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Lydia's Twin Temptation(Divine Creek Ranch 8)(20)

By:Heather Rainier

Fatigue took hold once more, and she smiled as he turned to her and pressed his lips to her forehead. Chance gently stroked her arm up and down in a simple, mesmerizing motion.

* * * *

When Lydia woke later, it was to discover that it was light outside. Gasping in mild surprise, she realized she was still tucked in under the covers. Rolling onto her back, she stretched with a soft groan, noticing how stiff she’d become. She must not have moved from Chance’s side all night. Seeking his comforting warmth, she turned back to her side to curl up to him again. He still lay with his eyes closed, and he chuckled when she returned to him.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked in a rough, gravelly voice, indicating he’d awakened recently as well.

“I did. Did I thrash around? Do you have a black eye?”

She rose up to look at him. No, just as handsome as ever. He was bare-chested beside her in bed, and she’d never seen him undressed before. Her hand was splayed out on his chest, his curling chest hairs tickling between her fingertips. Broad at the shoulders and through the chest, he was every bit as drool worthy as she’d fantasized.

“You didn’t move an inch when I came to bed. Somehow we met in the middle during the night. I don’t normally sleep that soundly. When I woke during the night I discovered that you were tucked up to me like this.” Heat rose in her cheeks as he added, “I liked it very much. How do you feel this morning?”

“Stiff, but so much better. What time is it?”

“It’s a little after seven. Want to get breakfast?” he asked as he sat up in the bed, and she noticed he was clad in a pair of black flannel pajama pants.

Doing her best to not ogle the bulge at his groin, she sat up. Understanding that her proximity might have helped inspire some morning wood, she didn’t want to make him self-conscious about it as she replied, “I would. There is a fantastic, little taco joint across town. We could pick up breakfast and I can take you to a pretty spot outside of town for a picnic breakfast.”

“That sounds great, baby, but first things first.” He grasped her upper arms as she started to slip from the cozy bed, pulled her back to him, and gave her a sweet, good-morning kiss. It was not heated like their kiss the night before and seemed meant to simply greet their morning together. In a gentlemanly fashion, he didn’t pull her into his lap or press his erection against her, and she found the gesture incredibly thoughtful. “That’s what I needed. Now it’s a good morning.”

Chapter Six

She smiled at him as he released her and felt her cheeks grow even hotter. “Yeah. It is a good morning.” Unable to wipe the undoubtedly goofy smile from her face, she stumbled into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.

Chance joined her at the little sink and shaved while she applied light makeup. The moment felt intimate and slightly surreal, as though they’d been getting up together regularly and felt comfortable sharing their morning rituals. When she glanced at him in the mirror, with his face covered in shaving cream, he caught her eye and smiled sexily at her. She felt slightly twitter pated and mentally shook herself, trying to not make goo-goo eyes at him in the mirror. He made it easy to be around him, no doubt about it.

He helped her make the bed up, and then they took turns dressing in the bathroom. On the way downstairs he said, “While you were in the bathroom I contacted a local tire company. They are sending a couple of guys to change out your tires this morning.”

“You did?” She paused on the landing. “Chance, I needed to shop around for tires. I’m not sure how much they’ll cost and I have to be careful with my money.”

Chance placed his warm, callused palm over her hand where it rested on the railing. “Baby, I took care of it already. I’m sorry for not talking to you about it first. You’ve worked very hard for your money and shouldn’t have to blow it like that.”

“I’m paying you back,” she said firmly, even as her heart hammered at the playful look in his blue eyes.

He smiled at her feisty words and said, “Good luck with that, baby. Do I get to pick the method of payment?”

Her lips popped open, and she gasped as he chuckled and continued down the stairs then turned to wait for her with an outstretched hand. “Your chariot awaits.” She hoped the man had no idea how he affected her as her body quivered at the thought of how he’d like to extract payment from her.

It must have rained the night before because the pavement all around her was wet and there were puddles in the parking lot. The air smelled clean, and everything seemed fresh around her. They didn’t get much rainfall in that area, and it surprised her that she’d slept through the welcome sound. This morning she felt like she could take on whatever the day had in store for her. Last night’s sleep had been the best she’d gotten in…forever.