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Marriage Material(7)

By:Alexa Riley

I turn my attention back to cooking, and when it’s finished I make our plates and we sit down to eat. Everything feels so natural as we talk easily over dinner. He eats every bite and even asks for seconds. He tells me about growing up on a farm and then about how he got into coding. We talk and laugh the rest of the night. We both give Charlotte a bath and put her to bed, then we end up on the sofa together watching some television. I don’t realize how tired I am until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.

I’m startled awake when I feel him pick me up.

“I got you, Robin. You fell asleep.”

Anderson carries me through the house, and it feels so good to be in his arms. I must have nodded off at some point without realizing it and I think I actually did it with my head on his shoulder. I’d noticed we kept getting closer and closer on the sofa like magnets were pulling us together.

“I’ll sleep on the couch,” I mumble, since my bed isn't here yet.

“I’d never let you do that. I’ll sleep there until your stuff gets here,” he says as he places me in his bed.

“I can’t take your bed,” I respond, even as I cuddle into its softness.

“It’s fine.” He brushes the hair out of my face and I know I won’t win this argument. He’s too much of a gentleman.

“The bed is big. We can share it.” I reach over and pull the blanket down on the other side of the bed. Anderson stiffens for a moment. “Really, it’s no big deal,” I push.

He’s not a small man, and I can’t imagine him sleeping comfortably on the sofa.

“Okay.” He nods before turning off the lamp and plunging the room into darkness.

It’s then I hear the rain beating against the windows hard. I roll over onto my back as he climbs into bed next to me. My eyes are heavy once again and I let them fall closed. I wish I could roll over and cuddle closer to him, but instead I turn on my side and face away from him. I need to fight the temptation to snuggle against him as the rain pounds down harder and the storm grows heavier by the moment. I hope it doesn't wake Charlotte up. Anderson said he’s close to getting her to sleep through the night, and I’d hate for the storm to get her off track.

There’s a little ache in my chest when I think about missing out on Charlotte’s milestones like sleeping through the night. She’s not mine, but it’s different. I’ve never had these thoughts with any of the other kids I’ve taken care of.

I sit up in bed when a loud crash shakes the house. Both Anderson and I are out of the bed in a flash to run into Charlotte’s room. When we enter I hit the light as Anderson rushes to her crib. I flip the switch several times, but the light doesn't come on.

“Power’s out,” I whisper as lightning strikes and bathes the room in light for a split second. It’s then we see Charlotte is still sound asleep. “She’s a heavy sleeper, I guess.” I smile down at her.

“Are you okay?” he asks. The only real light in the room is coming from the nightlight that I’m guessing is running off batteries.

“I’m fine.” I nod and look up at him. His eyes go to my mouth, and another loud rumble of thunder sounds, breaking the moment.

“I should go make sure everything is okay outside. I’m pretty sure that noise before was a tree hitting the house.”

“Yeah, I think so, too.” I hope it isn't a big one.

“You go into the kitchen and get the storm kit from under the sink. It’s got a radio and other things we’ll need.”

“Be careful,” I tell him, and he reaches out to hold my hand.

“I’ll only be gone a minute,” he reassures me.

I nod and watch him leave the room. I look at Charlette one last time before double-checking that the baby monitor is on and working before I leave.

I grab the kit and take it to the bedroom then set up the radio. Afterward, I walk to the front door to wait for him. I chew on my bottom lip and wring my fingers together. It’s been a lot longer than it should have for him to check on things. I hear anther loud roll of thunder and can’t help myself from opening the front door.

I gasp when I see Anderson standing there holding his hand to his head.

“What happened?” I reach for him and pull him into the house. I shut the door and lock it behind him. He gives his head a small shake.

“The good news is the tree didn't hit the house. It just fell next to it. We’re lucky because it’s fucking giant.” I notice that this is the first time I’ve heard him curse. “The bad news is I got struck by a branch while I was out there.”

“Oh god.” I grab his other hand. “Let me look at you.” I pull him towards the bedroom and he stumbles a little. I grab ahold of him and wrap my arm around his waist, trying to give him as much support as I can. He’s easily double my size, and when we make it to the bedroom I let him drop down onto the bed.

I go straight for the storm kit and pull out a light. I turn it on and grab the first-aid kit. I rush back over to him. The cut is pretty bad, but he should be fine. I’ve seen my brothers have worse from horsing around together and they’re okay. Anderson’s hand rests on my leg as he looks up at me with heavy eyes. They open and close lazily and he’s not focusing.

“God, you’re fucking beautiful,” he says, reaching up and brushing my cheek. “That first day, after you left the grocery store, I was sure that I must have remembered you wrong. That you couldn't be that beautiful. But here you are, more perfect than I remember.”

A rush of emotions pours over me, but before I can respond his eyes close.

“What am I going to do?” I squeak, panicked. He’s probably got a concussion. I think back to all the times my brothers hit their heads. I need to try to keep him awake. The storm is going hard outside right now and all I can do is stay calm.

This is going to be a long night.

Chapter 6


I dream I’m on an island with the sun shining down on me and waves crashing nearby. When I look beside me, Robin is stretched out in the sand. She’s glowing like the light dancing on the water, and I reach for her and pull her to me.

“I don’t want to wake up,” I mumble as my lips find her neck and I move on top of her.

The sand beneath us is soft, and when she spreads her legs I nestle between them.

“Anderson, are you sure about this? Is this a good idea?” she whispers.

“It’s too good to stop.”

I reach between us and free my cock from my shorts so I can rub it against her thigh. I’m dizzy with excitement as I kiss her soft lips and then taste her tongue. She’s warm all over and as smooth as silk. It’s better than any dream I’ve ever had, and I hope it never ends.

“Why are you wearing so many clothes to the beach?” I ask as I reach into her shorts and find her bare pussy lips soaking wet. “You’re dripping.”

I plunge two fingers inside of her and the slick heat wraps around them as she gasps and clings to my shoulders. The sound of her pleasure and the feel of her sticky sweetness have me blinking a few times.

It’s then I realize that I’m not dreaming and a very real Robin is under me with my cock on her leg and my fingers inside her. She must see the realization on my face because she grabs my wrist to hold me in place.

“Don’t stop,” she begs as she rocks her hips seeking relief.

“Robin, I—” Whatever excuse I was going to make is cut off when she grabs my wrist tighter and makes me move in and out of her. She’s using my hand to rub herself off, and the only thing I can do is watch.

I can feel how soft her pussy lips are as she guides my fingers between them and over her clit. I hold still as she uses both her hands to hold me exactly where she wants and rolls her lower body back and forth. My mouth waters when I catch the scent of her pussy, and I wish I could kiss her there.

Her head is back and her eyes are closed as she pulls in a shaky breath. I glance down to see my cock is smearing cum all over her naked thigh and I don’t have a way to stop it. Her warm, soft leg is rubbing against it. I’ve never had anything touch it besides my own hand, and I don’t know what to do. I have this overwhelming urge to cum on her and in her, but I choke back my own desires and focus on her. Once I realize that there’s no going back, I flex my fingers inside of her and she cries out in pleasure. I use my other hand to lower her sleep shorts just a little, enough so that I can look at her pussy. I just need a peek and then I’ll stop.

I pull them down just enough that I can watch my fingers slide between her wet lips. The sound of my slippery fingers going between them is filthy. She’s covered in sticky honey, and it coats my fingers and glides me into her. I work them harder, making the sounds even louder as she clings to the sheets and her excitement builds.

I’m out of control and I can’t stand it any longer. I lean down and lick her soft pussy lips. That’s all it takes for her to nearly come off the bed. I continue to move my fingers and bury my mouth against her. The taste of pussy is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before, but I’m instantly addicted to her sweetness. She’s soft and smooth as my tongue slides back and forth between her naked lips. I never imagined her pussy to be bare, but now that my mouth is on it, I don’t want to stop.