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Her Viken Mates(49)

By:Grace Goodwin

That thought had me shoving my feet into my boots, grabbing my ion pistol and holster from the table. The med tech continued to follow me and wave the blue light over me. I felt better, hell, except for a headache, I was fine. Good enough.

“Enough.” I’d fought the Hive in worse shape. I didn’t give a shit about a damn headache, or any other injury. I was functional enough to walk, to go after my mate.

Grabbing the wand from her hands, I took a deep breath. “Thank you for your help. All of you.” I looked to the other two medical officers who’d come to my aid but now stood to the side. “But I need to go. Now.” I held up the wand. “I’ll take this with me.”

I didn’t wait around to chat, but stalked out of the suite.

“Evon,” I said, summoning him on my comms unit. I waved the damn blue wand over my torso and head as I walked because the hallway blurred a bit. “Location.”

“North exit. Liam just arrived as well. We’re here with Dravon.”

I turned left down a corridor to meet them. Dravon was with Evon? That seemed insane, but everything was insane right now. I would question it later.

“I’m two minutes out.”

“Too long,” Liam said. “Meet us outside. Thalia has Bella out on the south plateau.”

“My sister intends to kill our mate,” Evon said.

My anger, usually easily quelled, roared to life. My head pounded, but I set the wand to the side of my skull, left it there, let the blue light do its work as I walked. If Evon was saying this, it was serious. I knew how intense and driven his family was. How he’d tried to be like them, but went his own way. He fought it daily, even up until the judicial hearing. I’d had to punch Dravon in the face for him. I’d do it again. Hell, I’d punch Thalia in the face, or worse, if she so much as gave my mate frostbite.

“That will not happen,” I said. My voice was deep. Angry. So unlike me. I might be the patient one, but I had no patience in this moment, so I moved faster. Faster still. The deep rage, the berserker part of me, exploded from the depths of my soul with a silent roar. No one was going to take my mate from me. I’d tear Thalia’s arms off before I let her get away with this.

“My father is feeding us coordinates,” Evon added.

“I hear you, Rager,” the Commander said, his voice surprisingly helpful. For once. “I see you on the positioning system. At the next corridor, turn left. Yes, good. As my son said, I’ll guide you to them.”

I wasn’t sure if he was guiding me to Evon and Liam or to my mate and Thalia. Either way, I was going in the right direction. I healed myself as I ran toward the exit, I was going the right way. To my future. I just had to save it.

* * *


Shit, it was cold. My eyes hurt from the glare, my cheeks stung from the wind, but I was overheated marching along with Thalia at a ridiculous pace. The snow was thigh deep in places and barely covered the hard, rocky terrain in others. But Thalia pushed me on, prodding me with the end of her pistol when I stumbled. Threatening the lives of my mates if I refused to cooperate.

Sweat dripped down my back. I was no world-class athlete, but fury fueled me. And the constant nudge of Thalia’s weapon in my back served as a nearly constant reminder of why I was mad. Why was she doing this? She and Rager were having their fun, playing their games. As much as it hurt me to admit, she’d already won.

“I was in the testing center requesting new mates,” I said. I hoped my voice carried on the wind toward her. I wasn’t going to look over my shoulder. I felt the damn weapon, I didn’t need to see it, too.

My feet were heavy, the walking hard as we crossed through the snow. It had been deep at first, near the main buildings, but the farther away we walked, it thinned out, became crusty as the terrain grew harsher. I wasn’t trudging through snowdrifts any longer, but we were hiking rugged boulders and winding ice chasms. The wind must constantly pummel the land, hardening the frozen moisture to a crust that scrunched beneath our boots where the soft powder was exposed.

“I don’t want Rager,” I added. “I know you love him. You can have him, Thalia.” That earned me a harsh nudge in my back. I winced.

“Liar,” she countered.

“You said you weren’t going to kill me. And you win. You can have him. I went to Warden Vora and requested to be reassigned, to have new mates. Just take me back. I’ll be gone before dinner.”

“You’ll be gone soon. Somewhere Rager will never find you.”

Shit. Was she just going to shoot and leave me out here for the wolves to eat? Did they have wolves here? Or polar bears? Or anything that would find me a tasty treat? “Why not just shoot me and be done with it?” It was a stupid thing, putting ideas in her head, but I wanted to know if I was going to be left out in the barren tundra to die.