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Her Viken Mates

By:Grace Goodwin

Chapter One

Rager, Planet Viken, Northern Array, Medical Bay 1

My eyes were closed as I relished the moment, bombarded by my other senses. Soft, silky skin under my hands. The hard pulse of my own heartbeat raging through my cock like pain-filled thunder. The soft scent of feminine heat surrounded me, the musky aroma of my mate’s hot, wet pussy just inches away from my eager mouth and I drew in a deep breath, savoring her desire, the mindless anticipation of her body as I made her wait for what only I could give her.

She was mine. Her thighs quivered beneath my large palms, and her whimper of need floated in the air and echoed in my body like a cymbal strike, the reverberations traveling straight to my rock-hard cock in agonizing waves. I welcomed the sweet agony of wanting her so badly. This need, my desire for her was like a drug, ruthless and intoxicating. I never wanted this feeling to end. I’d waited so long for her. My mate.

In some deep, dark corner of my mind I knew this wasn’t real. I knew I was unconscious in an examination chair on Viken. My hands were strapped to the firm armrests, not holding her pussy open to taste, lick and suck—and eventually, fuck. I knew the luscious curves and welcoming heat of the woman’s body, her desire, her trust wasn’t really mine, that I would wake up bereft and alone.

Always alone.

But I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop because it was just so damn incredible. I was sharing the thoughts and desires of another warrior, one who’d already been matched and mated, and this woman was his. Her body was his to master, to conquer, to torment with endless pleasure.


No, not mine, but the drive to find the one who did belong to me was driving me on. The idea was more instinct than thought, and I allowed this other warrior’s need to guide me because in this moment, I wanted to taste this female, to bring her pleasure, to hear her scream my name.

I opened my eyes to stare with wonder at the woman before me. She was strapped to a table. Thick leather bands around her shoulders, waist and hips ensured she could not escape. Her wrists were secured above her head and her legs, gods help me, her legs were bent and pulled wide, leather straps around her thighs and ankles holding her open, exposing her pussy for my pleasure.

From my position kneeling between her legs, I could not see her face, but that was a small thing when such a feast lay spread before me. Large breasts heaved as she fought for breath. Hard nipples pointed upward, quivering as she gasped her own need. Her legs trembled, her entire body strung so tightly the slightest touch of my fingertips or a whisper of air on her folds caused her entire body to shift. Her pussy was wet and glistening, the outer lips plump and swollen, bright, hot pink and in my mind I knew she’d just come all over my tongue. I could still taste her wild desire.

She was falling apart, her head thrashing from side to side as I lowered my own and blew a warm flow of air over her tender flesh. Gods, I loved pussy. I loved the complex way a woman found pleasure. Nothing aroused me more than working her body and watching her come apart. Discovering exactly what she liked, where to touch, to stroke, lick.

A pussy was like a musical instrument, pluck and play it the right way and a woman made such beautiful sounds, like the soft whimper that just escaped this female’s lips.

She jerked, her pussy muscles opening and clenching as I watched, fascinated. Obsessive. Possessive. She wanted a cock inside her, opening her, filling her. Taking her.

In this dream, this pussy was mine. Only my tongue, my cock, my fingers would fill it.

“Please.” Her voice washed over me, through me, and a growl erupted from my throat. I’d been waiting. Waiting for her to beg.

With a grin, I slipped two fingers inside her sheath. The first I used to stroke circles around the deep, hard opening of her womb. She moaned, shifting to get closer, but couldn’t with her bindings. I curved the second finger, searched for the secret spot inside her core that I knew would bring her the most pleasure.

She tried to escape, for I knew it was almost too much, the feelings I was wringing from her body. Her back arched off the padded table, but the straps held her in place and I froze. The feelings would be intense, perhaps too much so. I did not wish to scare her. Just the opposite. I could spend hours between her parted thighs, making her feel so good. “Do you want me to stop, mate?”

“No,” she breathed. “Please, don’t stop.”

“Who do you belong to?” I already knew the answer, but the basic animal inside me wanted to hear her say it again. And again. “Tell me who you belong to, and I’ll lick your sweet pussy until you scream.”

“You.” Her pussy clenched around my fingers with her words and my cock jerked painfully in response. Soon, I would bury myself in her wet heat and pump into her until she couldn’t take any more pleasure. I would fill her with my seed, the connection made by my seed power would drive her mad with desire, make her scream and writhe and come over and over. I would fill her, fuck her, make her come until she collapsed with exhaustion. Until she knew who she belonged to. Until the only name she remembered was mine.