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Good Girl(60)

By:Willow Winters

She feels so fucking good. And it’s been so long. Her back arches, and her heels dig into my ass.

I know she’s close and I can’t fucking wait to feel her pussy milk my dick. I slam into her faster and harder, pushing her against the wall.

“This is where I belong, Ava. With my arms wrapped around you.” I crush my lips onto hers. She moans into my mouth as I part her lips with my tongue and kiss her with all the passion I have.

I thrust myself deep into her heat and feel her pussy clamp down. Her heels dig into my ass, wanting even more. I silence her moan with my kiss and pull back. My fingers rub around her swollen nub; she’s so fucking close. “And you belong right here. Impaled on my dick.”

Her back arches at my dirty words. Her thighs tremble. She fucking loves this. She loves me and what I do to her. I know she does. “Cum for me, Ava,” I whisper in her ear, my lips barely touching her tender skin.

My lips catch her screams as I pinch her clit and send her over the edge. The feeling of her hot, tight pussy spasming around my dick causes a tingling sensation to shoot up my spine and I fucking lose it. I cum violently inside her. A cold sweat breaks out over my body as waves of pleasure go through me. I keep up short, shallow pumps until both of our orgasms have subsided.

Our breath comes in pants as I plant small, open-mouth kisses on her shoulder. She grabs my face in her hands and kisses me like she needs the oxygen in my lungs to breathe. When our frantic breathing calms I pull back and give her one more kiss.

“Good girl.”


I scrunch my nose and purse my lips as I say, “I look like a whale.” Tears prick at my eyes and I know it’s from the hormones but damn it, I really wanted today to be fun.

“You look beautiful,” Elle says from the bench in the gallery of the bridal shop. She’s literally said that for every dress I’ve put on. She’s hormonal too though, so I can’t call her out on it. She rubs her very swollen belly.

“It’s the dress, not you.” Becca stands up, keeping her eyes on the mirror, and starts walking over to me. The dress is a ball gown style, meant to hide my baby bump, but it’s making me look like a balloon and with my face a little swollen from this baby...I’m feeling genuinely awful.

“Okay, first of all, your hair is going to be up, so let’s do that.” She hands me a scrunchie and I take it reluctantly. I’ve learned that Becca knows her shit, so I trust her, but I’m hesitant to believe a scrunchie is supposed to make this better. I fasten a quick ponytail and take a look. I guess my face looks a little less fat, but the dress is still horrible.

As if reading my mind, Becca says, “Okay. Now I think we should emphasize your bump all the way down to your hips.” She tugs the dress from the back of it and grabs a handful of giant ass clips from the ottoman to my right. I’ve needed them for the other dresses too, but not like this. She pulls the fabric tight around my body. I smile as soon as I see the outline of my swollen belly. My baby. My heart fills and I let out a small sigh.

“Better?” Becca asks, and I have to blink a few times to get back into bridal dress shopping. I stare at myself in the mirror and I have to say I’m shocked.

“Say it,” Becca says, with a cocky grin on her face.

“You were right,” I huff, and return to looking in the mirror.

“Ha! Mermaid gown for the win! There are plenty of options.” Elle cracks up and a smile forms on my face. That is, until I hear the woman from around the corner.

“Sir, you really shouldn’t,” I hear a timid voice say as loud as possible while still being polite.

“Shit! It’s Kane.” I hop off the little platform and run to a dressing room as the clips fly off the back of my dress and land on the floor.

“Kane De Rocca! Get your ass out of here!” I yell from the slightly ajar door. “It’s bad luck to see me in my dress!” I sound like a little brat, but I want this to be perfect. I don’t want anything to go wrong. It might be stupid to be superstitious, but I’m doing it all. Something borrowed, blue, old and new. And there’s no way he’s seeing me in my dress.

“So you found one?” I hear him ask in a voice clear enough that it must be coming from only a few feet away.

“Kane, really?” I hear Elle as she waddles on over. A giggle is forced from me when I see her stand in front of the door with her arms crossed.

“You are not seeing her, and that is final.” She even nods her head at the end.

“In her dress,” Kane tacks on. “I won’t see her in her dress, but I have something I need to tell her; it can’t wait.”