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Jordyn walked out of the office without thanking him. There wasn't a thing to be thankful for.

Chapter Four

"Get out of your head, would you?"

Lucian's head popped up at his father's frustrated tone. "Sorry?"

The driver took a left, giving Lucian a break from his father's scrutiny as he checked out the window to see where they were and how close to their destination the place was. Usually Dante would accompany Antony in his car while Gio and Lucian followed behind, but not today.

Lately, too much of his parents' attention was focused on him. He couldn't even have a day alone at his apartment without his mother or father showing up. Sure, being Italian meant their family was closer than the norm, and everyone was in everyone else's business, but lately it was just more frustrating than ever.

"Ever since church last week, you've been out of it," his father continued, turning back to stare at his son. "I need you here, Lucian, especially tonight. Dante is always focused on learning from me instead of watching his own back. Gio is too busy trying to figure out what he's doing, or what he isn't doing, for that matter. But, you? You're the one with your head on straight. Your eyes are watching everything. You know when something is going to go down before anyone else does. I need that from you with this. If you can't do it, I need to know right now."

Lucian sighed. "I'm here. I'm fine."

"You're acting like a cafone," Antony replied tiredly. "Whatever it is, get it out before we arrive at this dump tonight."

The dump in question was a strip club owned and operated by one of The Sons of Hell's higher ranking members. All requests for a meeting between the Marcello crime family and the motorcycle club went unanswered. Antony and his sons weren't ones to accept a dismissal. Clearly the bikers didn't understand how real organized crime worked. If your neighbors weren't happy, you weren't happy.


The Marcellos were not happy.

The best time to show up to a strip club was when it was open and business was live. That was their plan, anyway. Antony wanted to cause a stir of his own making and his sons were more than happy to oblige.

"It's nothing," Lucian finally said.

"I hate it when you lie to me, Lucian. You're awful at it."

"How many of our guys are inside the joint?" he asked, attempting to distract his father.

"Six. Dante got word most of the patrons are club members, but there are a few regular customers. I better not go home smelling like a strip club or your mother will be in a right fit."

Lucian smirked. "I didn't realize you could smell like a stripper."

"Sure you didn't," Antony muttered half-heartedly. "Stop deflecting."

"Christo, Papà. I'm not deflecting, there's just nothing to say."

"Did you work at all this week, besides looking out for your crew?"

No, he hadn't. Lucian owned a half of a dozen restaurants across New York and a few office buildings businesses rented from him for their own purposes. Sure, he had a great deal of people working under him to take care of all his commerce, but he had to do his part, too.

His father and brothers both had their hands in real-estate development, both residential as well as business, and in the casinos. Sometimes Lucian dabbled in something with them as a partnership, but he preferred working alone more often than not.

It certainly helped with the crime aspects of their family business when they had legitimate things to pillow, or hide, the illegal activities elsewhere.

"I can take a vacation every once in a while, Dad."

"As long as I get your tribute every month on time, sure."

Lucian tried not to frown, but he couldn't help it. "I just needed a break. Time to think."

About a blue-eyed girl he didn't know from Eve. Every day and night. Even a heavy dose of weed and whiskey couldn't divert his attention long enough to stop thinking about her. Lucian still wanted to know the mysterious girl.

The dreams he was having almost nightly definitely weren't helping Lucian to move on from his thoughts of the girl. If they were just dreams, he might have been able to move on from those, too. They were anything but innocent.

A hot mouth tight around his cock, wetting him with her tongue. Lips as soft as crushed velvet, plump and smooth, sucking him all the way to the base. Eyes the color of a raging sea, staring up at him through thick, dark lashes while she grinned almost teasingly against the tip of his dick.

Lucian could practically feel how silky her curls would be in his shaking hands as he fisted her hair and fucked her mouth. Her name, one he didn't know, stuck in the back of his throat because even noise wasn't possible with her on her knees like she was. The sweat that would gather along his spine while she sucked him into a beautiful oblivion. 

Then, just as fast as the fantasy had come, it would change to something different. Her riding him, or her on her knees with him behind her. She was always, always, looking at him, though. Straight on with those eyes of hers, or over her shoulder with his name falling into thick air in a breathy moan.

Jesus  …  Lucian was losing it.

The dreams always stopped, too. Right before he came, while his groin was burning hot and his stomach muscles were tense with the oncoming orgasm  …  Dio, he'd be so damned close to losing it and then like a snap, Lucian was awake and more frustrated than ever.

At least those dreams were providing him with more than enough material to finish himself off  …  in a painfully cold shower.

"Is this about some of those women you're running around with?" Antony asked, drawing Lucian from his thoughts.

Lucian forced himself not to groan, shifting in the seat to hide the goddamned erection he now sported thanks to his overactive mind and the dreams it wouldn't forget. "I don't run around with females. That would imply I'm having a relationship with someone, or more than one, and I'm not."

"You don't consider having sex, even if it isn't committed, a relationship?"

"No," Lucian said through his teeth, his frustration starting to show again. "I consider that fucking. Those women know what I want, and it's the same damn thing they want."

"Yeah, I get it," Antony replied with a shake of his head. "I don't know where in the hell I went wrong with you three boys. You've never watched me mess around on your mother. I've always been devoted and honorable to her. I don't understand why none of you are interested in settling down and finding a wife to start a family of your own with."

"Dante needs to find a wife," Lucian retorted hotly. "He's going to be the Don after you. That's required of him for the Commission to be more likable to him taking over when you're done. That's his responsibility, not mine. Neither Gio, nor I, need to find a wife just because. It has nothing to do with you or Mom."

"Why don't I believe that, then?"

Lucian knew exactly why. Antony Marcello was one of those most vicious, ruthless crime bosses this side of North America. The man who killed his own father-in-law and then took the man's throne as if it had always been his. He ran his Cosa Nostra family with an iron fist, and accepted nothing less than perfection from all his men. He was known for many things, including going as far as taking care of the messier, more violent sides of their business just to make a point that he could and would.

But, Antony Marcello was also the father of three sons. Boys he raised and loved.

His boys.

Lucian wouldn't tell his father why he worried like he did. It would only take him out of the zone he was currently in.

"I don't know, but it's true. It's not about you or Cecelia. Leave it alone."

• • •

Getting through the security at the front of the strip club was stupidly easy. The two bulldog lookalike men didn't even bother to check any of the Marcello men. Lucian figured that was more out of habit than anything else. The MC members likely all carried weapons of many sorts, so checking was pointless.

It wasn't like anyone was going to actually give up their gun or weapon if it was found.

The sons allowed their father to lead the way through the club to find the table or booth he wanted. Lucian suspected his father would pick one that allowed his back to be against a wall, while giving him a view of the entire floor, or most of it. He was correct. Antony quickly picked a corner booth with fading leather and tears in every direction to slip into. Lucian, Dante, and Gio all fit themselves in as well once their father was settled.


"I don't trust this place to drink," Dante said under his breath.

"Certainly isn't one of Gio's clubs," Lucian agreed.

"Gio doesn't have females dancing naked in his clubs, son. Thank Dio for small miracles."

Gio grinned salaciously, earning him chuckles from both brothers. "Not yet, you mean."

Antony tilted his head to the side, cocking a single brow. "Is that a case of arson I smell in your near future? I wonder how many burnt clubs it would take before the authorities became suspicious."