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Marriage Material(8)

By:Alexa Riley

My cock swells to the point of pain and I give up trying to stop myself. I cum all over her leg and the sheets without holding back, and I can feel spurts of cum shooting out everywhere. I’m making a mess of the bed and of her body, but her pussy is too good to stop. I want to rip her shorts off and make a meal out of her cunt, but I don’t want to scare her with my desires. I might be an inexperienced virgin, but I know what feels good. And eating her pussy feels really fucking good.

“Anderson,” she moans, rubbing my shoulders.

The sound of my name coming out of her mouth has more cum leaking from my cock. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten off now, but it feels endless.

“Yes, beautiful,” I say, not taking my mouth away from her pussy.

“Are you awake now?” Her breath hitches as she asks the question, and I smile against her.

“I hope so. Otherwise I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

I run my nose along the top of her lips and then kiss her there before I pull her shorts back up. I have to cover her up or I’ll be down here all day. When I look down I see I’ve made a mess of her legs and the bed, but I shrug. I move up her body then wrap my arms around her so she’s facing me while we’re on our side.

“You hit your head pretty hard,” she says, reaching up and touching my temple. I flinch when she finds the spot where the branch got me.

“I remember coming back in but not much afterwards. Did I try to get on top of you all night?”

I look around and see the sun isn’t quite up yet, but it’s close. The storm has passed, and I hear some birds chirping so it must be okay out there. Or they’re pissed their nest got knocked down and are shouting about it.

She blushes and bites her lip, and I guess I have my answer. “Yeah, I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not in the least.” I pull her close and kiss her lips softly as her curves press against me. “I’m just sorry I don’t remember all of it.”

“It’s okay. You woke up for the best part.” She rubs my chest and I want to purr at the contact.

“I can’t remember the last time anyone touched me,” I say, and she stops her movements. “No, don’t do that.” I grab her wrist and make her move her hand again. She laughs and then takes over. “I just meant it’s been a long time since anyone hugged me.” I shrug like it isn’t a big deal, but feeling how good this is right now, it’s a big fucking deal.

“If it makes you feel any better, I’ve never done this before either. Especially what, um, you just did.” She won’t look me in the eyes when she says it, so I touch her chin and make her look at me.

“You mean when I put my mouth on your pussy and made you cum?” If it’s possible, her cheeks redden even more, but I’m not shying away from this, or from her. “Get used to it, beautiful. There’s more where that came from and I’m not going backwards.”

“Okay,” she says nervously, but I can tell she likes the idea.

“Okay,” I agree and kiss her again.

When I lean back I glance over to the baby monitor and hear the sounds of Charlotte sleeping.

“I gave her a bottle about three hours ago. She went right back to sleep afterwards,” Robin says, and my chest expands with so many emotions.

I’m in uncharted waters right now, but seeing her with Charlotte is unlike anything I thought I’d feel. I’ve taken my baby to the doctor and had nurses and old ladies hold her. But seeing Robin with my baby in her arms is a whole new level of emotions. I’m being pulled to her just like I was pulled to Charlotte, and that can’t be a coincidence. Maybe even Charlotte knows it. She’s taken to Robin like she belongs to her.

“You’re an angel,” I say I kiss my way down her neck then roll her over so I’m on top of her again. “Is this about how it went last night?”

“You were kind of adorable in your concussed state,” she says as she wraps her thighs around my waist.

“I was hoping you’d say smooth or charming. I’m beginning to think I embarrassed myself.” She laughs as we kiss, and I can’t think of anything that has ever felt so perfect.

“You were awake for the best part, so that’s all that matters.”

“The best? That’s a bold statement when we have nothing to compare it to. I think I should try it again and then you can tell me which one was better.” My cock swells as I rock against her, and I wish we were naked.

“I think you’re right,” she moans as we dry hump, and my hand goes to her shorts again.


The loud sound breaks our connection and startles us apart. Suddenly the baby monitor comes to life and Charlotte whimpers before breaking into a full-throated cry.

“Get the baby. I’m going to see who the hell would beat on my door like that at—” I check my watch and I’m shocked to see what time it is. “Five in the morning.”

Chapter 7


I walk into Charlotte’s room, turn on the lamp, and I’m relieved to see the power came back on in the middle of the night. I walk over to the crib and look down at her, and she stops crying when she sees me. She gives me that big smile I’ve seen her give her daddy and I reach down into the crib and pick her up. I nuzzle her close and kiss her cheeks and she grabs onto my hair.

“Does someone need a diaper?” I ask her as I take her over to the changing table.

I hear voices down the hall and I wonder who it could be. I’m guessing it’s the power company or someone asking about the fallen tree. I’m sure it has to be related to the storm. It’s too bad because things were just getting started with Anderson and me. It’s hard to believe the things he told me, but knowing this is all new for him tells me I’m special to him. I’ve tempted him into wanting more and it makes me feel sexy. I’ve thought of myself as the girl next door, but in bed with him there was none of that. I felt like a woman for the first time and I was desired like one. I can’t wait to explore this more now that I know he wants me, too.

“Are you hungry?” I lean down and blow on Charlotte's belly, making her giggle. “I think you are.” I snap her onesie back together and lift her into my arms.

“Let go see if Daddy wants some breakfast, too.” I kiss her chubby cheek, but my gut tightens when I hear my brother’s voice coming from downstairs. He sounds angry and I don’t know what to do.

“I know my sister’s in here, so step aside,” he barks.

I take a deep breath so that I don’t get too worked up. I don’t want to get Charlotte upset, and this is going to be a fight. My brother must have figured out that it wasn't a we who bought the Jenkins’ place and Anderson is a single man. That’s the only reason he’d be here at the crack of dawn.

“This is my home and if you’re going to come around here barking orders you can leave,” Anderson says, his voice stern.

“I’m the sheriff,” my brother responds. I can tell by his tone he’s surprised by the way Anderson talked to him. Hell, even I am. No one ever stands up to my brothers, especially to Kent.

“I don’t give a fuck if you’re the pope. You don’t come to my home, where my family is, and make demands.” When I turn the corner I see Anderson take a step towards my brother. It’s then I notice they’re not only the same height but the same build. My brother is a big guy, so that’s saying a lot. If they come to blows I honestly don’t know who would win and I really don’t want to find out. One thing's for sure, though. Something has changed in him. Maybe it’s been there the whole time and it’s just now coming to the surface. It’s as if a switch has flipped in Anderson. His sweet gentleness is gone and now he stands as a protector who’s not going to back down. Is this the businessman he was before he retired? Listening to him talk about his company from before he sold it, he sounded like he ran a tight ship. I won’t let some fist fight come between the two of them, and I won’t allow my brother to ruin something that has just begun to blossom.

“Kent,” I say in a calm, hard voice.

Anderson looks over his shoulder at me, and our eyes meet. The anger on his faces falls away as he turns to face me. If I hadn't heard what was happening, you’d think nothing was going on.

“Beautiful, will you please take Charlotte and go back to our room?” he asks softly. Though it’s said in a question, I don’t think he’s asking. Oddly this doesn’t bug me like it does when my brothers do it.

“Our room,” Kent says like he’s trying to process the words. I’m shocked Anderson called it that, too. “Did he just say our room?”

“Why are you here? It’s five in the morning.” I ignore his question and take a few steps towards the both of them. “I’m busy right now.” I bounce Charlotte in my arms, reminding my brother there’s a baby here. “I’ll call you later.”

He stands there for a moment and I think maybe he’ll leave.

“You heard her, it’s time for you to go.” Anderson levels my brother with a stare.

It’s then I realize he’s one of them. He’s sweet and loving until something he cares about is threatened. He’s gone from teddy bear to grizzly bear with a snap. At least I think he cares about me. Maybe I could’ve found out if my brother hadn’t come pounding on the door.