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Hard For My Best Friend's Sister(8)

By:Ava Jackson

I couldn’t imagine that he’d say no. I’d gotten him a good deal, despite the distraction my cock had provided.

Dylan Sofia Butler. Her lips weren’t enough. I wanted all of her, all to myself. Once, all those years ago was definitely not enough. The memory of how perfect her wet, tight little cunt was haunted me. Those tiny mewling cries she made when she came. The way her skin tasted. The tight bud of her swollen clit as I stroked it. Fuck. She was all I could think about, and my dick started hardening in my dress slacks.

She hadn’t said she’d accepted my apology, but she also hadn’t attacked me when I’d kissed her. She’d even kissed me back. Maybe that meant she wanted a do-over as badly as I did.

I had no idea what she was thinking, and I needed to find out.

I walked back to the conference room, but Dylan wasn’t there. She must have gone to print those papers. I wished I could have a minute to talk to her before George showed up, but my over-eager client was bounding through the elevator not five minutes later and Dylan finally walked back in a second after he did.

Had she been waiting to make sure we wouldn’t be alone again?

The little sting in my chest told me I was probably being paranoid. The sheets of paper she set down in front of George could have taken five minutes to print.

Or, she was avoiding me. Kissing her may not have been the smoothest move after all. I needed her to agree to go to dinner with me, not to take out a restraining order. I’d been so sure she’d been feeling the same heat I was. I could have been wrong.

She started going over the contract with George line by line. This was the point where I was supposed to be going over it and double-checking the language. I tried to catch her eye, but she was completely focused on her work. She was a complete professional, whereas all I could think about was the fact that my cock was still hard, and I could still taste her lips on mine.

George nodded like a bobble head while she talked. Dylan was so confidant and knowledgeable, eventually I focused on her words, and had to stop myself from nodding along.

There was no doubt about it. She knew how to close a deal. I was impressed at how much she’d grown since the last time I’d seen her. It only made me want her more. She was all woman now and I liked that a fuck of a lot.

I picked up the agreement once she was finished explaining it to George and went over it myself. It was standard. No tricks or gotchas. I liked her even more. She wasn’t trying to pull one over on George. I didn’t care for people who tried to hide little time bombs with complicated wording. I always thought the biggest victory was when both sides were equally happy with an agreement and no one felt tricked or used.

Was that how I’d made Dylan feel when I’d left her that night? My skin crawled. I could spend ten more years making up for that, and it still wouldn’t feel like enough. I hated that I’d hurt her. She’d put her complete trust and faith in me that night. And I’d acted like a total prick. Hot shame burned through me, dousing the arousal I felt earlier.

Dylan finished with the second document and handed it to me. I tried to brush my hand against hers, but she moved too quickly.

I needed to know what she was thinking. Not knowing was driving me crazy. Soon I was going to be grabbing her shoulders and trying to shake the answer out of her.

I slid my phone out of my pocket and pulled up the texting screen. Dinner after this? I texted her.

Her phone buzzed but she didn’t bat an eye or look up from talking to George.

Her dedication to her job was hot, but I was going to be tapping my foot until she answered.

She finished walking through the last document. I snatched it away from her and looked over it quickly. All good.

“I’ll give you a minute to talk to George.” She gave me a smile before she got up from her chair and pulled her phone from her pocket.

She was going to see my text. My palms started to sweat. I’d never worried this much about a request for a simple dinner in my life. Then again, I’d also never planned a dinner for as long as I’d been planning this one.

She walked out of the door, and I couldn’t see her face as she checked her phone.

“It’s a good deal, isn’t it?” George asked.

Right. I was still working. Mind off the woman, Richmond. “Yes, the deal is good. I know you wanted to keep more control, but they’re worried about the risk they’re taking on you. With the extra money they’re giving you, this is a fair compromise.”

George nodded, his brow knit. “And they’re not screwing with me?”

“No. The documents all look good.”

George clicked his pen. He was a small man. He didn’t even come to my shoulder, and I always felt like I was looking down on him. I was pretty sure he wasn’t much older than me, but he was prematurely bald and that made him look older.