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Lydia's Twin Temptation(Divine Creek Ranch 8)(15)

By:Heather Rainier

The ache in her pussy intensified as she caressed with a circular motion and her fingers became drenched with her own slick moisture. Her pussy trembled at the stimulation, and she imagined that it wasn’t her fingers but his callused touch that aroused her.

Her pussy clenched as she envisioned his sexy lips pressed against hers as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Chance was a very generous, affectionate man, and she imagined him whispering sweet words to her as his lips trailed lower until they hovered over her pussy.

He wouldn’t rush her to orgasm. Chance would enjoy the journey as much as the destination. She imagined him taking his time, licking slowly, torturing her with each stroke of his velvety tongue.

With her heart hammering, she let her fantasy go into overdrive as Chance’s brother Clayton appeared at her side and kissed her as he stroked her breasts and her abdomen. Clayton kissed her hungrily then lavished long, slow kisses along her throat.

Lydia’s pussy clenched and she knew she was moments away from coming. In her mind’s eye, Chance looked up at her with his brilliant blue eyes and watched as she arched her back and came undone for him while he lapped hungrily at her pussy. Lydia pressed her mouth against her forearm to muffle her groan of ecstasy as her pussy spasmed with wave after wave of pleasure.

The thought of the two men both bringing her to orgasm was enough to send another shockwave through her core. She’d fantasized about them before, but this time was much stronger, probably because Chance was so close.

When she came to herself again she turned toward the spray and rinsed in an increasing daze. She was off the following morning, and she planned to take full advantage of the time and sleep as long as she could. After turning off the water she opened the shower curtain and groaned miserably.

She’d forgotten her clothes. In her twitter pated state she’d trapped herself in her bathroom with nothing but a bath towel, and a smallish-sized one at that.

“Crap,” she whispered as she dried off, wondering what to do. She cringed at the thought of putting on the clothes she’d worked in all day. She didn’t want to go to bed smelling like a french fry. Putting her ear to the door, she listened for any noise. The room seemed quiet. She cracked open the door and peeked out from behind it. “Chance?”

There was no answer. She poked her head out and heard him outside the motel room window still involved in his phone conversation.

* * * *

“My only question, Chance, is why haven’t you invited her to be our chef?”

Chance leaned against the balcony railing with his cell phone held to his ear and replied, “Because you know that’s not what I want. It’s not what you want either, if you’d admit to it.”

“Of course it’s not, but it would get her here, if you want her and you think she’s interested in you. It’ll take forever for her to come around to a threesome if this turns into a long-distance relationship. You’re not being dishonest. Lord knows we desperately need someone who can cook around here. I’m as useless as you in a kitchen, and I’m tired of eating out. I say beg if you have to.”

Chance smiled at Clayton’s words even though there was a lot of truth in what he said. Unless it came off a grill medium rare, their cooking was the pits. “Okay. I’ll talk to her about that.”

“Did you give her the jewelry and the book yet?” Chance thought he detected a note of hope in his brother’s voice.

“I haven’t yet because the time didn’t feel right, but I have them in my hands, ready to give to her. She’s showering right now.”

Clayton chuckled and said, “She’s in the shower, soapy and nekkid, and you’re talking to me on the phone?” The way his twin brother said it made him think maybe he was crazy for not already begging her to come back to the ranch with him. “She wants to leave Fort Stockton and find a better opportunity, right?”


“I think you’re the best opportunity out there for her.”

“But, Clayton, you—”

“But nothing. If she’ll come, then we’ll see. I bet you she’d love the chance to be a chef with her very own kitchen, rather than running her little feet off for measly tips at that café.”

Chance finished up the phone conversation with his brother, satisfied that he was doing the right thing. Tomorrow he’d see about getting tires put on her little red car, because she would still need those and for it to run, regardless of whether she agreed to his proposition tonight or not.

* * * *

Lydia decided that as long as she could hear his indistinct, rumbling voice outside, she was safe in the room getting her stuff. She remembered where each item she needed was located.