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Lydia's Twin Temptation(Divine Creek Ranch 8)(19)

By:Heather Rainier

When she returned, Chance had the covers on her bed turned down for her, and she found it very comforting that he saw to a little thing like that. She climbed into bed and felt like her body was in a slow, downward free fall as her head touched the pillow. She closed her eyes, and the room even spun for a moment.

“I won’t take long, baby. You get some sleep.” The affection in his voice and his gentle hand as he patted her shoulder made her smile. He was a special man, and she prayed that she made good decisions in the morning because the last thing she wanted to do was hurt him or his brother. She listened to him move around the room then heard the shower come on.

The sounds in the bathroom were muffled as he closed the door, and she imagined him undressing and slipping under the hot spray. Wondering how she’d ever get to sleep, she fantasized about climbing in the shower with him. The hard muscles in his back and shoulders would be a sight to behold all naked, wet, and soapy. Her fingers twitched, and she could practically feel the smooth skin on his back as she scrubbed it for him. She could almost hear his groan of appreciation.

Lydia pondered her reaction to the news that his brother was also attracted to her. She’d had a friend who was a partner in a polyamorous relationship while they both attended the culinary institute. The reality of that lifestyle was hammered home watching the constant drama Bella lived with.

Bella stayed at Lydia’s apartment sometimes because she’d needed to be away from all the game playing and maneuvering that went on. Bella had told her there were no long-term commitments within the group and that it was nothing more than an experience she’d wanted to have before settling down.

There were three women in the group, and Lydia had wondered if it was nothing more than a rotating harem for the two men. When Bella had invited her to join the group, Lydia had turned her down flat, knowing that would go over like a lead balloon with her brothers.

Drowsily, she pondered her earlier conversation with Chance. He wanted her to leave Fort Stockton and come to Divine with him. Had she dreamed that? No. Chance had said that Clayton wanted her to come and stay with them in Divine. Her mind drifted, and she suddenly wasn’t sure.

* * * *

Lydia opened her eyes and saw nothing. She didn’t move a muscle, just waited for her eyes to adjust. It must’ve still been the middle of the night because the room was pitch black. The drapes on the window blocked out any dim light that might have shown in. She slowly became aware of the warm, hard body she was curled up against and realized that strong arms were wrapped securely around her. Chance.

She breathed in his clean scent and remembered that he’d stayed with her that night because there were no rooms available. Moving a foot, she noticed the bed was still made around her. She must not have been asleep for very long because she normally thrashed and moved so much during her sleep that the bed was completely unmade by morning.

As she came more awake she realized that she was bundled under the covers and sheets and that he was lying on top of the bedspread. How uncomfortable he must be right now.

His head lay on the pillow next to hers, and when she lifted her head, she could just barely make out his profile. She must’ve been dead to the world to not notice when he’d lain down with her. She put her head back against his shoulder and stroked his chest. She felt the thin layer of chest hair beneath her fingertips and inhaled slowly, taking in his clean, manly scent.

This was very dangerous to her, and she knew it. She could grow accustomed to moments like this so easily. He was in her bed tonight because there had been no other options and probably would’ve spent the night on the couch if she’d had one.

He’d offered her a job on their ranch and the possibility that there might be something developing between them. But what if it was just a pipe dream? Where would she be if she accepted his offer? She’d merely be trading the self-imposed saviors her brothers tried to be for two new ones. She wanted to be desired for who she was and not because she appeared to need rescuing.

And what about Chance’s brother, Clayton? She acknowledged to herself that she found him very attractive as well, but what if it didn’t work out? If her presence on the ranch wound up creating difficulty between the two brothers the resulting trouble could make her stay in Fort Stockton look like a day at the kiddie park.

“Baby, you’re thinking too much. It’s the middle of the night, and I know you’re still tired. We’ll talk about all of it in the morning.”

“I woke you?”

“A car backfired outside or something. You stirred a minute later. Sleep, baby.” She cuddled to him, getting comfortable once more, and he squeezed her tenderly. How many nights had she lain in this hard, cold bed and felt so incredibly alone?