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Her Viken Mates(13)

By:Grace Goodwin

She whimpered and opened to me as she came. It wasn’t a hard come, but a soft one, her body going lax, goose bumps rising on her flesh as she whimpered, rode the wave of pleasure.

Rager lifted his head, but kept hold of her ankles and tugged. I released my grip, letting her move where Rager wished. She slid easily down the bed so her ass was on the edge, her lower legs over Rager’s shoulders. He stood and her legs slid down until he held her ankles at his shoulders. Her pussy was up off the mattress, but aligned perfectly with his cock. “I’m first.”

I looked down into her eyes and she stared up at me in complete surrender. Whatever I said, whatever I wanted, would be mine.

The knowledge made me so hard I winced in pain as my cock jumped. Rager was more beast than the rest of us, but his need to taste her had been appeased. He would wait. It was Liam who neared the breaking point now, but his release would be all the sweeter for being forced to hold off. Just as I would care for my mate, I needed to be sure my brothers-in-arms’ needs were met. I was the strongest of will, the darkest of mind. I would wait, even if my cock didn’t agree.

“Fuck her, Rager. Fuck her and fill her with your seed.”

Her ankles were raised up to his shoulders, his weeping cock perfectly aligned.

He looked to me and I nodded. “Just a moment, Rager. Wait for me to spread her pussy open, then fuck her slowly. I want to watch her take you deep, see her face as you fill her.”

Rager groaned as he eyed Liam suckling our mate’s beautiful breasts.

I lowered my hand to her swollen pussy lips and clenched my jaw in sweet agony as the wet heat of her coated my fingers. Gods, she was perfect. Looking down into her eyes, I clenched one hand in her long, black hair and angled her face up to look at me. “Look at me as he fucks you, mate. Look into my eyes. Don’t look away.”

She blinked and I knew she heard me because her gaze locked onto mine, nearly mindless but full of trust and want. I wanted more, I realized, in that moment, that I needed to see more. Tenderness? Affection? Love? Emotions we had not earned from our little mate. It was too soon. But we would. I was determined. She would love us. She must. We needed her far more than she needed us. She was the only light in our dark existence. Ours.

“You are beautiful, Bella.” As I spoke, I used the fingers of my other hand to spread open her pussy lips and hold them wide, exposing her empty core, spreading her for Rager’s cock. She gasped and arched off the bed, angling herself so he would fill her, but I was having none of that. She was not in control here, and she would soon understand. “Liam, lock her down.”

Liam’s arm slid over her waist, holding her hips and chest down on the bed. She moaned, her pussy clenching so hard I could feel it in my fingertips as I held her open wide. I looked at her, waiting a moment to ensure she was with us, that she wanted this. Yes, she wanted everything we were giving her. Taking. “Now, Rager. Slowly.”

He slid into her body one slow inch at a time. She tried to buck and take more of him, but I pushed down with the thick part of my palm over her clit and tightened my fist in her hair.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!” She panted the words, but she held my gaze as I’d ordered. Liam’s sucking intensified on her breast and he moved his head up and down like a machine, pulling and tugging her nipple with his mouth as Rager pushed forward until he was buried to the balls.

“Don’t move, Rager. Don’t fuck her. I want her to come like this.” I slid my hand up until my fingertips rested over her clit and pinched, pulled, tugged. Her quivering turned to trembles, then muscles spasms as she lost control.

“Fuck, Evon. I can’t hold back.” Rager’s growling voice made me grin as Bella’s hot pussy fisted his cock, milked him of his seed. He tensed, every line of his body hard as he came. Pumped into her. Filled her up.

I watched, knowing the seed power in Rager’s cum would hit her hard. I would have only seconds, I knew, if I wanted to be balls deep when her next orgasm raced through her body.

“My turn,” I growled.

Rager slid from her body, his cock glistening with her wetness and we traded places. But this wasn’t enough for me. I needed more.

I lifted her hips from the bed and thrust hard and deep as the seed power of Rager’s release flooded her bloodstream. She exploded again, her legs wrapping around my hips, pulling me deeper as her pussy clenched and spasmed around me. Gods, she felt incredible. Hot, wet and tight, her walls rippled around me. And I wasn’t even moving. Drowning in pleasure, I noticed her hand was once again buried in Rager’s hair.

Rager knelt at her side where I’d been, stroking her body with a gentle slide of his fingertips over her flesh. I watched, imagined the sensation to distract myself and hold on. I wasn’t ready to come yet. I wanted to fuck her. I needed to conquer her, break down her barriers, break her until she was a thoughtless, mindless puddle of sensation and need. No thoughts. No doubts. Just us. Just pleasure.