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Her Viken Mates(14)

By:Grace Goodwin

“Lift her to my chest,” I ordered, and Liam and Rager moved to comply. They lifted her into my arms so we were chest to chest, her legs wrapped around my hips as I held her to me, impaled on my cock. I nodded to Liam. “Get her ready for you, Liam.”

His eyes lit with a nearly fanatical gleam as he walked to a concealed drawer in the suite and pulled a small box from the wall. Still panting, Bella turned to watch him, distracted. She’d already come twice.

I lowered my hands to her rounded ass and lifted her, then slammed her down on my cock. She cried out, her attention returning to me as I thrust up into her over and over in small strokes designed to drive her wild. She clung to me, melting into my arms and something inside me relaxed, nearly content. It was a feeling that put me on edge, one I hadn’t felt in years…if ever. Not like this. I hadn’t felt this warmth in my heart since before the wars, before I’d lost faith.

Bella was going to break me. Make me weak, even as I held her, safe and secure in my arms.

Annoyed with my lack of focus, I pushed those thoughts aside and walked to the side of the bed. Keeping her chest pressed to mine, I sat down on the edge then leaned back until I was lying flat with Bella draped over me like a blanket. My legs remained bent over the edge, feet on the floor as my curvy mate straddled me. She was on top of me now, her knees pressed to the soft mattress on either side of my hips, and she tried to move, to rub her sensitive little clit against my hard body. But I held her in place, her round bottom up in the air, my hands locked onto her hips as I tugged on the firm globes, pulled her wide, forcing apart her sweet little ass.

“Fill her up, Liam. Get her ready for your cock.”

Chapter Four


Evon was under me, filling me, his hands on my bottom as I lay sprawled across his chest. I buried my face against his hard flesh, taking in his masculine scent. Our bodies were damp with sweat, the pungent scent of sex filled the air. So did the wet sound of it as I rode his cock.

My legs were open as I straddled him, fucked him. He was so strong, so damn bossy. Everything he said, the others did. Hell, I did. He used that tone of voice and I melted. Even thinking about it made my pussy pulse and I sank down just a little more, pulling him deeper. He was so big, the same with Rager, although one was longer, the other thicker. We both groaned and I bit his salty skin, not hard, just enough to let him know he was mine. I didn’t know why I did it, and I didn’t care. I wanted to mark him, just as they were marking me with their seed.

And that seed power thing? I had no idea what it was, but I wanted more. It felt like I’d gotten a shot of morphine, but better. I wasn’t in a drug-induced haze. No, it was sex-induced. I’d never felt so instantly aroused. Not just aroused. It had actually made me come. I didn’t understand it and now wasn’t the time to figure it out. Not with Evon’s cock deep inside me and with what Liam planned to do.

“Harder, mate.”

I knew more was coming, knew soon I’d be overwhelmed once again, but Evon was my anchor in this storm and I clung to him. Needed him already. I’d never felt so out of control, or so safe. My confusion was real, and as I felt Liam move into place behind me, Evon’s strong hands on my ass, pulling me open for my other mate, I began to panic.

In an instant, Evon softened his hold, soothing me with long, slow strokes of his palms up and down my back. “You are ours, mate. And we will never take you without permission. We will never do something you do not wish, do not like. One word, Bella. One word and everything stops.”

I’d heard of safe words on Earth, but this felt so different. So…dangerous. How far would they push me? Just how far would I let them go? I didn’t know. And I was more afraid of myself at the moment than my new mates. I’d never had anyone—let alone three anyones—give me as much as I could handle, or more. “What word?”

“No. Don’t. Stop. They all work,” Evon said. “If you utter any of them, everything stops.”

I nodded and shifted my hips forward and back, trying to ride him once more. Tingling heat was spreading through my pussy and I recognized it now, the fire of their seed power. It was like a drug and I knew Evon’s pre-cum was coating my pussy walls, just as Rager’s seed had, sinking into my system, making me hot and needy. God, if they could bottle this stuff on Earth, they’d be millionaires overnight. “I want you to fill me up. Come inside me.”

Evon’s hands returned to my bottom and he lifted his hips, ramming up into my weeping pussy. Hard.

I barely recognized the whimper that came out of my throat, but I was done trying to figure this thing out. I had three mates now. And I hoped this wouldn’t be the last time I was between them.