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Her Viken Mates(12)

By:Grace Goodwin

She’d lowered her head to see what I was doing. It was a simple gesture, perhaps odd for her. When she lifted her head, her eyes were wide, her mouth open. They went from a focused dark brown to blurry. Her nipples went instantly soft and she dropped down onto her heels.

“Oh my god,” she murmured, a shiver running through her.

Rager did the same thing, swiped his finger over her other breast, coated it with a drop of his own pre-cum. Her arms fell to her sides and her eyes closed.

“What…what is that?” she asked. “What’s happening to me?”

Liam was the last to coat her with his pre-cum, walking up to her and brushing his thumb over her bottom lip. Her pink tongue darted out, tasted it.

All at once, her eyes flared open, her body jerked and stiffened, then she screamed.

“Fuck,” I breathed, watching as she came. Hard. We weren’t even touching her. She shifted her hips, as if trying to find a cock to ride. Her breasts bounced and swayed, her skin flushed from her cheeks all the way down her neck. Her head fell back, her long hair swaying against her back.

I glanced at Rager, who now held his cock once again, squeezing it hard at the base to stave off his own orgasm. She collapsed back onto the bed, her head on the pillow as she tried to catch her breath and stared up at us. Her eyes were glazed with pleasure, softer than they’d been before. Accepting. And I wanted to keep her right there, on the edge, needy, mindless. It would be easy to do now.

Rager didn’t wait. He stalked up the bed, grabbed hold of her ankles and parted her wide. I could see her pussy, swollen and wet, just before Rager lowered his head and devoured her. She cried out again, her back arching, her head thrown back. He’d had a quick taste before, but he was ready for a full meal now.

Liam went around the bed to the far side, came to sit beside her. I went to her near side, knelt on the floor so I was leaning and whispering in her ear. I breathed in her scent, almost floral. It was mixed with a tang of sweat and her arousal. It was the most powerful aphrodisiac. My cock pressed against the side of the bed, aching.

“What just happened? The way you came, just like that? Seed power. Powerful, isn’t it? It’s strong, the need for your mates now coursing through your veins. You came, just from the barest touch of our seed, which is quite rare. Since you can come from that alone, imagine, mate, what it will feel like now, when we get our hands on you, our cocks into you, when we fill you up. What it will ultimately be like when we officially claim you, all three of us fucking you at the same time.”

Moaning as Rager worked her with his mouth, her hips bucked. Rager lifted his head just long enough to say three words.

“Hold her open.”

Immediately, Liam and I complied, each of us lifting a hand to one knee and pulling her thighs up toward her chest, her legs spread, her wet, pink pussy tilted up to Rager for easy access. Liam returned his attention to her nipple and she arched her back, pushing up toward his mouth. She lowered her hands to his head and tangled her fingers in his long, black hair, holding him to her, but I wouldn’t allow that. She was not in control here. I was.

She would take what we gave her and make no demands. We would make her scream, give her pleasure she’d never known. We would conquer her body…on our terms.

I grabbed her wrists with my free hand and raised them above her head, satisfied as I watched her gaze flood with heat and she moaned, twisting in our hold, but Liam and I held firm as her breathing increased and she closed her eyes in surrender. She couldn’t move. Couldn’t do anything but submit to Rager’s wicked tongue.

With a grin, Rager dipped his head once more and I watched, transfixed as he slowly slid his tongue into her wet pussy, fucking her with his mouth as he worked her clit with his fingers.

“More seed power, Rager. Rub your pre-cum all over her clit.”

“Oh god.” Bella turned her head toward me and opened her eyes.

“Kiss me,” she whispered. “Please.”

Thrilled that she’d asked, I lowered my lips to hers, my arms still wide, holding her in place as Rager worked her with his mouth. His earlier groan of pleasure was now a growl as his control threatened to slip. I was pushing him, pushing us all, and I relished the razor’s edge, the thin line of control, taking us all to the brink. My lips hovering above hers, I gave an order. “You’ll come all over Rager’s face, then we’ll fuck you.”

Perhaps it was my words, or Rager’s attentions, but she came again as I took her mouth, swallowed her cries of pleasure. She tasted like softness and light, like flowers and candy.


The thought was primal, but I didn’t resist it as I pushed into her, claiming the sweet recesses of her mouth as my own. She was all mine, with Rager and Liam. This was my family now. Mine to command, to control, to pleasure.