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Lydia's Twin Temptation(Divine Creek Ranch 8)(111)

By:Heather Rainier

Reaching forward, he swung the medallions and thrust at the same time.

“Oh!” She tilted her head back and her hips forward so that the dangles swung free with every move they made. He guided her hips and she ground against him.

“I love fucking my little slave girl.”

His cock was as hard as a steel pole moving inside her. His words inflamed her, and she pressed the balls of her feet against the insteps of his boots as though they were stirrups, braced her hands on his knees, and rode him more vigorously.

The certainty of the most explosive orgasm of her life stirred inside of her and she rode toward it with increasing abandon. Clayton reached forward, flicked the dangles so they swung wildly and then stroked a single fingertip over her clit.

“Come with me, slave girl,” Clayton growled.

Wildfire ripped through her, and her scream burst from her lungs as she flew apart, shattering in a million pieces. Her body trembled and shuddered with each burning contraction of her orgasm, magnified by his final, hard thrusts as he came, too.

“Lydi!” he shouted wildly, holding her to him tightly as his cock pulsed deep within her.

As the climactic waves receded she collapsed back against him and sighed blissfully as he held her. His embrace was gentle now as he pressed kisses to her throat and her temple. He groaned when his cock pulsed one last time, and he murmured, “That was way funner than fishing.”

They both burst into laughter, and she tilted up her lips for a kiss and then said, “Fishing can be fun, it just depends on what kind of pole you like to use.”

Clayton chuckled as he caressed her bare mound and the clit dangle and responded, “It also depends on the bait you use.”

Chapter Twenty-eight

Chance topped the last rise before the cabin came into view. His passenger sat mutely, taking in the view calmly as though he’d been this way before. His travelling companion looked over at Chance, and he thought he saw a glimmer of a smile.

The lake was clearly visible from the all-terrain vehicle, and Chance could see that Clayton had pulled the floating dock out a short distance from the pier to make use of it. At the moment, it appeared that his brother was applying sunscreen to Lydia’s beautiful, bare ass, as she lay on her stomach on a beach towel.

Clayton must’ve heard the ATV’s engine because he looked Chance’s way and raised his hand in greeting. Chance put it back in gear and continued down the trail that led to the cabin.

A quarter mile later, he pulled to a stop by the cabin and enjoyed the view as Lydia emerged from the water, climbing the ladder at the end of the pier. She smiled and waved at him and then froze, her eyes glued to his passenger as Clayton spoke to her.

Chance grinned and then helped his traveling companion from the seat. He checked and made sure that the other surprise was attached where it needed to be and then carried the little guy to the steps and met them halfway at the end of the pier. Lydia’s cheeks were flushed, and she looked ready to start crying.

* * * *

Lydia’s heart lurched as she looked into the lively brown eyes of the Great Pyrenees puppy Chance held in his arms. He blinked his long, white eyelashes and then grinned at her. A tremor went through her as she recalled another Great Pyrenees puppy that had seemed to grin at her when he saw her, too. She gently sank her trembling fingertips into the silky fur beneath his ears and stroked.

Chance’s eyes shone with love as he leaned forward and kissed her then said, “Surprise, baby. He’s nine weeks old.”

Clayton wrapped a towel around her damp shoulders and said, “Do you like him, Lydi?”

Chance said, “Clayton got the idea that you might like to have another one and did all the research. I just did pickup duty today.”

Lydia looked up into Clayton’s smiling face and said, “I love him. And I love you.” She went on her tiptoes and kissed Clayton with all the tenderness that currently filled her heart for him. She looked back to Chance and said, “And I love you, Chance.” She rose up and kissed him as well then stroked the little puppy’s big paws. His tail wagged, and he grinned at her again. He made a little woof sound and wiggled in Chance’s arms.

She followed Clayton and Chance onto the shaded front deck and perched in the lounge chair, and Chance placed the puppy on the seat in front of her. Examining his paws, she murmured, “He is going to be huge.”

Clayton said, “The owner told me his mama was almost ninety pounds and the father was one twenty-five. He’s going to be massive.”

Lydia nodded and spoke to the puppy. “Hello there, baby.” The puppy walked up to her then licked her hand. He sniffed her for a few seconds and then flopped down by her knees and rested his head on her thigh, looking up at her adoringly. Lydia gazed up at her men with her heart in her throat. Tears blurred her vision, and her chin trembled.