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His Hostage

By:Willow Winters


I already regret this. I walk farther into the office as he shuts the door with a loud click. Everyone must’ve seen me walk back here with him and they’re going to know what we’re doing. I feel like a cheap whore. His hands wrap around my waist and pull my ass into him. His hard erection digs into my back. My core heats as he leaves an open-mouthed kiss on my neck. His hot breath runs chills down my body, and I cave. I need this. My body molds to his, and my hands reach behind me and around his neck. My fingers tangle in his hair. I don’t care what they think. For once, I just want to feel good.


Good girl. I knew if I just got her alone I’d be able to loosen her up. She’s in need, and I know exactly what to do. My fingers tease her skin as I pull the camisole over her head. I have to pull away for a moment, and she takes the chance to turn around. She stands on her tiptoes to crush her lips against mine. I part her lips with my tongue and taste her, sucking on her bottom lip while I unhook her bra. I break away, and drop to my knees to unbuckle her shorts and pull them down. Lace panties. They’ll be easy to tear right off.

My breathing is loud, nearly frantic, and my heart beats wildly in my chest. I can’t believe I’m doing this. He tears through my panties with his thumbs and tosses them carelessly to the side, not taking his eyes off me. Another wave of arousal soaks my core as I clench my thighs. He grins and grips my hips, forcing my pussy into his face while he breathes in deep. I’d die of embarrassment, but his loud groan and languid lick make my eyes close, and my mouth part in ecstasy. He stands up and pulls my bra off of me, and the straps tickle my arms as I watch his eyes focus on my breasts. My nipples harden under his lust-filled gaze.

So fucking hot. I knew she was beautiful, but damn, I have to take a moment to appreciate just how gorgeous she is. I grip her thighs and lift her up so I can put her ass on the edge of the desk. I lean down and suck her hardened, pale pink nipple into my mouth. Her head falls back, and a soft moan falls from her lips.

He pulls back and lets my nipple pop out of his mouth before getting onto his knees. Holy shit. He’s gonna go down on me. My breath stills in my lungs and I try to close my legs from mortification, but his hands on my inner knees stop them and he pushes me wide open to stare at my pussy. My cheeks flame and I can’t look because I’m so fucking horrified.

“You want me to stop, sweetheart?” I know she doesn’t. I bet she’s never been taken care of like this before. She’s in for a treat. She bites her lip and shakes her head. I smile at her, and then focus my attention back to her needy, delicious cunt. Her pussy lips are glistening with arousal and I fucking love it. I lean down and take a long lick from her entrance to the clit. So sweet. I flick her throbbing clit with my tongue and she finally relaxes under me. I smile into her heat and grip her ass tight, angling her into a position that's good for me.

Oh my god. It feels so good. I have to focus on staying quiet. My teeth dig into my bottom lip as I shamelessly rock my pussy into his face. His tongue massages against my clit as his fingers dip into me and curl, hitting my G-spot and making my back arch. Holy fuck!

She’s loving what I’m doing; her body is so damn responsive, just like I knew she would be. I can’t wait to get into that pussy and watch those tits bounce. They aren’t the biggest breasts I’ve ever seen, but they’re perky and fit in my hands just right. I bite down on her clit, not hard, just enough to send her over the edge as her pussy clamps down on my fingers. She’s so fucking tight. Her pussy is going to feel like heaven on my dick.

My thighs squeeze around his head. I want to stop, but I can’t control my body. A cold sweat breaks out along my skin and I feel paralyzed as my body ignites with waves of pleasure.

Her arousal soaks my hand. I keep my fingers in that tight cunt, stroking her front wall and sucking her clit to get every bit of her orgasm out. I don’t stop until she’s lying limp on the table. I smile and gently place a hand on her trembling thigh. That should calm her ass down.

That pussy’s soft, hot, and wet. And waiting to be filled. I unzip my jeans and let them drop to the floor while I stroke my cock. It’s begging to be wrapped in her heat.

The sound of his zipper makes my eyes pop open and pulls me from my sated daze. Oh fuck! My heart pounds in my chest, and my breathing comes in shallow pants. I push the hair out of my face and swallow thickly. I’m going to lose my virginity. I don’t want it to happen this way.

She props herself up and closes her legs. My brow furrows with confusion and my body heats with anger. What the fuck is she doing? She leaving me high and dry? That’d be a fucking first. I know she enjoyed me feasting on her pussy. She’ll fucking love what I can do to her while she’s impaled on my dick.