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Her Viken Mates(55)

By:Grace Goodwin

“Bella, what are you talking about? What has happened?” Evon was beside me, but I wasn’t letting go. I did move my attention from her lips to her neck, so she could answer him. I thought that was rather generous.

“What with my hacking skills and this new NPU they gave me, they want me to work with the Intelligence Core programmers to tighten our security so the Hive can’t—” I hit a particularly sensitive spot behind her ear and she moaned before finishing her thought, “—hack into Coalition systems.”

“What’s the one condition, mate?” For a big man, Rager moved like a shadow, and he was now on my right. “And why are you wearing a weapon?”

We had her trapped between us, her back to the door. But she wasn’t protesting. No, she was clinging to me, her new weapon digging into my thigh.

“The weapon is a requirement. I am not to be taken alive.”

We all let that one sink in and I realized just how important she had become to the planet, to the Fleet. Her abilities, in the wrong hands, could destroy worlds. If the Hive could break into the Coalition’s control systems, they would kill billions. The war would be over and we’d lose. With Bella on our side, we stood a chance.

“We will guard you at all times,” I insisted.

She lifted her brow. “Well, they left an entire squad of men here to guard me twenty-four/seven, so I don’t think that’s going to be an issue. They’re bringing in more equipment too, and a few more programmers to work with me. They said Viken was deep enough in Coalition space that it would be a good I.C. Command center. And with the comms here at ICQ…”

“What?” Evon stepped behind her and opened the door with a wave of his hand. Sure enough, two unfamiliar warriors wearing Coalition armor stood at attention outside in the hallway. They nodded in salute, their shrewd, very serious gazes searching for Bella, confirming that she was unharmed.

With a nod, Evon closed the door and turned to her. “So, we’ll have a bunch of uptight I.C. warriors stationed here to guard you. That’s probably for the best, but what is this condition that must be met?” He wasn’t arguing. Of the three of us, he was the highest-ranking officer and already worked in security. Evon knew exactly what was at stake.

Bella smiled and tilted her head back to expose her neck for my pleasure. “The condition, boys, is that I be officially claimed as soon as possible. They want to know that I’m committed to you, that I’m not going anywhere.”

* * *


Her words were like a shot of electric current to my cock. Seeing her so happy, so full of fire, pleased me more than I’d thought possible. With Dravon back from his adventures on Hobart 6 and Thalia safely placed in a prison facility, the only thing that worried me now was her.


My everything. This family was my entire existence, and I’d do anything to protect it. That the Coalition commanders and the leaders on Prillon Prime recognized my mate’s abilities made me proud. But I took comfort in knowing she’d be guarded night and day, even when one of her mates wasn’t with her.

I couldn’t lose her again. I couldn’t watch her body fight to survive in another ReGen pod. Thalia had broken my heart with her betrayal, but losing Bella would end me.

Liam was holding her, kissing her, and I had a violent urge to shove him away and take her myself.

But the harsh discipline that drove me needed to control that feeling, to redirect it. It was like fire in my bloodstream as my cock swelled to the point of pain.

“Do you know how to shoot that thing?” Rager asked. His hand reached for the weapon on her hip, but quickly moved to cup her round ass instead.

“Nope.” She laughed and reached for him, burying her hands in his hair. “Will you teach me?”

“Of course.” One touch, one smile, and Rager was tamed. I had to admit, I felt the same contentment I saw in his eyes, the same tenderness. The same lust.

Our mate owned us all—and Liam was having all the fun.

“Let her go.” My voice held icy command and both Liam and Rager released her instantly, stepping away so we were all at equal distance. She knew who was in charge now, and her gaze found mine, a mixture of dread and desire in her eyes.

I never wanted to see the first emotion again. “You doubt my love for you?”

She studied me, shook her head.

After Thalia’s mind fuck, I worried that she’d ruined us all. But having Bella almost freeze to death somehow gave us all clarity. It crystalized everything that was truly important.

I’d given her reason to doubt me once. I’d spend the rest of my life making up for that mistake.