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My Most Precious One

My Suit

I’d like to have the steak and eggs.” His rough voice in the morning only added to the sheer gorgeousness of his tall and muscular body. His expensive suit matched his equally expensive car, an Aston Martin Vanquish.

“How would you like your eggs?” I asked trying to act as though I wasn’t incredibly attracted to him which I failed miserably. My voice cracked and he smiled as he sipped his coffee holding his newspaper.

“Surprise me.” He turned his head as he gracefully put down his coffee cup.

“And your steak?” He picked up his newspaper and began looking over the articles, “medium” he breathed. I nodded, smiled and walked away trying not to swoon over his well chiseled face.

“Oh My God Lexi!” cried Roxi “He’s so fucken hot. I’m so wet it’s impossible not to slide through this restaurant.” She grabbed my arm shaking it about. I started to laugh as I punched in his order through the computer.

Roxi was for me, one of the best to work with alongside my BFF Kaci. All the girls here were great. Roxi towered over me with her long blond hair and overly exuberant personality which only made me feel like I could be more myself when I was around her. We were the only Greeks who worked here so our bond was that much stronger.

I watched as she was gawking at him. I followed her line of vision and was almost blinded. The bright white table cloth only highlighted his light grey crisp suit with his white shirt and black tie. He reached for his coffee again and put down his newspaper and gazed out through the large bay windows that over looked the port of the city.

“Oh my god!” She yelled again, “That watch! I think it’s a Breitling!”

I nodded knowing full well what kind of watch that was. “It is. I’ve seen him wear a few different kinds of over the top uber expensive watches. He tries matching them with his suits.” I answered not wanting to sound like I was taken in by him, which I was.

She raised her eyebrows and grinned “You know he’s loaded.”

“Shut up you’re married to a freaken underwear model!” I hissed back “You don’t have the right to look at him.”

When I first met Roxi I seriously thought she was married to Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, to say she was obsessed would have been an understatement. She had no pictures of her husband but what she did have was two photocopied photos of Drogo. One was from the front, a perfect profile of his dark lined eyes and blue markings and the other was of his very naked butt.

“You don’t have the right to look, Peter is gorgeous enough.” She squinted her eyes at me, “Yeah well whatever!”

Since the beginning of last month he would come in every morning to the bistro for breakfast. It’s not unusual for us to have rich business men and their guests come here and have breakfast, its old Montreal, the heart of downtown where all the rich and famous live. Various buildings both 1940’s art deco and older stone ones from a long forgotten era come together to line the streets. Old cobble stone roads help to keep the rich history alive. While horse drawn buggies take tourists around to show them the three hundred and six years of history that still flourishes here.

I love living here. Walking around the downtown core and old Montreal was divine no matter what the season. With each season the city brought about a new feeling that was distinctly different and very Montreal. With the changing of the leaves in fall, to the very cold and long snowy winters, to the bright and warm springs, right down to the hot and humid summers. Montreal is a place all its own, filled with various cultures that are alive and energetic. The life of this city is vibrant and cool, young and old enjoyed the live entertainment on the streets, while painters and photographers tried selling their art to tourists.

My beeper went off telling me my order was ready, I walked over to the food pass “Hey there little lady!”

Gavin winked at me and I laughed, I loved his Scottish accent. He and I would spend hours talking about comic con and comic books. He was only a few years older and had a family of his own and since I worked in another restaurant with him, he was able to put in a good word for me here. “Hey there little man!” I took the plate and started to walk to the table.

“Is he here?” asked Kaci. She was unlike any other person I had ever met. She was the only one who got my wicked humor and laughed at the same things I did.

“Yeah I got his order right here plus his food!” I stuck out my tongue.

“Damn he’s hot!” She murmured. That was the understatement of the year.

I walked over making sure I put an extra sway in my hips, why not? I knew a guy like him would never go for someone like me, but a girl could always dream. Right? Look, I know I’m not ugly but I’m not drop dead heroine material either, you know the type. Tall, leggy and well endowed the type where a man would lose all his senses for. I was loud, crude and at times outspoken. No man wanted someone like me who posed such a challenge. Not to mention I was short and well, let’s face it if it wasn’t for Victoria’s Secret I wouldn’t have much to for breasts. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I was, I mean I really wish I was, but who would want a pierced tattooed twenty six year old?