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Lydia's Twin Temptation(Divine Creek Ranch 8)(108)

By:Heather Rainier

He pressed another kiss to her temple and released her so she could greet his brother. She turned to Chance and wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he lifted her from the floor and spun her around.

“Baby, I have a little errand to run this morning. You’re going to stay here with Clayton, and I’ll be back by lunchtime.”

“Oh. You’ll hurry back?”

Chance smiled down at her. “I won’t take any longer than I have to. You can go swimming if you want to.”

Lydia looked over at Clayton and said, “That sounds like lots of fun. I will miss you. What kind of errand?”

“I’m picking up a couple of things we need for today. I’ll be back before you know it,” Chance replied as he hugged her and gave Clayton a wink.

After breakfast, Chance departed, and Lydia helped Clayton clean up the breakfast mess in the kitchen. She giggled when she caught him ogling her as she wiped the kitchen counters down. He couldn’t help it if he enjoyed the way her full, round breasts swayed with her movements.

“If the ranch house wasn’t such a hub of activity I’d let you go nude there any time you wanted to,” he said with a hint of regret in his voice. The office was in the house, and the ranch hands came and went during the weekdays as needed.

“Tell you what, cowboy. Any time you bring me out here and it’s just the three of us, I’ll be your nekkid slave girl. How about that?”

“Slave girl?”

Lydia smiled. “Yeah. I think that’s part of why I enjoyed last night and this morning so much. It plays into my ‘nekkid slave girl at the hands of two handsome ranchers’ fantasy.”

“From The Rancher’s Lady?”

“Yeah. I loved that book, by the way. I like that you both have read it, too. I know it’s fantasy, and they are ideal, almost perfect men, which is not what I expect from the two of you. But I think it’s cool that you now know what a woman’s sexual fantasy is like.”

“It turns you on?”

Lydia paused in what she was doing, and he noticed her nipples were tightly peaked as she replied, “Very much. Especially knowing how inventive it has made the two of you. I wish all women, and men, were as lucky. If a woman knew her husband took an interest in what turned her on in erotic fiction she might be more inclined to get a little wild and crazy with him.”

A pink blush had spread from her cheeks, down her throat, to the tops of her breasts, and Clayton wanted to press his lips to them so he could feel how hot they had become. He hung the damp dish towel on the oven handle to dry and walked around the bar to her.

“So you’d like to be our nekkid slave girl when we come out here?”

Nodding, Lydia replied, “Yes. I really enjoy taking care of the two of you, no matter what manner of care I’m giving. Obviously, I love cooking and taking care of your home, but meeting your personal needs is even more fulfilling to me.” Her face glowed as she smiled at him, and she had an impish twinkle in her eyes. “I’d love to be your nekkid slave girl.” His cock lengthened at the way she drew out the word “love.”

“That is a good bit of information to have, Lydi.” His hardening cock seconded that emotion, and Clayton thought of what he’d like his little slave to do next. He licked his lower lip as he stroked her shoulders and then spread his fingers and slid them down her back. “Slave girl, it’s a beautiful morning. Why don’t you bring me the sunscreen and we’ll put some on you, so your pretty skin doesn’t burn. Once the water warms up, we can go skinny-dipping if you want to. Do you like fishing?”

“I love to fish.”

Clayton chuckled and replied, “If you’ll sit nekkid with me on the pier, I’ll even bait your hook, little slave girl.”

After she showered, she brought him the sunscreen and they went out on the deck to apply it. He’d been hard for her since her appearance on the stairs, and he grew almost painfully erect as he took his time working the sunscreen into her delicate skin.

It was every bit as erotic as massaging her several days ago had been. She held still for him, and in the morning quiet he could tell the pace of her breathing had picked up, signaling that she was affected by the attention, too. He’d be hard-pressed not to make love to her before they ever made it out to the pier.

Chance and he had talked about the weekend in advance and had agreed they didn’t want her to feel like she was a sexual slave to them. He was contemplating her words from earlier and had determined that if she derived that much pleasure from it, then he could make her service as enjoyable for her as possible.