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Lydia's Twin Temptation(Divine Creek Ranch 8)(109)

By:Heather Rainier

So, here he sat on the lounge chair from last night, and she stood before him as he smoothed the sunscreen on her silky calves down to her ankles and the tops of her pretty feet. She squealed as he stroked lotion over her insteps to her delicate, high arches.

“Sorry. I know your feet are ticklish.”

“They feel even more sensitive now.”

Clayton smiled, knowing that being naked outdoors made her more sensitive everywhere. Her response to them last night had proved it. It had been a whim to entice her to go bare all weekend, but it had turned out to be a stroke of genius.

He’d been ready to propose the night before as they sat on the pier. The only thing that kept him from it was that he didn’t want to spoil her surprise today.

He poured more of the sunscreen into his hands and worked it into her luscious, curvy thighs, enjoying every second. She gasped when he pressed his lips to her ass cheek before he applied the lotion there as well. He was very thorough with her satiny derriere because the last thing they wanted was for her to have a sunburned tush.

He worked the sunscreen into the cleft of her ass and her inner thighs, and by the time he was done, he could smell the sweet scent of her arousal.

“Turn for me, Lydi.”

His mouth watered when she turned and looked down at him. Desire smoldered in the turquoise-blue depths of her eyes as she palmed his cheek. He turned his face and kissed her palm before he began applying the sunscreen to her abdomen. Her completely bare pussy was eye level, and he couldn’t resist pressing a kiss to her there. She groaned in pleasure at the contact, and he tasted her when he licked his lips as he pulled back. Like an addict, he returned again to the source of what he needed.

“Clayton,” she whispered as she rested her hands on his shoulders. He swiped his tongue through the center of her pussy, drawing her slick cream into his mouth.

The Neanderthal in him wanted to forget about fishing, swimming, applying sunscreen and just get straight to the fucking, but he somehow maintained control. Her rich, tangy flavor had him returning for thirds, but then he backed off. He didn’t want to rush her to orgasm this morning but rather to play with her and tease her until neither of them could stand it anymore. He smiled up at her and saw her biting her lower lip. So far, so good.

He spread the sunscreen over her mound and belly. Massaging more lotion onto her breasts, he took his time making sure those beauties wouldn’t burn either. She moaned when he stroked and pinched her nipples, and her eyelids slid closed as she panted lightly.

The job was finished when he’d applied more lotion to her arms, shoulders and throat then allowed her to apply some to her face. Her hair was pinned up with a clip, and he enjoyed gazing at her graceful neck and her flushed cheeks. A simple sunscreen application had turned into a foreplay session for both of them.

“Okay, Lydi. Grab a towel and your sunglasses and I’ll meet you on the pier.”

“Okay.” She padded into the house with a smile. He grabbed the tackle box and two fishing poles, eschewing live bait altogether, wondering why he was even bothering. He’d be damned surprised if they caught any fish before his cock was buried deep in her lush pussy.

He was sitting at the end of the pier on one of the metal lawn chairs when he felt the light vibration of her footsteps as she approached. She stopped beside him, and he draped his arm around her hips. It felt so comfortable between them as he did so. He discovered a little surprise when his hand slid over her hip.

“Well, what do we have here?”

Fingering what lay there, he slid his fishing pole into the PVC pipe holder placed there for it and guided her to stand in front of him at the end of the pier.

She smiled and bit her lip as he looked his fill. The early morning sun glinted off of the body jewelry she wore. A silver, serpentine chain rested across her hips, and a multitude of small silver medallions hung exotically from it, shimmering in the light.

Her tightly erect nipples were each snared inside a little silver ring and three silver medallions swung freely from short silver chains attached to each ring.

Looking her over from head to toe, Clayton saw that Lydia wore a matching bracelet, earrings and ankle bracelet. His eyes probably bugged from their sockets when he saw three medallions, similar to what adorned her nipples, dangling from her pussy.

He breathed out her name. “Lydi.”

His mouth fell open in utter disbelief, and then he looked up into her eyes. The way her chest rose and fell as she smiled at him verified that they were probably not going to catch that many fish.

He slid his hand from her hip down to her inner thigh and she parted them slightly for him so he could investigate this new development. The medallions swayed with her movements and she gasped.