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Her Viken Mates(56)

By:Grace Goodwin

Closing the distance, I knelt before her and lifted my face to gaze up into her eyes. I would not demand the answer I wanted from her. This had to be her choice. Because once she was ours, we were never going to let her go. “I love you, Bella. Do you choose us? Will you stay forever and accept our claim?”


* * *


That one word was like the crack of a whip and we all moved at once. I removed the ion blaster from her hip as Liam pulled her uniform top off, exposing her soft skin and luscious breasts.

Evon was still on his knees, and he looked at me with pure mischief in his eyes as he pulled her pants down and buried his mouth at the juncture of her thighs.

“Bastard,” I mumbled, even as Bella swayed on her feet. My mouth watered to take his place.

I caught her, holding her in place for Evon’s attention as Liam removed her boots.

I expected Evon to stop, to pull back and take command, but it seemed my friend had discovered just how sweet our mate’s pussy tasted on the tongue. Without Evon’s iron control, this was going to be fast, a rising storm of passion and lust and need.

We hadn’t touched Bella since we’d brought her to medical three days ago. She’d recovered in the ReGen pod, but she’d been tired and heartsick. Broken. So we’d cared for her, massaged her and fed her, made sure she always had a warm mate at her back and someone to hold her when she cried. Proven to her that we were the mates for her, that whatever she’d thought, the lies, were all wrong.

But now, it seemed our mate was fully healed—mind and body—and my cock jumped to attention as the sweet scent of her skin taunted me. Her lips were close. Her breasts round and full and pebbled into hard peaks. I took one in my hand and rolled her nipple as Evon lifted her leg, placing one of her knees over his shoulder so he could fuck her with his tongue.

Bella collapsed fully into my arms and I looked to Liam.

“Get what you need, Liam. This is happening now.” I wasn’t usually the one to issue commands, but I was too eager. My infamous patience didn’t exist now.

Liam walked to the drawer where he kept the lube he’d need to make sure Bella was ready for him and I kissed her, hard and deep and with all the pent-up emotions of the last few days. I loved this woman. There was no other explanation for the painful joy that filled me when I held her in my arms.

Knowing I’d hear a protest from Evon, I ignored him and lifted Bella into my arms and carried her toward the bed. If he wanted her, he’d have to follow. Liam had stripped out of his clothes and stood waiting, cock hard. Evon did follow, without argument, and I heard his uniform hit the floor as well.

Bella wrapped her arms around me, her small hands playing with the hair at the nape of my neck as I waited for Evon to take his place.

We’d discussed this before, in the long hours spent deciding to send for a bride, to claim her together in the new kings’ way. I knew her mouth was mine, as Liam knew her ass would take his cock and Evon would fuck her pussy. We’d fill her with our seed and watch her writhe and scream her pleasure as we all claimed her at once.

As I expected, Evon lay down with his back along the bottom edge of the mattress. His cock jutted up in welcome and his knees hung over the edge, his bare feet flat on the floor.

When he was ready, I settled our mate on his chest and she responded instantly, reaching up to claim his mouth in a kiss as she rubbed her wet, swollen folds over his cock. My cock ached to go there, but I knew her mouth would be just as perfect.

She didn’t wait for permission, just lifted herself and lowered down over him, taking all of Evon in one quick slide. He groaned in relief and pleasure and I wanted that too. I moved to position myself by her head, her mouth in perfect alignment to take my needy cock.

* * *


Evon’s cock was huge, but I knew what was coming. More. I’d have Liam in my ass and Rager’s hard length in my mouth. And I wanted them all now.

Right fucking now.

Maybe it was almost dying in the snow, or maybe it was my excitement at being able to do something amazing and challenging to help the Coalition Fleet, maybe I was just tired of being alone, tired of wondering if I was making the right choice.

Well, choice made. These men were mine, and I wasn’t giving them up.

They’d been tender and sweet, caring and loving for the past few days. Days without them touching me in a sexual way. At first, I’d needed it. But the better I felt, the needier I became. I believed their words. I knew the truth. I was able to separate it from the lies and deceit that Thalia had woven. Liam was free. Innocent. Rager had never wanted Thalia. She’d set him up just as she had me. And Evon? He hadn’t been upset with me at discovering the truth, but with his sister. There was no longer anything between us. No secrets. And once I got Liam’s and Rager’s cocks in me, we’d be one.