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Lydia's Twin Temptation(Divine Creek Ranch 8)(16)

By:Heather Rainier

She held the towel to her front and slipped cautiously from the steamy bathroom, praying that he was not nearly finished with whomever he was talking to.

Silently easing open the dresser drawer, Lydia grabbed a clean bra, because she thought bobbing breasts and obviously hardened nipples would be more information than she wanted to share with him right now. Next she found clean panties and then pulled her blue satin pajamas from the drawer. The shirt cooperated, but the drawstring on the pants was hung on something in the back of the drawer.

When she reached in to free the knotted end, her towel slipped out from under her arms and she was left standing there stark naked. Crooning low and nearing panic stage, Lydia dropped the other clothes and reached in with both hands. The bottoms were essential and uncooperative, and she sent a fervent prayer heavenward as she tried to find what the drawstring was stuck on.

That was exactly how Chance found her two seconds later as he reentered her motel room. Stuck there, with her towel in a puddle on the floor, Lydia looked up at him across the room, struck speechless.

Chapter Five

A noise and movement caught Chance’s eye as he slipped silently inside Lydia’s dimly lit room. He looked up and beheld a wondrous sight.

Lydia stood completely naked in front of her dresser drawers clearly having some kind of difficulty. Her skin was rosy from her shower, and her long brown hair was wet and dripping down her back. She looked up at him, and he could tell by her beautiful, flushed face how tired she was and how embarrassed and emotional she was about to become. Her lips quivered, and she whispered in a shaky, fragile-sounding voice, “My pajamas are stuck.”

Chance quietly laid the gifts on the table and went to her, trying very hard not to ogle her luscious thighs, her beautiful, rounded ass, and the curve of her spine. She looked up at him with eyes welling full of tears, and he reached out a tentative hand to wipe a tear away as it fell.

Her voice trembled as she spoke. “I’m so embarrassed. I thought I would just sneak out, get my clothes, and you’d be none the wiser. I forgot them when I went in the bathroom.”

“Ssh-shh. Don’t apologize, baby.” He stroked another tear from her flushed cheek, then reached inside the drawer and freed the drawstring of her pajama bottoms from the back edge of the drawer where it was hung.

Taking a deep breath, she hung her head and forcefully slammed the drawer shut. Her eyes flashed open and she shrieked like a banshee, clutching her breast as though she were in agony. His whole body clenched when he realized what had happened. She’d slammed her nipple in the dresser drawer.

Chance wanted to soothe her somehow but didn’t know where to touch. Doing his best to not stare at the gorgeous breast that bounced perkily beside the one she clutched, he finally opted for putting his arms around her as she wailed in pain. Her whole body trembled in his arms, and he had the distinct impression she didn’t know what to do besides stand there and cry.

Suddenly there was loud knocking at the door. “Hello? Hello! Is everybody all right in there?”

The knocking seemed to startle her from the noise she was making, and she said, “Oh no! Don’t open the door.” Still gripping her wounded breast, Lydia retrieved her clothes and scurried into the bathroom. He did his best not to notice the lush, little wiggle in her walk as she did.

She glanced at him before she closed the door, and he felt sorry for her being embarrassed like that. It was probably not the impression she’d been going for at all. Except for her pinched nipple, it was an impression he’d enjoyed nonetheless. That part made him hurt for her. She’d slammed that drawer hard.

He answered the door and nodded at the elderly couple, clad in robes and slippers, standing there with looks of concern on their faces. “Evening, ma’am, sir. My…girlfriend slammed her…finger in the dresser drawer.”

He heard Lydia open the bathroom door and then come up behind him. Convincingly, she sniffled as he put his arm around her. He tried to ignore the feel of her sexy body clad in slippery, satin pajamas, but it was hard, much like the state his cock was approaching. It was a good thing the room was not brightly lit, or everyone else would have known that, too.

“We heard a scream and crying,” the elderly lady said in concern.

Lydia held her fist to her breast, nodded her head, and wiped a stray tear and said, “I’m okay. It’s just been a really, really long day. And…you know how it is?”

The elderly lady nodded in commiseration. “The last straw, honey?”

Brokenly, Lydia replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Well, we’ll leave you to soothe your pretty lady. Good night,” the elderly man said as they shuffled in their robes and slippers back to their room next door.