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Marriage Material(12)

By:Alexa Riley

“How are you still so tight?” he asks against my ear before nipping my neck.

“It was made for you, that’s how.” I slide my hands up the back of his neck and dig my fingers into his hair.

“Damn straight it was. It belongs to me. Say it.”

God, I love when he gets possessive and demanding. I don’t hesitate to respond because he’s right, it does belong to him. I feel it down to my soul that we belong to each other.

“It’s yours,” I cry out as his mouth covers mine to silence my orgasm. He jerks against me as his own hits, and I feel his warm release deep inside me. I feel myself tighten around him as my body begs for every drop. I close my eyes and my head falls back. Something about him cumming inside me always takes my breath away. I love it and I love him.

He kisses my neck lazily once he’s spent. “Love you, beautiful.”

My eyes slowly open and I smile at him. “I love you, too,” I say as I lean forward and kiss him.

Everything has been so perfect lately. Well, within these walls it has been because I haven't ventured out much. I’ve been using the excuse about the pictures and possible stalker to stay locked away from the rest of the world. But I’m hiding from my problems and I don’t want to face them yet.

“I’ve got a few errands I need to run,” he tells me as his cock slips from inside me. I moan at the loss of him as he places me on my feet. I watch as he tucks his cock back into his jeans and I lick my lips, forgetting about what he said. “If you don’t stop looking at me like that I’ll never be able to leave.”

I blush upon realizing I got caught checking him out. You’d think I’d be used to seeing his body by now, but it still catches me off-guard. I think it’s more to do with the fact that he’s mine. It’s crazy how my life has changed so much so quickly.

“And where is it you’re going?” I ask as I tie my robe closed, knowing he’s right. If I don’t cover up we will be back at it.

“If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise.” He puts a finger under my chin, raising my head as he gives me another kiss. “Will my girls be okay without me for a few hours?”

“We’ll miss you, but I think we’ll manage.” I tease him, and then it hits me. I can use this time to get his birthday stuff together. “I do love surprises,” I add, thinking this is perfect.

“I’ll be gone a few hours.”

“Take your time,” I say too quickly. “Charlotte and I will have some girl time,” I follow up, trying to hide my eagerness for him to go.

“Not too long.” He gives me another kiss, and this time when he pulls away I’m left breathless.

“Lock the door behind me.”

I do as he says and set the alarm when he leaves. He had it installed after the weird pictures showed up. I actually keep forgetting about that whole mess because nothing else has happened since then, nor has anyone brought it up. I don’t talk about it because Anderson gets pissed, and I know he doesn't bring it up to me because he doesn't want me worrying about it. And it’s not as if I’m talking to Kent right now. He’d be the one who would talk about it, but it’s been radio silence since Anderson brought me home. How can I be so mad at someone and miss them like crazy? I haven't gone to a family dinner the last few weeks either. Ma and Dad have come over here a few times and I was shocked at how easy-going they were being about all this. My other brothers have all been calling and texting me like normal, so it’s odd being so happy but sad at the same time.

Kent is just as stubborn as I am, though. He drives me crazy, but out of all my brothers we are actually the closest even though we are the furthest apart in age. I want him to be okay with this and to let Anderson and Charlotte into his life sooner rather than later. It’s hard having him mad at me. At least I think that’s what he is since we’ve never truly fought before.

After heading back to our bedroom I get dressed quickly and pull my hair into a ponytail. When I walk into the nursery I smile when I see Charlotte is already awake.

“You wanna help me go get Daddy’s birthday ready?” I ask her as I pick her up. She gives me a big smile. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I get her ready and gather her baby bag before I go out to my car. I have to grab the extra car seat I saw in the garage and put it in. Once we’re on the road we go to the grocery store first so I can get the things I need to make a birthday cake. It’s tradition in our family—the cake’s always made at home.

My throat tightens when I think about how I can’t call and invite my whole family over to celebrate. I want to give Anderson my family like he’s given me his. I remember what my ma said the last time she came over. We fight hard, but we love harder. I know she's right but still it sucks.

After I leave the store I make a last-minute turn and go to the diner. I haven't seen Millie in weeks, but I’m sure Ma has been updating her on everything. I want to stop in and say hello and introduce her to Charlotte. I step out of the car and go around and pull out the car seat with Charlotte still in it when I see that she’s fallen asleep.

I carry her inside, and when Millie sees me she comes rushing over. “Let me see her,” she gushes. I walk over to a table and set the car seat down. “She’s precious.” Millie runs her hand over Charlotte's dark locks. She really does have a lot of hair for as young as she is. “You look good,” she tells me as she pulls me into a hug. “You were always meant to be a mama. It suits you—I swear you’re glowing.”

My heart flutters. I want to be Charlotte's mama so bad I ache for it. I love her so much and we already act like a family. But I want all of it with Anderson. I want to adopt her and make her mine, too. I want a claim on her because she’s already claimed me. She and Anderson both have. I’m sure in time all things will fall into place, but I can dream as fast as I want.

“How about some fries?” she asks, knowing that's what I always get.

“Yeah. I’d love some, but I have to be quick.” I pause when I see the UPS truck pull up next to the diner. “Oh! Will you watch Charlotte for me please? I need to ask Franky a question.”

“Yeah, go right ahead.” She motions for me to go. I ordered Anderson’s birthday present last week and it still hasn't come. I even paid for overnight shipping and the tracking said it arrived, but no packages ever came. In fact, nothing has come.

I brace myself for the awkward encounter, but it needs to be done. This is a small town and this is his route. Besides, it was one date and we didn't even kiss. I’m chalking his weird text messages up to drunk texting. Maybe he doesn't even remember them.

“Hey Franky!” I call out but don’t see him. I step up into the truck where the door is slid open and lean in to see if he’s in the back. I jerk away when I see he’s standing right there in my face. “Whoa.”

I put my hands up to brace myself so we don’t collide and I try to step back, but he grabs me and pulls me into the truck.

I yelp as I try to tug out of his grip, but I stumble and fall right into him.

“I told you that you’re mine,” he grits out between his teeth, and I know instantly he’s the one who took those pictures.

I take a deep breath and scream as loud as I can.

Chapter 10


“You have our blessing, son,” Robin's dad says, and instantly relief settles in my chest. I lean back in the chair and let out the breath I was holding.

“That was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be,” I admit.

I worked myself up over this for the past few days because I knew I had to ask Robin’s parents for their blessing before I popped the question. I was sure they’d give me a dozen reasons why this was too soon. Hell, I’d spent the last two days practicing responses for anything they might have thrown at me.

“We can’t stand in the way of true love.” Robin’s mom leans into her husband, and he wraps his arm around her, keeping her close to him.

I’ve noticed how affectionate they are and how their lives are focused around their family. I not only want what they have, but I also want to be a part of what they have as well. Just how Charlotte comes with me, Robin’s huge family comes with her.

“We’ve seen you two together and the three of you are a family. From the story Robin told me about how you met it seems it’s been that way since the very first second. You asked her to move in with you one minute after that.” She says it with laughter in her voice, which puts me at ease.

It crazy but true, and I have to laugh with her. She smacks her husband's chest when he shakes his head at us. “Don’t act like that. You did the same thing.” He shrugs and doesn’t deny it. “Then you kept me pregnant non-stop after that.”

I cough to cover another laugh that tries to break free. I don’t blame the man because I understand it. I’ve been having the same thoughts about doing that to his daughter, but I keep that to myself. I want a big family. Not only because I don’t want my child to be alone if something were to ever happen to Robin and me, but because I see the joy they bring. Even if Robin’s brothers are pissing me off, I still like the fact they are protective of her.