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Lydia's Twin Temptation(Divine Creek Ranch 8)(110)

By:Heather Rainier

Smiling, he glanced up at her face, saw the pleasure on it, and then set the medallions to swinging with the gentle flick of his fingertip. Her breath rushed from her as the medallions swung, and his mind reeled with the possibilities her body jewelry opened up to them for that morning.

He could only imagine how arousing each step from the cabin must have been for her if that simple movement drew a reaction from her.

Drawing her knee onto his thigh as he steadied her hips, Clayton murmured, “Show me, Lydi.”

With hands that trembled slightly, Lydia slid her fingertips to her mound and parted her delicate pussy lips for him. All he could manage was a guttural groan as he saw firsthand the source of her aroused state.

The three silver medallions dangled from chains attached to a small, wire hoop. The small, open hoop had silver beads at both open ends which currently had a snug grip on either side of the flesh surrounding her clit. Each movement she made must have sent arousing sensations through her clit because she was slick with her juices.

For a split second he worried that she’d gotten herself pierced there, then realized the tension of the hoop held the beads in place on either side of her clit and it could be removed simply by tugging on it.

“I am a lucky, lucky man,” he said as he balanced the medallions on the backs of his fingers. Their combined weight was no small amount, and her clit was already very swollen. He avoided touching her there and released the medallions so they would swing again. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as her hands clutched his shoulders. He palmed her hips and set the silver medallions to rocking and she panted.

“Feel good, baby?”

She hissed softly with her lips parted and finally whispered, “Yes.”

This was going to be a very good morning. “Lydi, why don’t you come up here on my lap.”

* * * *

With every movement, Lydia’s clit throbbed to the point that her cunt was pulsing with light, orgasmic spasms. Clayton held her steady as she turned at the end of the pier and eased onto his lap.

Wearing her special purchase from Discretion that morning had been an erogenous thrill, and Clayton did not appear disappointed in the least as he’d investigated her dangling clit jewelry. He seemed to enjoy making the medallions swing, which sent a wave of pleasure through her clit and tightened the arousal slowly building inside her.

She’d wanted him to touch her clit earlier, but he hadn’t. She was actually grateful he didn’t because she would’ve come so easily if he had. The whole point of this jewelry seemed to be to draw out the moment, not to immediately reach the destination. Instead, he drew her onto his lap.

Settling into position, she whimpered when he positioned her thighs outside his own and then opened his legs, exposing her pussy to the balmy morning breeze.

She marveled at the volcanic wave of lust building inside her. When he finally fucked her she knew she was going to explode in a million pieces. She arched her back, and the dangle swung free, drawing a cry from her. She tilted forward and braced herself on his knees.

“You look beautiful like this, Lydi,” he said as he stroked her shoulders and her back before sliding his hands forward to hold and gently squeeze her breasts as the dangles swayed between his splayed fingers. She resisted the urge to stroke her throbbing clit despite her need. “The jewelry is a nice surprise, too.”

Clayton slid his hands farther south, and renewed convulsions rippled through her cunt as his fingertips slid lightly to her inner thighs and teased the flesh on either side of her pussy. She tilted her head back and groaned rapturously, not caring how loud she was.

Streaks of sizzling pleasure raced through her body as Clayton fingered the medallions and kept them undulating with the occasional flick of his fingertips. Perspiration broke out on her forehead, and gooseflesh broke out on her arms. If he kept that up she would probably rock right into orgasm. He must have known that because he held her with one forearm wrapped securely around her hips and spread his thighs a little farther apart. Her cunt was wide open and completely exposed, and she reached back to grip his shoulders as he kept the dangles swinging. Her pussy grew almost painfully tight with arousal, and she knew her juices had to be running out of her by that point.

“Does my beautiful slave girl want to be fucked?”

“Oh, yes!” she whimpered, gripping his knees. He released the button on his fly and pulled down the zipper. His hot cock was suddenly against her ass, and she sat still as he worked his jeans down so that his cock was freed from constraint.

Perched with her thighs outside his, her legs were not long enough to reach the pier, but her feet did reach the upper of his cowboy boots. She used her leverage to lift up and moaned when he rubbed the crown of his cock against her cunt. She was very slick, and the sensation was undeniably sensual. She waited and allowed him to guide her back down in short, slippery, sliding strokes until she was filled with his cock and back on his lap.