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Lydia's Twin Temptation(Divine Creek Ranch 8)(105)

By:Heather Rainier

Lydia shuddered as a delicious tremor passed through her when Clayton’s hot mouth finally made contact. He licked her slit up one side then the other. Teasingly, he laved her opening and then dragged his tongue in a heavy stroke over her clit, which now throbbed like crazy. Over and over, he stroked her and then gradually began caressing her with his fingertips as well. His leisurely petting was driving her to sensual distraction, and her hips moved in a rhythmic motion all their own to meet his mouth and his fingers.

“Do you want to suck Chance’s cock, Lydi?”


“I’ll bet he’d like that,” Clayton said then continued to lick her pussy.

Chance released his belt buckle and undid his fly. His cock sprang free, and she smiled when she realized he’d gone commando today.

Chance smiled when she noticed and said, “Easier access for you, baby.”

“Definitely. Come here, handsome.” She propped herself on her elbows and angled her upper body toward Chance so she could reach him.

What Clayton was doing felt so good, and she wanted to do more than just take from them right now. She licked the broad, purple head and then sucked him into her mouth.

“Damn, baby. You’ve got a hot, little mouth.”

She wriggled closer to take more of him, her head at the perfect height on the pillow. Clayton placed a steadying hand on her abdomen and continued to play with her pussy. By now she was praying he would finger her or do something to take the stimulation to the next level. He kept petting and licking, so she kept sucking. Eventually, she settled into his rhythm and used the same slow strokes on Chance’s cock as Clayton was using on her pussy.

“You’re killin’ me, baby. It’s so good,” Chance said with a hiss as he continued to stroke and tease her breasts and nipples. Her pussy and her breasts felt swollen and in need.

She released Chance’s cock from her mouth and pleaded, “Please, Clayton.”

Clayton stood up at her words and licked his lips as he undressed. She giggled when she saw he was commando also. He smiled playfully and crooked his finger at her as he sat in the other lounge chair and lay back. When she would have straddled his hips facing him, he stopped her and had her climb onto the chair facing away from him, straddling only his right thigh. He stroked her hips as she settled on him and said, “Move back just a bit more.”

He helped her into position and fit his cock to her slippery opening and slid inside. The position felt odd, and she was afraid she might accidentally kick him until he moved her left foot under his thigh and out of their way.

“This position is different to you, Lydi, but I want you to experiment with it. You can lean forward and rub your clit against my thigh or finger yourself, while Chance and I watch you.”

His words inflamed her as she realized they were indeed lying back, doing just that. She contemplated stopping and insisting on a more familiar position, but this was her hedonistic weekend and she wanted to try everything they had to offer.

She arched her back and ground her pussy against him, and Clayton groaned. She smiled and swiveled her hips and began rocking in a motion that she chose, at the rhythm she set. Groaning as fresh moisture bathed his cock inside her, she discovered the power this position afforded her. She heard the snap of the lubricant bottle and groaned when she felt his fingertips at her asshole.

Chance said, “Can I have your ass after Clayton is done, baby?” His voice was thick with arousal, and her body responded with a telltale quiver.

“Fuck, yeah. That felt like a definite ‘yes’ from Lydi.” Clayton eased the lube around her asshole, and his thumb pressed against her as she fucked him. The pressure and utter naughtiness of what he was doing propelled the lust driving her to a whole new level.

“She’s so tight, Chance. You’ll have to be careful and slow but it’s worth the extra time.”

She sat up and began pumping up and down on his cock. Clayton gladly provided when she reached back for a bit of the lube on her finger and began stroking her clit.

“Oh, Clayton, you feel so good inside me!” She grasped his leg and concentrated on riding his cock. A rasping groan came from Chance who was still reclining in the other lounger beside them. Clayton growled as he caressed her lower back, and knowing that he watched her ride him drove her wild. She strummed her clit, and her orgasm hit in wave upon gripping wave of pleasure. “Oh, yes!”

He moved with her but didn’t come just then. When she was done, he helped her off of him and had her move to her hands and knees on the sturdy lounge chair. When she was where he wanted her, he knelt behind her and fed his cock into her even more slippery pussy. He reached around for her clit and stroked it with each hard thrust of his cock until she clenched on him, cried out, and came again.