known him for six years, and for the last couple of those, my woman parts have responded to the idea of entertaining his sick, twisted desire for me.

I shouldn’t be here with this stranger.

I don’t want to be here with this stranger.

Even so, my stubborn mind has brought me here to this seedy hotel with its fluorescent lights, outdated bed sheets, and creaky bed. My heart wants to tell this man to stop, but my mind urges me to defy the man who put me here. If I can do this, then I’ll hate him even more. It’s his fault I ran away. It’s his fault I went to a bar. And it’s his fault I’m currently lying here, letting a strange man feel his way up my legs.

“Your legs feel so smooth and silky soft. I can’t wait to find out what your pussy feels like.”

Panic resonates inside of me. I don’t want to lose my virginity like this. Furthermore, I know it will hurt. This man—Ben or Brandon or whatever the hell his name is—doesn’t know I’m a virgin. I deliberately left that part out. I must admit … when he kissed me at the bar, some sparks did fly, but now that I’m here, all I want to do is run. Run as far away as possible from my parents and from this whole situation.

From him.

“Are you ready for me, baby?” he whispers in my ear as he kisses his way up to my lips.

I nod shakily as words get stuck in my head. My heart is screaming, “No!” but my mind is freezing me—locking me in place. “Just get this over and done with!” it bellows.

The stranger shifts off of me momentarily to reach for a condom in his jeans pocket. I still have my summer dress on, but it’s now rising up around my hips. Sheer panic spikes again when he starts to pull my panties slowly down my legs. He’s doing it for effect, and it is certainly having an impact on me. It’s just not having the effect he’s aiming for.

As he discards my panties, he hovers over me with a smile before looking down between my legs. I see the gleam in his eyes as he licks his lips. “Such a beautiful pussy,” he purrs as he starts to unbutton his jeans.

Panic is escalating to sheer terror. Seeing him undoing his jeans has my fear level creeping up exponentially. My mind is now in tune with my heart. I don’t want this.

I don’t want this.

And yet, I’m frozen. I can’t move. Time seems to be standing still. As he undoes one button, the next one follows with agonising slowness.

I don’t want this.

My heart thumps against my chest as tears start to well in my eyes. The stranger looks at me, cocking his head with a frown. He has noticed my distress and is about to say something when …


The door is busted open, and in comes my saviour and personal predator—combined into one fucked up package.


He pauses momentarily, taking in the sight of me on the bed—almost in tears—with this man in between my legs. His face scowls into nothing but evil. Nothing but hate. His dark eyes are scanning the scene in front of him, but then they widen as he finds my panties discarded on the floor next to the bed. His broad, muscular chest expands before he rushes towards the stranger on top of me.

“What the fuck?!” the stranger shouts. As soon as the words come out, he’s off me like a shot and being thrown up against the wall.