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Marriage Material(3)

By:Alexa Riley

“I’m really sorry,” I say again, feeling bad.

“It’s cool. Are we still on for tonight?”

I nod, hoping this smooths things over. I planned to call and see about moving it because of the family dinner, but after whacking him with my head I think I should go. I’ll duck out early and maybe no one will notice.

“Can I meet you there?”

“I guess, sure.” He doesn't look like he’s into the idea, but if he knew about my brothers then he’d be more than okay with it. It’s better this way for everyone.

“Just text me where to meet you and I’ll be there.” I open the door. I want to get back inside so he can leave before someone sees us out here talking. I don’t care if he has a legitimate reason to be here, I just don’t want to get hassled. “Bye,” I say as I shut the door, and I hear him say “bye” from the other side.

I let out a breath and thank God that’s over. I take the box into the kitchen and set it down on the counter.

“Delivery?” Ma asks, looking over her shoulder.

‘Yeah.” I point to the box before washing my hands.

She looks at it and then at the front door. “Was it him?” she whispers, and I nod.

“We have a date tonight,” I tell her.

“Okay. I’ll make a reason you have to leave or something. I’ve got you,” she reassures me and winks. I don’t think it will be so easy, but who knows. “But before that can I get you to run out to the store for me?” She hands me a small list of things she needs.

“Yes, ma’am,” I say and grab my purse.

The drive to the small town general store is only a few short minutes. If you want a big grocery store, you have to make the thirty-minute drive towards one of the larger cities surrounding us, but we make do with what we’ve got here. When I get there I park my car and get out, but I pause when I see a dark-haired man I don’t recognize. He’s carrying a small baby in a car seat.

I follow in after him and grab a basket. I keep a little distance, but not too far as I try to get a better look. I can only see his back, but out of the corner of my eye I watch as he leans down and kisses the baby’s chubby cheeks. He’s so massive from behind, so it’s ridiculous to see him be so sweet. This giant man has this little tiny baby bundled up in a pink blanket and I don’t know if my ovaries can handle all that sweetness. Whoever his wife is is one lucky lady. He’s not only precious with his baby girl, but this guy has sex written all over him. He’s got dark hair and from what I can see, some nice dark stubble. His shoulders are broad and his T-shirt clings to his muscled back and trim waist. When my eyes get to his ass I can’t help but stare at how snug his jeans are and how they mold to his thick thighs. Damn, this guy looks like a linebacker.

He turns, and I want to crawl in a hole and die because I was clearly checking him out. But when our eyes meet he stills for a moment and stares right back at me. He’s even hotter from the front, and I can feel myself wanting to drool. He’s got full lips, and the V on his shirt shows off some of his chest. There’s a little bit of hair there, and for half a second I wonder what it would be like to cuddle against it.

I shake myself out of my fantasy and decide to pretend like nothing happened. I turn around and go the other way, praying I don’t see him again. I go to another aisle to escape for a moment and wonder who the hell this new mystery man is. Then I remember the Jenkins’ house sold a couple of weeks ago, so maybe that’s the family that moved in there. It makes sense because that’s a beautiful home made for a really big family. Maybe he has more kids at home, or perhaps he and his wife are planning for more.

Jealousy hits me hard at the thought. I’m not sure if it’s him I’m jealous of or the life I imagine he has. It’s probably both, and I hate myself for it, so I shake my head to clear out my negative thoughts.

I go back to getting the things on my list, but every time I turn down an aisle disappointment hits me when I don’t see him. I’m almost finished with my shopping when I turn down the last one and see him standing in front of the baby section. He’s studying a shelf of ointments and creams and looks confused.

The baby starts crying and he puts the creams back to pick her up from the car seat and hold her. He tries to pat her back to get her to calm down, but it’s not working.

“I know, I know, I’m going to get something.”

He pats her while he tries to find what he’s looking for, and I can tell he’s getting worked up. I walk over to them, and he turns to look down at me when I get close. God, he’s even taller than I thought.

“Let me hold her,” I say, putting my hands out.

He studies me for a moment before placing her in my arms. I pull her close to my body and sway back and forth, and instantly she stops crying. I smile down at the little girl and her big green eyes stare back at me. Her little chubby hand reaches up and grabs a lock of my hair and I coo at her.

“How did you do that?” he asks, and I look up at him. That’s when I notice his green eyes match his daughter’s.

“Babies like the swaying motion. Do you have a swing at home? They can be a life saver.”

“I’ll have to get one.” He smiles at me.

Jesus, he’s hot. The little bit of facial hair on him is so freaking sexy. He’s got that sexy muscle between his neck and his shoulder that does dirty things to the lower half of my body. Even his Adam’s apple is sexy, but his size is what’s got my attention most of all.

“I’d order it online. It’s probably easier than taking this little one into the city,” I rush to say because I realize I’m just staring at him.

“Do you have a suggestion on any of these?” he asks, pointing to the shelf. “She has a little rash.”

I glance over and grab one. “Personally I prefer this one. It’s a little more expensive, but it works like a charm in a day or two,” I say and hand it to him.

“You have kids?” he asks but doesn’t look up as he takes the box from me. Why do I get the feeling he’s being shy?

“No, I wish.” I bite the inside of my cheek. That’s just what a guy wants to hear—a girl desperate for a baby. I might not have any experience with men, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

“I’m Robin,” I say as I look down at the baby. “Who is this little sugar cube?”

“That’s Charlotte, and I’m Anderson.” He smiles, and I catch the edge of a dimple. Dear god, this man was made to melt panties. “How do you know all this stuff if you don’t have kids?”

“I’m a nanny,” I tell him as I put his sleeping daughter back in her car seat.


“Yeah, well, right now I’m between jobs, so I’m doing random babysitting and—”

“You’re hired,” he blurts out, cutting me off. He catches me completely off-guard and I stand there wide eyed for a moment.

“Hired, like, as in your nanny?” I ask, wondering if I heard him right.

“Yes, I’m in desperate need of some help. I have no idea what I’m doing and I question every decision I make.” I want to melt at how his eyebrows pull together in concern over how he’s taking care of his daughter.

“Do you live around here?” I ask, knowing I can’t move too far from town but really need a job.

“Yes, I just bought a house down the road.”

“So you’re in the Jenkins’ house,” I guess, and he nods. “Maybe you should talk to your wife before you just hire me,” I suggest, hoping I’m not talking myself out of a job.

“There’s no wife. It’s just me and Charlotte, and as you can see, I need the help.” He looks down at his little girl. “She’d agree with you, but you’ve worked some kind of baby magic.”

That makes me laugh, and for some reason I’m completely at ease with this total stranger. “Okay,” I agree before I can even think about asking any more questions.

“Okay, really?” His head snaps up to look at me as if he doesn't believe me.

“Yeah, really. She’s adorable, but you do look like you could use some help, and maybe a little sleep,” I tease him with a smile.

“I’m not sure how nannies work, but you move in, right? I have lots of space, so you can have your pick of the bedrooms,” he offers.

“You want me as a live-in nanny?” I’ve never done that before, but this might be how I get out of my parents’ house and my brothers won’t be able to stop me.

“I know that might be extra, but I’ll pay it, just name your price.”

“You’re in luck, because I’m available.” I want to hug him, but I don’t want him to know just how desperate I am for a job and a place to live.

I watch as his body relaxes. “Thank god. When can you start?”

“How soon do you need me?”

“Yesterday.” He lets out a small laugh, and it’s so sexy. A man should not have this much power over my lady business.

“How about tomorrow? I have some stuff going on tonight.” I love how he needs me a little too much.

“Do you have a date?” he asks, and it’s then I realize that I’ll be living in a house with this man. Just the two of us, three if we count the baby. My brothers will lose their minds, but maybe I can be all moved in before they even know about it.