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Paying Daddy’s Debt(10)

By:Alexa Riley

She’s gripping my hair and begging me for more, and her need for me drives me on. I move my mouth lower and kiss her stomach and narrow hips. Her features are so soft and sweet that I can’t keep my hands off her.

I get to her panties and push the simple cotton to the side, exposing her dark, trimmed curls.

“Have you ever been touched here, sweetheart?” I ask, kissing the inside of her thighs.

“No, never. I’ve never even touched myself there.”

I lean forward a little and smell her desire. I see it glisten on her pink lips, a pink that matches her nipples perfectly. Unable to stand it any longer I lean forward and lap up her nectar and moan at the flavor. It’s sweet and she smells like warm sugar. I open my mouth, covering her clit, and give her another long, firm stroke of my tongue.

Her back arches off the bed, and I pet her nipples as I suck her clit. The sensations are almost too much. Her body is so incredibly sensitive that I feel a baby orgasm pulse through her pussy at the gentle touch. She’s got a hair trigger, and I’ll have to work on teaching her to draw it out and make it more powerful.

But for right now, I want her to have as many orgasms as possible. So I rub her nipples while I suck her cunt, and she gives herself over to the sensations. She doesn’t fight it, just keeps giving me her sweet pussy juice as she orgasms over and over.

When I’ve given her four, I stop and let her catch her breath.

“Why’d you stop?” She sits up and looks at me with wild eyes. I want to laugh, but she looks so fucking sexy that I can’t. She’s a woman who has found her desire and she wants more. I take off her panties, fully exposing her to me, and I see her pretty, pink pussy is covered in cream.

“Is my girl in need?” I ask, licking her again and this time bringing my fingers up to press against her opening.

“Yes,” she moans and falls back on the comforter.

She spreads her legs wider as I push inside her, gliding along her virgin walls. She’s so tight, it nearly strangles my fingers, but I try to be gentle as I stretch her. Soon she’ll want me inside her, and I want to give her exactly what she wants with as little pain as possible.

I make her cum twice more with my fingers, until a sheen of sweat covers her body. Her eyes are heavy with lust and sleep, so I give her pussy one last kiss before I climb up next to her and spoon around her body. I ignore my throbbing cock that has gone from red to purple, and close my eyes, inhaling her scent.

“Ash,” she murmurs before she falls asleep.

There is nothing more beautiful than this moment.



I wake to the feeling of warmth wrapped around my cock. I don’t want to open my eyes because I’ve had this dream before. I picture Jasmine with her mouth on me, or her pussy slowly lowering down on me, and every time I open my eyes the reality of her not being here is painful.

When I feel the flick of a tongue on the tip, my eyes fly open and I see Jasmine crouching over me on the bed. She looks up at me through a waterfall of dark hair, and I reach down, grabbing her arms and pulling her up my body.

“Good morning,” she whispers, and blushes. “I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right.”

“You were doing it too right, sweetheart.” I kiss her, and like always it starts out slow until Jasmine pushes for more. Deeper.

She swings her leg over my hip and suddenly she’s straddling me. I want her so fucking bad, and the hot steel between us is demanding some kind of relief.

I feel her sweet little pussy brush the tip, and I groan into her mouth.

Grabbing her hips, I stop her movements. “Are you sure you want this? Are you ready to take all that I have to give? Because we aren’t going to use protection, sweet Jasmine. If you want me inside you, I’ll be bare, and you won’t use anything to keep me from getting you pregnant. You’ll be bred as soon as I’m inside you. Because I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want you. And I know that as soon as I have you, my cock will do everything in its power to bind you to me. So think about that before you slide your sweetness down on me.”

She bites her lip and looks deep into my eyes as she slides down onto my length. Her hymen stops her momentarily before I break through and she seats herself fully on my length.

I grit my teeth to keep from cumming too fast, but it doesn’t help. Little spurts of cum shoot out and coat her cunt as she holds herself down on me and adjusts to my size.

I rub her back and try to stay still as my cock throbs. I kiss her neck and lips, whispering words of encouragement, telling her how good she’s doing.

“Relax, sweetheart. Once we do this a few times it won’t ever hurt again. I can fuck your little pussy every morning before you go to school. Then you can walk around in front of your teachers smelling like me. Smelling like your man’s cum. And they’ll know you’re being taken care of now.”