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Good Girl(58)

By:Willow Winters

I won’t be that woman. I won’t be weak. I won’t be scared. And I’m sure as fuck not going to let Kane’s reaction do anything to stop me from being the best mother I can be.

I won’t let the past ruin my future. I won’t do it.

I’m not broken. I’m a survivor. I splay my hand on my lower belly. I’ll be strong for this baby. I’m going to give him everything I can.


She’s taking a really long fucking time to get out of her appointment. I know her schedule, and she should’ve been done almost an hour ago. I don’t want to startle her by showing up unexpectedly, but calling her on the phone just didn’t seem right.

I walk through the tall glass doors to the office building just in time to see her walking out of the clinic. What the fuck is she doing in there? She’s got a little baggie in her hand that she’s stuffing into her purse.

She looks up from her purse and stops as she sees me.

My heart skips a beat. She’s so fucking beautiful. But the sight of me has her looking like a ghost. I can see the anxiety in her eyes.

Fuck. This isn’t good. My heart clenches, but I walk forward.

She’s going to deny me.

I know it.

“I just wanted to see you.” I don’t know why they’re the first words out of my mouth. Not hi, how are you? None of that. I’m granted a small amount of happiness as her eyes soften and a gentle smile plays at her lips.

There’s a chance. I hold onto it with a fucking death grip. If there’s a chance, I’m taking it.

“Are you feeling okay?” I look up past her and she turns to look at the clinic doors, too.

“Yeah,” she answers after a moment. And then she says, “No. But I will be.”

“Is there anything I can do?” I ask.

Her bottom lip trembles and her eyes water. Fuck. Fuck! This isn’t good. I take a step forward to comfort her, but I stop in my tracks. I can’t take these kinds of liberties. I need to make sure this is what she wants.

“Can I hold you?” I ask.

She nods her head and practically runs into my arms. My heart swells with pride that I can give her this, and I run my hand up and down her back.

“It’s gonna be alright, baby. Whatever it is, it’s gonna be alright.” I try soothing her. I hear the door open behind us and I turn to see an older man walking up the steps. I break away from her for a moment. I need to get her ass somewhere private so I can calm her down. So we can talk.

I press my lips into a hard line and see a door on the left. It’s unmarked, so I turn the knob and it opens. It’s an empty office with paper lining the windows. There’s not one fucking thing in this room and there’s hardly any light coming through, but it’s quiet and she can cry in peace with privacy.

I pull her in and bring her back into my arms, but she pulls away and wipes her eyes. It’s just like that night in the woods. Fear creeps up on me, but I don’t say a fucking word.

If this is it, if it’s the end, I’ll take it like I should and leave her alone so she can find someone better. But I’ll be fucking watching, and I’ll destroy any fucker not good enough for her.

“Kane,” she says in a pained voice. “Do you still love me?” Her voice breaks and her shoulders hunch forward. I can tell she’s scared to ask, but I’m going to put that shit to bed right now.

“Of course I do. I’ll always love you, Ava. Even if you don’t want me, I’ll always love you.”

“I love you, too.” She breathes out the words and wraps her arms around my shoulders. She pulls me into her small body with a force I didn’t know she had. I hold her for a few minutes as she calms herself, just taking in her words. She loves me. I fucking knew it.

I swear to fucking God if she follows this up with a “But I can’t be with you,” or “But I’m not in love with you,” it will rip me into fucking pieces. But judging by how she’s hanging onto me, I don’t think she will.

She’s mine. I kiss her hair and she lifts her head back and take my head in her hands to kiss me. It’s a soft kiss and I try to deepen it. I’m rock fucking hard for her. It’s been a month since I’ve been inside her and I fucking need to feel her cumming on my dick. We need this.

But she pulls away from me. She needs to stop fucking doing that. Each time it hurts.

“Kane, I have something I have to tell you.” She looks at the ground and then wipes under her eyes.

I put my hands on her hips and give them a small squeeze. “Go for it, baby, whatever it is. Just tell me.”

“I just...I have to tell you.” She looks at me with wide, glassy eyes and then whispers, “I’m pregnant.”