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Lydia's Twin Temptation(Divine Creek Ranch 8)(114)

By:Heather Rainier

Lydia looked for Grace in the crowd and didn’t see her, but did see Adam who was one of the tallest men there, clustered with Ethan and Jack, which probably meant Grace was in their midst.

Lydia had a feeling she knew what was going on and turned to Chance and Clayton. “Guys, I need to check on Grace.”

Clayton said, “She was looking a little pale a few minutes ago. Doctor Guthrie was talking to her.”

That must’ve been who the bespectacled woman was that she’d seen Grace speaking to earlier. The three of them made their way over to Grace, and Lydia grew more concerned when she heard a panting whimper. Suddenly, Adam lifted Grace into his arms and turned. Grace saw Lydia and stopped him.

Lydia asked, “Are you all right, Grace?”

Grace gave her an apologetic smile and said, “Nothing a few more hours of labor and a big push won’t solve. I’m sorry to leave before the reception.”

“That’s okay,” Lydia said. “Babies always take precedence, especially when they’re trying to get here.”

Grace said, “I’ll have the guys call with news.”

Maya came running up and gave Grace a hug and said, “I’m really sorry I won’t be there for Rose Marie’s birth after all, Grace.”

Grace smiled and said, “That’s all right. She’ll settle for a visit from her Aunt Maya after you return from the honeymoon. Congratulations, sweetie.”

Maya patted her hand then Adam and the doctor turned and hurried to one of the SUVs. Jack and Ethan already had it running and waiting.

Eli walked up to his wife and said, “So this is it, huh? Are they taking her to the hospital?”

Rachel nodded. “Yup. She wouldn’t admit it to me, but I think she’s been in labor since earlier this afternoon. She was bound and determined she was going to be here for this wedding. Speaking of doctors and hospital visits, did you hear what happened to poor Gage?”

Lydia’s ears perked up at the name. Gage Randall was Duke Rivers’s cousin and a dear friend of hers from San Angelo. Duke and Gage had been family friends since she was a child and were really more like brothers.

“No. What?” she asked, as Chance and Clayton drew near to hear the story.

Rachel grimaced. “He got shot in the ass with an arrow out at Campbell Lake. Some kid was playing around and accidentally hit him.” Lydia cringed as Rachel continued. “But it sounds like Doctor Guthrie got him all fixed up. Summer said Emma was nearby when it happened.”

“I didn’t know anything about it. I’m glad he’s okay, though.” Lydia turned to her men and said, “Well, let’s get this show on the road.”

They returned to the ranch, and the covered pavilion at the Rockin’ C Ranch was soon filled with people eating, dancing, and having a good time.

Lydia was particularly amused by Maya’s friends who had come from San Marcos, Texas. They were getting their groove on with several of the ranch hands from both ranches after Maya took them around and introduced all of them. The girls looked like they were in cowboy hottie heaven as the ranch hands took turns dancing with them.

Particularly satisfying to Lydia was catching a glimpse of her friend LuAnn as she danced closely with Robert Martin. The two of them had hit it off from the moment she’d arrived on the ranch. When the DJ put on Big & Rich’s “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” Lydia had to join all the girls for their dance.

Everyone laughed as one of the barn cats chased Mack through the assemblage, and Lydia was relieved they’d waited until after everyone had eaten and had cake before they’d resumed their little war for dominance.

Mack was convinced he was the alpha dog, since he was the only dog, and Jake the barn cat seemed bound and determined that he was the alpha dog, never mind that he was a cat. Mack now weighed thirty pounds and had doubled in size in the last month. But when Jake hissed and arched his back, turning instantly into a much larger-looking orange fur ball, it never failed to disconcert Mack.

Lydia’s gaze was drawn to Clayton, who stood speaking with Ace and Kemp. She was relieved that there were no ongoing conflicts between her brothers and her men. Lydia thought Summer was perfect for Ace and Kemp and looked forward to having her for a sister-in-law.

Chance snuck up behind Lydia and surprised her by sliding a hand around her waist from behind. “You’re thinking awfully hard there, ‘future Mrs. Chance and Clayton Carlisle.’ Making plans for your wedding already?”

They’d decided on a small November wedding, set in the large backyard of the ranch house, weather permitting. “It is occupying my thoughts a lot, but right now my mind is centered more on the immediate future after everyone goes home tonight.”